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The╔(eh)PC vision for Canada:
a multilingual (English, French, Spanish), multicultural,
education-centric society with a 
75% smaller, 100%
financially transparent Gov't that creates prosperity.

 due to
 1. a 100% financially transparentdemo-
            craticGov't the details of whose spen-
            ding, you'll be able to monitor online in real
 2. the World's best income security pro-
            gram you'll benefit from when jobless.

 However, the priority will be job creation
 by promoting small business because they
 create 80% of the jobs.

 The╔(eh)PC is NOT a fake political party
 existing for bribes+kickbacks: it's  Canada's
 only democratic party.

 The╔(eh)PC exists to support you.

 With the╔(eh)PC  you'll be rich+happy
 because you'll have your share of the pie.


 1. clean Gov't
                 You will be able to monitor
                 the details of Gov't spen-
                 ding online in real time.

                Every time you report unne-
                cessary spending you get
                a $5,000TAX-FREE
                reward+the person respon-
                sible goes to jail for 2 years.

                The╔(eh)PC calls this
                clean Gov't by design ap-
                proach the sky-blue eh-
                revolution, sky blue be-
                ing the colour of the Party.

                This will result in a100%
                financially transparent
                democracy run
                by thePEOPLE
                for thePEOPLE.

                Plus, it will be 50% smaller
                costing 50%LESS!

                All of this is explained in
                the╔(eh)PC slogan:
                POWER! 2thePEOPLE

                It ends of the following
                abuse of you, the taxpayer
                                       1. blind taxation
                                                   (You don't know who
                                                        are getting the Gov't
                                                        contracts and the
                                                        details of those of
                                                        those contracts.)

                                                   [As a rule, the Gov't
                                                        spends three (3)
                                                        times more than
                                                        is necessary for

                                        2. unnecessary spending
                                                   (due to bribes+kickbacks)

                                       3. lack of financial controls
                                                   (20% of your tax$$$s
                                                      disappear without a trace
                                                      *every* year)

                                       4. emptying the budget
                                                   by the end of the fis-
                                                   cal year, March 31st
                                                   (to avoid a budget cut
                                                   the next year)

 2. wealth redistribution
                 When jobless, you'll be able to
                 lead a productive life thanks
                 to *strong* income security
                 measures that redistribute
                 the wealth and give you a
                 guaranteed income.


 3. jobs
                 The priorityisjob creation.

                 This will be done by
                 1. by promoting small business that generates
                             80% of the jobs.
                 2. having 7.5 hour work days
                 3. having a 4-day work week

                 2.+3. will create 20% *more* jobs

 4. the focus: education
                 The focus for Canada will be education.

               The╔(eh)PC will
               1. nationalize colleges, universities+daycares
               2. offer FREE college+university education
               3. give monthly full-time college+university students
               4. give monthly for those living away from home in
                          Canada for 12 months another $1,200TAX-FREE

              Education is gold.

              Education is *the* key to prosperity.

              See your future.

 5. health care
                 The╔(eh)PC will
                 1. nationalize health care facilities
                 2. offer FREE dental to those on social assistance.

         Theseprimaryconcernswill ensureprosperity.



 The ╔(eh)PC will lift the French language banner HIGH!
6. French Canada
                 - making all levels of Gov't bilingual
                 - *prioritizing* French immigration
                 - ensuring every town+city (out-
                       side of the Province of Quebec)
                       has its own *inexpensive* French
                        language bookstore
                - ensuring every province+territory 
                      has a French university+college
                - ensuring there are FREE French-
                      language activities in *all* major
                      centres (outside of the Province
                      of Quebec)
                - financing French programming
                      through the Ministry of Quebec
                - introducing French inGrade 3
                     in English schools. (See 1.1)
                         Note: the╔(eh)PC believes
                         Note: Canada canNOT be
                         Note: strong without a
                         Note: strong French Canada.

                French-Canada from the Pro-
                vince of Quebec to the West
                will be called QuÚbec le
                Grand with the Province of
                Quebec being THE HEART-
                LAND of French-Canada to
                the west of Quebec.

                The Quebec flag will indicate
                where French-language ser-
                vices are being offered out-
                side of Quebec in the West.

                The City of Quebec will be
                recognized as The National
                (Cultural) Capital of French-

                Quebec DayJune 24th
                will be a national holiday.

Vive le QuÚbec !

                French-Canada from the
                Province of New Bruns-
                wick to the East will be
                called l'Acadie La Grande
                with the City Moncton be-
                ing THE HEARTLAND of
                French Canada to the east
                of Quebec.

                The Acadian flag will indicate
                where French-language ser-
                vices are being offered.

                The Day of the AcadiansAugust 15th
                will be a national holiday.

Vive l'Acadie !

                The City of Quebec and
                the City of  Moncton will
                work together to ensure
                homogeneity of French
                services in their territory.

                L'Office de la Franco-
                phonie of the Gov't of
                Canada will finance

                In international franco-
                phone affaires, Ottawa,
                Quebec City, and the
                City of Moncton will be
                EQUAL PARTNERS
                each represented by
                its respective flag.
                (See 17.)


                The Republic of Ha´ti
                Under the╔(eh)PC policy
                of prioritizing French, Canada
                will help the Republic of Ha´ti
                build a strong economy in
                four (4) ways by
                1. encouraging the creation
                1. of small businesses
                2. participating in the refor-
                1. estation of the country-
                1. side
                3. providing agricultural help
                1. to family farms
                4. providing academic sup-
                1. port.

                The Canadian Military will be
                in charge of this 4-month
                Club Med approach: 50%
                of the participants will be
                Canadian university+col-
                lege students wanting to
                improve their knowledge
                of French+50% will be
                Haitian university+college

                All the participants will be
                well paid receiving the sa-
                me salary: all expenses
                will be paid by the Gov't.

                We will invite France to
                participe in this fun,
                youthful adventure.

 7. ending americanization
                 The╔(eh)PC will enforce its
                 Canadiana Law which will end
                 the americanization of Canada.

               The╔(eh)PC active canadi-
               anization policy will oblige all U.S.
               media content to be labeled "A-

               Onlythe Canadian flag will be
               flown in public (unless other-
               wise justified).

               Dual citizenship will be cancelled:
               no Canadian will have dual citizen-

               No U.S. Gov't agents will be al-
               lowed into Canada.

               The Canadian military+Police
               forces will remain independent
               of those of the USA.

               "In Canada, we talk about Canada
               (*NOT* the USA)."
               Kenneth Selinsay'leen
               ╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

 8. environmental health
                 The╔(eh)PC has two (2) approaches for taking 
                 care of the environment
                 1. The green Plan
                 2. The Environmental
                 2. Health Agency of Canada

 9. zero violence
f            fSee: "NO-Abortion, NO-Violence Law"

                 No violence
                 - on TV
                 - at home
                 - at the workplace

              No unregistered firearms

              No threats of violence

              Regarding any threat of violence, the
              Law will require the person to follow
              an anger management program+per-
              haps, get psychiatric help.arrow

              A person, who commits any act of
              violence will face up to 10 years in

              No teenagers (19 years or youn-
              ger) will go to jail: s/he will be obli-
              ged to follow an anger manage-
              ment program+perhaps, have to
              get psychiatric help - depending
              on the nature+seriousness of
              the crime.

              The maximum sentence for a vio-
              lent crime will be 10 years+for a
              non-violent crime, two (2) years.

              All firearms will be registered with
              the local Police whenever a per-
              son moves into the area: failure
              to do so will result in an automa-
              tic 30-day  jail sentence, lost of
              the firearm+lost of Canadian ci-
              tizenship if the person was not
              born in Canada.

              Any person trying to enter Canada
              with a firearm will be stopped at
              the border.

              Police approval will be required for
              the purchase of any firearm.

 10. Latino integration

                        Spanish will be Canada's 3rd
                        non-official language. (See 7.)

                        Canada will promote demo-
                        cracyprosperity in the OAS
                        (Organization of American

Thesesecondaryconcernswill makeCanada
a world leader.
Be aneh-recruiter
1. jobs
2. democracy
3. income security
4. reduced cost of living
5. your share of the pie
7 *new* national holidays