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thegalitÚeh-gah'-lee-tehlogoParty ofCanada
anti-fascist 1st
anti-poverty - family 
anti-corruption - women
pro-woman - business
pro-student - First Peoples
pro small business - the public interest
Everyone has to contribute to bettering society
for theMAX!
a 100%democraticrepublic
a4-daywork week
a7.5-hourwork day























raised middle finger
    sky blue     POWER! 2thePEOPLE     encircled equal sign

eh-revolution     mutual responsibility     blueberries     the polar bear     the goldfinch

the woodpecker    100% transparency    slashing costs

thePEOPLE*1st*5 priorities

*NEW* spending priorities

the 5 equalities

the international slogan

the╔(eh)PC electoral slogan


pot of gold - pot d'or

newway: democracyprosperity

 _    1.1 French Language Protection
 _    1.2 Public Interest - 1st!arrow
_ __      1. The NEW Telecommunications Law
  __           1. USA News
 ___      2. ZEROGov't User and License 

 __        3. No Dual Citizenship No Dual Citizenship
  __           1. Sending Americans back Sending Americans back
 __        4. ZERORefugee, Immigrant Fees
          1. Canadian Citizenship 
 __            1. 
for University Graduates
 __            2. The Work Visa

 __        5. Fair Minority Representation
 __            1. Fair Ethnic Media Coverage

_ _        6. FREEPublic Urban Transportation
 _    1.3.1 Nationalization and Regionalization of ...
_          __1.
Colleges and Universities

_          __2.Health Care Services
_          __   1. Mental Health
1.3.2 Regional Amalgamationof Courts+School Boards
            1.4 Guaranteed Income for
            1.4 1. Athletes+Artists+Performing Artists
            1.4 2. Poor Farm Families
            1.4 3. The Handicapped
            1.4 4. Mothers
            1.4 5. AutomaticGuaranteed Income for
            1.4 5. the Jobless
            1.4 It will be adjusted for those living
            1.4 in remote areas, aboriginal com-
            1.4 munities+the North.
            1.4 6. Entrepreneurs earning $25,000 or less
 _   1.4_The NEW Employment Insurance Programme
 _   1.5 Women - 1st!
                            Daycares Nationalized+FREE

 _   1.6 The New Lawdemocracy
_    1.6.1 The NO-Abortion, NO-Violence Law
 _   1.7.1 Unions                                               
1. The Office of the Unions

 _   1.7.2 4-day Week
 _   1.7.2 7.5-hour Work Day
 _   1.7.3                             Coffee Breaks                 
 _   1.7.4 $22/hour Minimum Wage
 _   1.7.5 No Employee Abuse
 _   1.8 Serving the Poor
 _   1.9 College/university students
to be paid $300 monthly
                    TAX-FREE per coursedemocracy


_2. Family - 1st! 
1. Legal Prostitution
2. All Drugs Legal
3. "infra dignitatem"
4. The Handicapped
       5. Stay-at-home Moms
       6. Same Sex Marriage
       7. Common Law Same Sex Marriage
       8. A  Gun-FREE Canada
       9. 2% Rental Increase in Terms of "the Base Price"
           1. 20% 
               5-year Freeze

           2. Low-income Family Villages
      10. The New Taxation
      11. Museums, Art Galleries, Parks .... : 
      12. Youth (19 years or younger) will NOT go to jail
FREE After-school Programs
             2. 16                          
School Suspensions, Expulsions
             4. Ashley Smith's 
Parliamentary Statue

3. Business - 1st!
_    1. SHOPCanada!
2. Maximum Interest on a Loan

  4. Louis Riel MÚtis Day
  5. Kenneth.Selin+Ashley.Smith+Oscar Romero
  6. A North-American Party
Spanish: Canada's 3rd language
  8. First Peoples - 1st!
  9. Our Military
10. No Sales Tax in Poor Regions
11. No Freemasons in Gov't
12. Financial Mismanagement of Public Funds

12.1 The Dissolution of Public-Pivate Agreements
13. Canadian Companies
___Doing Economic Violence
14. A 10-year 10% Punitive Tax
      on Religious and Media Revenue

15. One National Police Force
15.1 The NEW Prison System
16. The Canadian Information Agency
17. The Republic
1 7.1.
Direct Elections
18. Thegreen Plan
19. TheEnvironmental Health
19. Agency of Canada
20. 3-Year Gov't Contracts

The Promisedemocracy
clean Gov't 
due to good design
NOpublic relations (PR) firms


foreign policy
- the electoral machine
President/Party Leader
Google news group postings


the eh-list (the membership list)

the oath
to join ...

$20membership card

eh-recruiter job
eh-recruiter list
eh-recruiter eh-journal

election of
     - candidates
     - municipal leader
       provincial leaders
     - independent candidatesdemocracy

5 Political Truths

The taxpayer is KING!

   The taxpayer canNOT
   afford to have ...

   2. people sick, in jail, living inpoverty
         because it results ina tremendous
         lost of productivity.

         (Social violence is rooted inpoverty,
            the product ofsocial and economic
   3. a "law and order" society where the
Gov't spending priority (25% of its 
        budget) is ....
        i. the Police
        ii. the judiciary
        iii. the prisons - run at a profit by Americans
             (a) 55,000+ inmates ...
25% teenagers
20% women - nearly all native
             (b) 200+ jails
             (c) cost per inmate
                                per year: 


   THE CAUSEofunnecessary Gov't spending.

2 Reasons for Poverty

#1. Social assistance is inadequate.
      (That's the fault of GOV'T 

#2. People are NOT earning a mini-
mum hourly living wage. 
(That's the fault of Gov't NOT
 increasing the minimum
       hourly wage.)

#1.+#2. = Gov't sponsoredpoverty.

          Note: in Toronto 150,000
children live in
                           Whose fault is that?

          Note: a person on social
assistance in Ontario 
                           gets $600 a month, 
                           a family of four (4),
                           $1,200 month.

          Note: there has been NO
construction of 
                           public housing 
                           for decades.

          Note: NO maintenance is 
                           done on public 
                           housing which 
                           is infested with
                           bugs and rats.

    The ╔(eh)PCguaranteed income+
    income security measureswill get rid
    of poverty

    transparent democratic

    Gov't,support the ╔(eh)PC





    Kenneth Selinsay'leen
    B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish),
    B.Admin., B.Comm.(Honours),
    B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude
The╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader
    for theMAX!





































                 encircled equal signarrow
                 The ╔(eh)PC is represented by a sky blue equal sign 
                 within a sky blue circle:

                 Let's "DEcriminalize" Government at all levels: municipally, provincially, and federally.. 

                 It means everyone is of "equal" value in the eyes 
                 of the ╔(eh)PC.






































                 sky bluearrow
                 The colour of the ╔(eh)PC is sky blue. 

                 It represents the idealism of the ╔(eh)PC 
                 of having a war-free, poverty-free, pros-
                 perous world where everyone can lead
                 a productive life.


















                 raised middle fingerarrow
                 The ╔(eh)PC sign, the raised middle 
                 finger in a clenched fist, means DOWN
                 WITH FASCISM UP WITH the good life.

















                 POWER! 2thePEOPLEarrow
                 The ╔(eh)PC slogan is POWER! 2thePEOPLE
                 because Canadians will be able to monitor Gov't
                 spending online: this creates A 100% FINAN-
                 GOV'T "BY DESIGN".

                 The ╔(eh)PC believes in le droit de re-
                 gard du Public, the right of thePEO-
                 PLE to check for themselves how well the 
                 Gov't is serving them. 






























































                 the international sloganarrow
                 "Let's be friends."




















1.6.1. the╔(eh)PC electoral sloganarrow
                      By NOT supporting ...
                      by NOT voting for the╔(eh)PC,
                      you SABOTAGE your future + that of your family









































                 The ╔(eh)PC calls THE TRANSFERING
                 OF THE POWER from the State to the
                 PEOPLE the eh-revolution. 

                 It's  a paradigm shift  whereby Canada 
                 goes from a BLOATED, CROOKED,
                 secretive, "behind closed doors",
                 FASCIST, Police state, "law and or-
                 der" Gov't whose spending priority 
                 is the Police, judicial system, and 
                 prisons (like in all Commonwealth 
                 countries run by the Freemasons)
                 to a 100% FINANCIALLY TRANS-
                 PARENT DEMOCRATIC Gov't 
                 that's 50% SMALLER and MORE 
                 EFFICIENT, monitored by the




























                 mutual responsibilityarrow
                 We have (as moral human beings) 
                 "a mutual responsibility" to look 
                 after each other: this can be done 
                 through the United Nations.

                 The ╔(eh)PC wants 75% of military 
                 budgets allocated to the United 
                 Nations for wealth redistribution
                 and all countries contributing to 
                 develop the strongest military 
                 force run by the UN. 

                 We can end war and poverty
                 with the UN. It's there for that.

                 Note: through good economic
                                   planning and develop-
                                   ment, the world popu-
                                   lation can live well in

                 Note: China's economic miracle
                                   is proof we can get rid of
                                   global poverty.

                 Note: China, today, is an impor-
                                   tant source of global
















                 The plant of the ╔(eh)PC is blueberry because ...
                 1. its colour is sky blue
                 2. it represents A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE.

                 The ╔(eh)PC is all about PROSPERITY
                 thanks to JOB-CREATION, HEALTH, and EDUCATION.

                 By the way,
                 the President/Party Leader of the ╔(eh)PC spent his first 
                 14 years at Nassau Lake, (35 miles to the west of Hearst 
                 in Northern Ontario) : around Nassau Lake (which is in 
                 Canada's clay belt), is THE BEST PLACE to gather blue-
                 berries at the beginning of August. 






















                 polar bear
                 the polar beararrow
                 The animal of the ╔(eh)PC is the polar bear.

                 It represents WE, THE NORTH 
                 of North America, BIG, STRONG, and FREE!
































              gold finch
                 the gold fincharrow
                 The bird of the ╔(eh)PC is the goldfinch.  

                 The North American goldfinch, a small (11ľ14 cm long),
                 grain-eating, social bird, likes open meadows. 

                 This attractive bird stands out.

                 It's represents well the ╔(eh)PC, a friendly political party, 
                 that stands out from the other political parties.
































                 the woodpeckerarrow
                 The persistenceof thewoodpeckerinspires 
                  the ╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader: his 
                  Uncle William Selin in August 2004 at the
                  family reunion in Hearst to celebrate the 
                  inauguration of Henry Selin Park on Front 
                  Street (the main street) recommended that
                  he take the woodpecker as his model for

                 The success of the ╔(eh)PC will be due to 
                  its persistence.

                  thePEOPLE*1st*5 prioritiesarrow
                 1. income security
                 2. jobs
                 3. education
                 4. health
                 5. environment































                 "It's impossible to have democracy without 100%
                   financial transparency."
                    Kenneth Selinsay'leen
                    ╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

                 The ╔(eh)PC will replace our CROOKED, FASCIST, 
                 Free-masonic-run "law and order" behind closed 
                 doors Police state Gov't with a 100% FINANCIAL-
                 LY TRANSPARENT Gov't monitored by thePEO-
                 PLE online.

                 Canadians will go from having a BLOATED, DIRTY,
                 self-serving FASCIST Gov't to trustworthy CLEAN,
                 DEMOCRATIC GOV'T BY DESIGN, 50% smaller, 
                 serving everyone equally and efficiently.

































































                 pot of gold - pot d'or

                 With the╔(eh)PC, you'll get
                 - guaranteed income
                 - your share of the pie

                 of a clean-by-design, 50% smaller
                 Gov't the details of whose spending 
                 you'll be able to monitor online

                 GET $5,000TAX-FREEREWARD
                 for reporting unnecessary spending at 
                 the Canadian Information Agency.

                 UNNECESSARY SPENDING will be
                 a crime.

                 this means you'll get a 100% financially
                 transparent democracy resulting in 
                 MORE THAN $450 BILLION
                 in savings
                 (See the savings)

                 you'll have INCOME SECURITY so you
                 can lead A PRODUCTIVE LIFE

                 This means NO POVERTY.

                 THE PRIORTIY of Gov't will be helping 
                 you create your own small business 
                 so you can be RICH!

                 THIS will give you THEGOODLIFE

                 For  THEGOODLIFE
                 - join the╔(eh)PC 
                 - become an eh-recruiter

get it here
10% discount/rabais




















































































the 5 equalitiesarrow
                 "The fundamental premise of the ╔(eh)PC 
                     is 'the principle of equality for all' per-
                     sons. Every person deserves to be
                     treated in a non-threatening, fair, 
                     respectful, and non-prejudicial 
                     manner by the Gov't."
                  "Democracy implies equality, but there
                     can be no equality where there's po-
                     Kenneth Selinsay'leen
                     ╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

                        The first equality is that of gender.
                        With the ╔(eh)PC, there will be
                        50% female representation every-
                        where in the Gov't  by law.

                        The second equality is that of the 
                        three (3) Canadas: 
                        1. English Canada
                        2. French Canada
                        3. Canada of the Aboriginal Peoples
                              (as promised by the British in the
                                War of  1812 for them to partici-
                                pate in the defense of Canada. )
                        Canada, because of this promise
                        is to be bilingual.
                        (Spanish will be Canada's 
                          third 'unofficial' language).

                        The third equality is the right to NOT 
                        be incarcerated in a psychiatric hos-
                        pital except when proven to be ne-
                        cessary for safety reasons by "se
                        -veral" competent authorities who
                        will be held liable in the event of
                        "wrongful" incarceration and 
                        subject to judicial prosecution.

                        The fourth equality is the right
                        of First Peoples to play an active
                        'up front' role in Canadian society
                        starting with the opening of Par-
                        liament in a native tongue followed
                        by  a brief nationally televised na-
                        tive ceremony .
                        Note: schools will teach an
                                          appreciation of First
                                          Peoples' culture and
                                          history including
                                          MÚtis culture in their
                                          respective historical
                                          context and how 
                                          their culture and 
                                          history has an im-
                                          pact on Canada.

                        The fifth equality is strong income
                        security measures to end poverty
                        for an egalitarian society.arrow


















1.1.1_French Language Protectionarrow
                     "According to Canada's constitution, there's a
                       French Canada and an English Canada: the 
                       ╔(eh)PC will take all the necessary steps to 
                       ensure that 50% of Canadians can live well
                       in French." 

                    "To achieve that, the ╔(eh)PC will ...
                       1. prioritize French immigration
                       2. encourage French-speaking 
                             companies to come to Canada." 
                       Kenneth Selinsay'leen
                       ╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

                     1.1.1 What will be bilingual ...
                                    i) signage;
                                    ii) all labelling;
                                    vi) all public spaces;
                                    v) all levels of Gov't.
                     1.1.2  All schools, colleges, and universities 
                                    must do their part to promote the se-
                                    cond national language (French out-
                                    side the Province of Quebec and En-
                                    glish inside the Province of Quebec).
                     1.1.3  These Web sites will be bilingual ...
                                    i) those of the Gov't;
                                    ii) those of corporations;
                                    iii) those of charitable organizations.
                     1.1.4  The ╔(eh)PC will prioritize French 
                     1.1.5  The ╔(eh)PC will encourage French-
                                    speaking companies to come to 
                     1.1.6  Cities outside of the Province of Que-
                                    bec will have an affordable, federally