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ning, a voyage of discovery
DiVE... in2 the Net! + develop... Net-POWer! :-DThe Computer Consultant's Fee
A mainframe computer on
which everyone
in the office
depended suddenly went
They tried everything,
but it still wouldN'T

Finally, they decided to call
in a
high-powered computer

He arrived,
looked at the computer,
took out a small
and tapped it on

the computer lept back to life.

2 days later the office manager
a bill from the consultant for

Immediately, he called the consultant and

for fixing that
computer?! You were only here
5 minutes!

The next day, the new bill arrived.
 It read:

__Tapping computer with hammer:




"... the source of wealth is ... knowledge."
(Peter Drucker, "Managing for the Future:
The 1990s and Beyond", page 26)

brain power

more education, greater the competitive advantage


Becausethe╔(eh)PCseeseducationas the road
prosperity, university+collegeeducationwill beFREE!"

Smart jobsrequirea lot of education: they provide
job security
for the individual+prosperityfor the nation.

Becauseuniversity-trained thinkersreinforce the long-termprosperityof the nation, the highest paid profession
in the Gov't(outside of Parliament) will that of theuniversity professor.
Because students represent the future of the nation, the╔(eh)PCwill pay full-time students$1,200monthly
an extra$1,200for 12 consecutive months for those
tudying in Canada - away from home.

Because we live inthe information agebased on the
knowledge worker
the╔(eh)PCwill ensure Canada
is aprosperous,education-centricdemocratic society.

Kenneth Selinsay'leen
╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

The foundation of
- innovation
- job creation
- research+development
Kenneth Selinsay'leen
╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

 Your futureis determined by your level ofeducation


3thingsfor SUCCESS
1. friends
2. education
3. ability to prosper the world

2. impacts on 3.

your most important asset

 The *BIG* contrast:
 - tangible things
 [having a lot of things (like$$$)]


 - the intangible

  Educationcan ...
 - inspire us
 - keep us young
 - make us enjoy life more
 - give us intellectuel pleasure
 - can quench our thirst to im-
 - prove our quality of life+our world
  Things caN'T do that

 The *intrinsic*(real) valueofeducation:

 Educationis so important because
 it affects ...
 - our mobility
 - our job options
 - our quality of life

 Your job market value
 It *appreciates* as you acquire more
  *formal* educationcertified by

 The morecredentialsyou have, the
 bet ter  are your  chances of  getting
 a job anywhere in the world regard-
 less of the health of the global eco-

So which should your choose:

 owning lots of things
getting lots of credentials?

 We depend oninnovationfor jobs:
 it's the*creative* byproduct of

 Themoreeducationpeople have
  themoreinnovationthere'll be
  themorelife will bebetter!

 The 2nd Priority
 Educationisthe 2nd priority of
 the╔(eh)PC (afterjob creation)
 becauseour future depends
  on it.

 To ensure Canada hasa bright
 future,educationwill be free !

 To ensurea bright future,
 the╔(eh)PCwill ...
 - keep librariesopen 24/7

 - nationalizecolleges+universities
 - in order toofferFREEeducation

 - put quality controls in place in
 - order to offerthe besteducation
 - that ...
 - 1. prepares graduates for the
 - 1. job market
 - 2. equips them to create their
 - 1. own business

  - pay students taking at least
 - four (4) coursesat a time at
 - college or university$1,200
 - TAX-FREEmonthly

 - payan additional$1,200TAX-
 - FREEmonthly for 12 consecutive
 - monthsto those students living
 - away from homein Canada

 - paythe highest Gov't salaries
 - (outside of Parliament)to
 - university professors

 It's thecornerstoneofthe╔(eh)PC.

 When people are productive,
 they contribute to the  growth
 of the economy.

 It's what made China the formi-
 dable economic force it is today:
 its economic power is directly
 linked to its productivity.

 Thanks tothe╔(eh)C,
 Canadians will be100 %productive
 because ...
 1. there will beno poorthanks to
     income security measures like
     guaranteed income+FREEur-
     bain transportation
 2. theminimum wagewill be
 3. no one will go to jail for a little
 4. those in jail will get profes-
     sional training
 5. teenagers will NOT go to jail

 A Trained Eye
 Educationgives usa trained eye
 thatasks questions+ helps us to
 *better*see+ *better* understand

 A trained eyeallowsthe blind(the
 uneducated)tosee clearly the
 trutharrived at thanks totheir own

 Holy Scripturesaysthe blind will
 see!To be sure, thanks toedu-

  A trained eyecancast lighton
 a dark, cloudy situation that
 leads ...
 1. to its resolution
 2. or
 2. to a more correct evaluation
 2. of the situation by discussing+
 2. looking at it from different
 2. angles (a Gestaltist approach)

 A trained eyealso allows us
 to figure things out in order to
 *bet ter*understand
  the trajectory of humanity+
  where it's heading.

  This allows us to knowwhat
 corrective actionneeds to
 be taken in order to lead
 humanitytowardsa world
 that will give uspeace+

 Educationis without a doubtthe
  cornerstoneof civilization because
 it *pushes*humanityahead!

 Educationhelps us to understand ...
 - whowe are
 - what we're about
 - how muchwe
 - all have in common

 Did you knowwe all share99%
 of the*same*DNA, the*same*

 Education,in other words, teaches
 us to be*more*humanbecause
 educationmakes us*more*aware
 of others, *more* sensitivetowards
 others: this makes us*more*caring

 Educationmakes us*realize*that
 we doN'T live ina bubble+makes
 usawarehow globally dependent
 we areon others+on the environment.

 Education,in fact, has always been  theunderpinningofliterature+culture
 whose purpose is to"nourish" the
 human spiritso it cansoar!

 Educationis*the* most powerful
 liberating forcewe have: we must,
 therefore,harness itbecause it offers
 usgreater degrees of freedom for
 a life with more options, a life that's

 Why isliteracy(the goal of

 economic growthof a countryby
 *reducing* its ability to be com-

 Paradigm Shift
 What we're experiencingtoday
 is due tothe new economic
 reality of a *prolonged* con-
 tracting global economy
 1. of *fewer* and fewer jobs
 2. jobsthat aretemporary
 2. lasting months(NOT
 2. years)

 Here's the definition of paradigm:

 Toaccomodatethis new reality
 we are forced to go froma mate-
 rialistic societyto one that's centred
 oneducationwhich has become
 *the vehicle* of social success+
 social mobilityrather than acquiring
 $$$+thingswhich are seen as
 cumbersomemore than anything

 This new perspective allows for
 greater mobility.

 Thisparadigm shift*saves* the  planetdyingfromoverconsumption
 because it*dramatically* reduces
 our need to consumethingswhich
 never make us happy.

 What does make ushappyisthe
 *quality* of our soul(according
 to religion)+knowledge+under-
 standingof the nature of things

 In thisparadigm shift,education
 isthe*most* valuable assetthat
 you can have replacing*the
 market value*of your material
 wealth as*the* symbolof power+

 Consequently, it's no longerhow
 much you havethat counts, nei-
 therwho you know,buthow
 much you know:
 that’s your *real* power base.

 The goalis no longerto accumulate
 things, butto get *credentials*that
 prove *your ability* to solve

 This paradigm shiftdemonstrates
 *clearly*knowledge really
 is power!

 Agent of Change
 Yourlevel ofeducationwill determine
 the extent of your influenceon the
 destiny of humanityas an agent of

 The extentyou'll be able to influence
 the worldisthe extentyou'll be come
 a hero, heroinewho helpspreserve
 the human race.

 Move Things Forward!
 In the job market,your ability(thanks
 to your credentials)to move things
 forwardequalsyour likelihood of
 getting a job.

 That'sthe new realityof
 thisparadigm shifttoday.

 The post-modern erabegan
 withthe fall of the Berlin
 Wall in November 1989.

 It's all about ...
 1. service
 2. personal relationships
 3. your offer:
 3. here's what can I do for you
 3. [within the context ofbeing
 3. smart+friendly+playing nice]

  3. That's whereyour credentials
 3. come into play.pot of gold - pot d'or

to get yourcredentials
so you can enjoythe GOODlife
Education,the 2ndPRIORITY