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because it's good for the economy
because it's being socially responsible

The Problem: poverty

The Solution: 
wealth redistribution
A society where there ispovertyis *NOT* inclusive
Wealth redistribution optimizes the economy.
For the "strongest" economy,
you wantthe highest amount of $$$ possibleturning over at the highest rate possible.

Wealth redistribution
is about
economic growth
- social+economicjustice

income security measures
an*effective*means of wealth redistribution

- they put$$$into the pockets of more
- people+their spending produces jobs

Problem: there isless+less$$$circulating in the
Problem: economy resulting in*continuous* job
Problem: losses
Solution: wealth redistributionthroughstrong
Solution: income security measureslikea living
Solution: salary($20/hr)+an adequate guaran-
Solution: iteed income[the╔(eh)PCwill give you
Solution: that+MORE!]

"We all - as human beings - have a duty to live well."

"Democracyimpliesequality; equalityimpliessocial+
      economicjustice(without which we geta*fascist*
      Police statethat oppressesthePEOPLE!)"

"Social+economicjusticeis about*shared*
       prosperitythroughwealth redistribution, the
       best medicine for a collapsing economy."

 "Productivitygeneratesprosperitythat creates
       jobs making the eonomy stronger."

 "The╔(ehPC) income security measures(like
       1. allow you to be productive
       2. reduce your cost of living
       3. reduce social costs by$100 billion
       3. Kenneth Selinsay'leen
    3.    ╔(eh)PC President/Party Leader

 2 reasons for poverty

 #1. social assistance is inadequate
            (That's the fault of

 #2. people are NOT earning a minimum 
            hourly living wage
            (That's the fault of the Gov't
            NOT increasing the mini-
            mum hourly wage enough.)
Note: in Toronto 150,000 children 
live inpoverty.Whose fault
                            is that?

 Due tothe *genocidal* treatmentof the Poor 
 by the Gov't, they
1. canNOT lead a productive life that allows
     them to contribute to society
 2. die young

 because they
 - eat badly
 - are badly clothed
 - are badly housed
 - are forced to leave school at a young age to work at
      a terrible low-wage jobs without benefits
 - are forced to live a subsistence lifestyle resembling
      that of a caged animal
 - have poor health due toa constant lack of money

 The Gov't does it on purpose to *not* givethe Poorenough$$$:

  - a person on social assistance in Ontario (just like in any other
    province) gets just$600a month 

 - a familly of four (4) just under$1, 200a month.arrow

That's disgusting!

 They suffer fromfood insecurity: the food banks help very little - only
 for a few days.

 They can go to afood bankonce every three (3) weeks (Ottawa) or every
 two (2) weeks or once a week (Vancouver) - depending on the town or

 When it comes topublic housing, for decades,
 - there has NOT been any
   any construction
 - there has NOT been any
   any ongoing mainte-
 - public housing has been
   infested with rats+bugs
 Note: Mike Harris, the Premier of Ontario,
                        cancelled the construction of17,000
                        units of public housing. (He moved
                        into a bigger, newly furbished office: 
                        this was HIS COMMON SENSE RE-
                        VOLUTION - on the backs of the 

 Note: Mike Harris reduced social assistance 

That's irresponsible!



Health Care

 Totalexpenditure in 2015: $220 billion
 1/2due to poverty: $110 billion


 55,000 inmates:
 - 25%teenagers
 - 20%women (nearly all native)

 $200,000/inmate: $11 billion
 95%due to poverty: $10.4 billion

Additional Costs

 - the Police
 - judicial aid
 - the judiciary
 probation officers

$200 billion


TheBIG U-turn

 NO MOREpovertywiththe╔(ehPCon account of itsincome security

  measureslikeguaranteed income.

 They include
             guaranteed income
             - FREEdaycare
             FREEdental care for families
                  earning$65,000(or less)+
                  for individuals earning
                  $35,000(or less)
             - FREEcollege+university
             paying full-time college+
                  university students
                 $1,200a month
             - $20/hminimumliving wage
             - the promotiongreenjobs
             - FREEurban transportation
             - low-income villageswith affordable
                  mortgages*without* property tax
                 (See Whythe╔(eh)PC?+
                                               Serving the Poor)

 - cheap oil+gas
 FREElife+disability insurance

The Goal
 The╔(ehPCwill use the Gov't to give back as much as possible
 to you so you canreduce your cost of living.

 - elimination of poverty: $200 BILLION
 - a100%financially transparent gov't: $250 BILLION

 witha50%smaller gov't
 by eliminating
 - nepotism
 - subsidies
 - patronage
 - boards in the Gov't
 - tax shelters+tax credits
       (in favour of a flat20%tax on
          on investments deducted at

 by automating
 - guaranteed income
 - employment insurance (EI)

 - deducting taxes at source
       (filling an income tax form
          will be a thing of the past)
 - having a small university-
       trained Police force
 - using the military as backup
       to the Police
 - limiting military spending to
       $20 billion
       Note: Stephen Harper spent
                             possibly more than
                              $500 billion
                              extraon the mi-
                              litary over 10 years
                              to please the USA.
       Note: the Mexican military
                             NEVER spent mo-
                             ney abroad trying
                             to please the USA.
       Note: the the NATO 2011
                             24/7 bombing of
                             Libya for seven
                             (7) months: NOT
                             necessary, a waste
                             of taxpayers'$$$.

 - a parliamentary republic(no Senate+no provinces)
      with100%financial transparency

 thiswill reducethe Gov't by another50%
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