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 I'mthe president/party leader
 (eh-gah'-lee-teh)Party ofCanada,
 Canada's only *anti-fascist*

 I'm a multilingual,magna cum
 laude,5-timeUniversity of

 Since July 25th 2007, I've been staying
 at Seaton House, (a men's shelter in
 eastside, downtown Toronto - a.k.a.
 Satan's House, at 339 George Street
 under Policesurveillance!

 the╔(eh)PCwill give Canadians
 (witha 50% smaller gov't)prosperity+
 100% financially transparentdemocracy!

 this represents a monumental paradigm
 shift in world politicswhere fascism reigns

 it makes the╔(eh)PCanavant-
 gardepolitical party

 the╔(eh)PCis offeringprosperity-

 it's emphasis: productivity

 it's goal: help Canadians becomerich+happy

for democracy! 


the╔(eh)PCis about the'sky-
 blue' eh-revolution,
 the colour ofthe╔(eh)PC

the eh-revolutionconsists ...
1. in giving Canadiansthe power
    to monitorGov't spending
in real
    time - online
 2. inrewarding themwith$5,000 tax
    freewhenever they report *unne-
    cessary* Gov't spendingat the yet-
    to-be-createdCanadian Information
    AgencyWeb site+the guilty Gov't
    employee will do 2 years in jail

 the eh-revolutionis expressed
 inthe╔(eh)PCslogan: POWER!

 the eh-revolutionwill
result inefficient, cost-effective
 gov't that serves thePEOPLE
 wellthrough wealth redistribution
 in order to provideincomesecurity

 however,its priorityisjob creation
 through the promotion  of small business
 because small business generates 80%
 of the jobs in Canada, but pay 35% tax
 unlike the corporations who only pay 15%

 of the global economy
 we are faced with a 20 to 30 year
 contractionof the global economy 
 due to...
1.  deceleration of the global economy
 2. bad debton the books of banks,
     insurance companies+pension
     funds - around
the world
 3. banks, insurance companies+
     pension funds
investing at a
     losswith the stock markets 
continuallyin decline - in the
     coming years

 we, therefore,can no longer afford
 stategov'tthat operatesbehind an
 iron curtain of secrecythat...arrow
 1. *scams*thePEOPLE
    (by increasing taxes, licence,
     user fees+fines for all sorts
     of things year after year)
hoses the poor,*naive*college+
     university students+*inten-
     tionally* starves the Poor+
     First Peoples on*reserves*
     by providing a*grossly*
     inadequate level of social 

 A. FaceBook
 FaceBook.comcanceledmy account
 - for good!

B. Myspace
- my account6 times...
   1. October 17th 2007
   2. October 20th 2007
   3. November 2nd 2007
   4. November 14th 2007
   5. December 11th 2007
   6. August 8th 2008

 - all my comments: April 16th 2013

 C. Gov't of Canada
 on August 1st 2012 - after 5 years
 in operation,the Gov't of Canada
 took downthe╔(eh)PCWeb site,,using CIRA,

 forthe details,read...
censorship.html (English+French)
 - after_5_years.htm
 note: eh-ok.cawasback upon
(December 12th

 *robs*thePEOPLEin4 ways...
1. by notredistributing the Nation's

2. throughoveruseof fines, users+
      license fees
3. throughunnecessaryGov'tspending
      (patronage appointments, PR (public
      relations) firms, consultant fees+
      studies)(plus - an ever *growing*
      prison population - though crime
      is at a 40 year low: 55,000+ inmates
      (25% teenagers, 20% women - mainly
      1st Nations); 200+ jails: the average
      annual cost per inmate is$200,000

      the result isthe*enslavement*of
      thePEOPLEthrough overtaxation

 4. spending1/4 of the budget on the
      Police+the judiciary+the prisons

      because that is*the*spending
      priority ofour Freemasonic *law+
      order* Gov't(like*all*other  Com-
      monwealth countries)

 the*main*problem regarding the
 fascistPolicestate is*blind*

 *blind*taxation meansthePEOPLE
doN'T know*specifically*where *their*
 tax dollarsare going

 this results inovertaxation

 this*blindly*allows forunnecessary
 (fraudulent)Gov't spending

 thefascistPolicestate kind of gov't
 createsa *master-slave* relationship
 betweenthe *crooked* bureaucrats,
 the Police+theRich [the few(who can
 take advantage of all thetax breaks,
 tax credits, tax loopholesespecially
 designed for them)the 1%]+the rest

 (the majority, the 99%)who arerelent-
 lesslyovertaxedyear afteryear

 thisweakens the economy
 morebringing it to the point of
 economic collapse: it hap-
 pened to Argentina in 2002

 thefascistIQ test

 hey,girls!to the beach!

 let's end
statefascism @

 Toronto'sCherry Beachby dancing*topless*!