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Subject: Those SICK! Gov't BASTARDS prescribe
             *again* mental disability for the President/
             Party Leader of the Égalité Party of Canada

Having sent the 4-person Ottawa Police Psychiatric Unit to his apartment
door in April 2005 (See the *lie-filled* French Ottawa Police report regarding
the incident: http://eh-ok.ca/imbeciles.htm) the President/Party Leader of the
Égalité Party of Canada, the  É(eh)PC, was told on December 19th 2007 in
the presence of the 4th floor psychiatrist at Seaton House (a men's hostel for
the homeless) where he is residing that it would be easier for him to find sub-
sidized housing if he went on mental disability, but first he'd have to see the
**psychiatrist** who WAITING TO SEE HIM. 

By the way, when applying for social assistance at the Ottawa St. Catherine
Street Office in February 2007, the person assigned to his case was no other
than a psychiatrist, Dr. Ruiz, who graduated from the University of Southern

Dr. Ruiz, the psychiatrist, was initially "extremely" BELLIGERENT with him
until he began to speak to him in Spanish.

Dr. Ruiz, the psychiatrist, had promised the President/Party Leader of the
É(eh)PC that he'd get enough money to at least cover his rent.

When he didN'T get the $$$ he was promised, he went to personally see
Dr. Ruiz regarding the matter who just laughed when it was brought to his
attention and said that he'd see what he could do.

What is funny about LYING! to a client?

Due to constant Ottawa Police harassment and unable to pay his rent, he
decided to leave Ottawa completely especially after three (3) Ottawa Police
cops in full uniform stayed him down in the Rideau Street McDonald's res-
taurant one morning in March when no one was around for almost two (2)
minutes facing him and standing about three (3) yards away from him.

He decided to visit his sisters near Toronto and then, after a week of in
Toronto decided to head to Vancouver where he had to FIGHT! to be put
on social assistance.

After being on social assistance for barely two (2) months, he was told 
beginning of July when he came to get his check (In the Province of British
Columbia the social assistance cheques have to be picked up.) that he
was no longer eligible for social assistance and therefore, there was no
check for him: this WITHOUT ANY WARNING.

However, if he agreed to see the psychiatrist waiting in the adjacent room
to see him, he'd be able to get mental disability and never have to work

At first "official" Seaton House intake interview in July it was pointed out
to him that the Government had commented that he was probably suffering
from a combined bipolar and manic depressive mental disorder and was
asked by Kevin Dwyer, the person doing the intake interview to respond
to the comment.

There arises two (2) obvious questions: WHO were those "in authority"
that made those *libelous* comments?

And WHY?

The Government of Canada, it seems, can SLANDER WHO EVER they

In September 2007 at another "regular" Seaton House interview he was
told that he was going to be taking part in an inhouse psychiatric program
on the 4th floor for more permanent residents, but first had to see a psychi-
atrist who was waiting to see him.

The psychiatrist came in ALL SMILES AND ACTING SO FRIENDLY.

He refused to give his consent.

He was asked to leave for 15 minutes.

During those 15 minutes he collected his things and left. Thanks to a friend
he was able to have his things handed to him over the high steel fence once
he he had passed through the turnstile on was on the street.

Off to Montreal he went only to find out that the Police there are voluteering
their time to work in shelters and terrorizing these place in their own unique
way leaving many homeless people preferring to live life on the street where
than in a shelter.

He stayed for six(6) days at Place Bonne Acceuil on St-Antoine Street just
two (2) block away from the new Bell Canada Montreal Canadian hockey

It's it Montreal that he learned that Seaton House shelter is the centre of
the DRUG STORM in Canada where crack is manufactured and ditributed
it seems by the Hells Angels in collaboration with the Toronto Police.

In Vancouver he saw the Police sell the drugs and pocket the $$$, but in
Toronto the Police go a step further, they're into the manufacturing of the
drugs. Apparently, those that get out of jail on drug related charges and
join their distribution network get PRIORITY SOCIAL HOUSING.

Having spent six (6) full days in Montreal and harassed by undercover cops
even in the Bibliothèque nationale (just across from the bus terminal) and
told by a fully dressed cop that he'd better NOT think of causing any trouble
in Montreal OR ELSE, he decided to return to Toronto only to find that no
shelter was allowed to take him, but Seaton House.

In the middle of the night late September after just arriving at Seaton House
while deep asleep he was awakened by a flash light and told that he was
being moved to the 4th floor as the bed he was occupying on the 2nd floor
for transients now belonged to someone else.

Though homeless after being forced to leave his Time-Warner cable modem
troubleshooting job with Convergys in Ottawa and after being  promoted to the
Business section from Residential section at Convergys in just under six  (6)
months in order to prepare himself to defend "phoney" Internet libel charges
which were dropped in January 2007, assaulted by the Ottawa Police at the
Elgin Police Station in April 2006 when first arrested and then literally "thrown"
into a jail cell for four (4) hours where he chanted incessantly "Bevans gotta go!"
(Bevan being the Chief of Police who left in March 2007, an **unanticipated**
early retirement.), the President/Party Leader of the É(eh)PC EXPECTS
"FAIR AND REASONABLE TREATMENT* from the Government and so
does every other Canadian, but that is NOT THE CASE very often.

At this time of the year, he is reminded that into the darkness of the
an eternal light began to shine
and angels sang alleluia
and the King of Kings was born
and he was both God and Man born of a woman
and ever since then the darkness of the world had been receding
because of the presence of that light in the hearts of mankind
that says YES! to life, as they say in Hebrew, LA HAIM "TO LIFE!".

However, IT IS CLEAR as Santa is a jolly old soul that if Canadians want
CLEAN! Government (a BRIBE-FREE, KICK-BACK-FREE government
MINUS THE CROOKS), an OPEN+CLEAN! Government (one where
Canadians can monitor the spending of their tax $$$ using the Internet)

SUPPORT or JOIN the É(eh)PC, the only political party that puts THE
PEOPLE FIRST, THE PEOPLE PARTY: true to its slogan, it plans to
give the: POWER 2 the PEOPLE!

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader
of the Égalité Party of Canada
Let's DEcriminalize Government
in order to end poverty.
DÉcriminalisons le Gouvernement
afin d'enrayer la pauvreté.
"talking about a revolution" (Tracy Chapman)
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