The Ashley Smith
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- do the QUIZ with some friends

1. The Ashley Smith story is about the world's longest
1. case solitary confinement of a teenage girl in prison:
1. true or false?

2. The Ashley Smith story is about reckless, financial
1. abuse by our CROOKED FASCIST "law and order"
1. Police state officials (the prison officials, the Police,
1. and the judiciary) that unfairly bled the taxpayer:
1. dictionary.com/browse/reckless
1. true or false?

3. Ashley was kept in solitary confinement for 6 years
1. and 239 days (4.2 months):
1. true or false?

4. HOW did Corrections Canada keep Ashley Smith
1. in tiny solitary confinement cells in 17 prison over
1. 6.4 years? By laying 501 "institutional" DISCIPLI-
1. true or false?

5. WHY did Corrections Canada do it? FOR THE
1. MONEY. It allowed the members behind our
1. CROOKED, Free-masonic-run "law and order"
1. FASCIST Police state SYSTEM (the Police
1. the judiciary, and those in our prison system)
1. for themselves. Every one of the 501 institu-
1. tional charges meant that she had to be brought
1. to Court in order to be formally charged. This
1. involved the Police, prison guards, prison offi-
1. cials, lawyers, judges and it all needlessly cost
1. the taxpayer a lot of money:
1. true or false?
1. Note: with the ╔(eh)PC unnecessary
1. Note: Gov't spending will be a criminal
1. Note: offense.

6. The costs of her incarceration were HUMON-
1. GOUS!

1. There is the $200,000 per year cost of her in-
1. carceration:
1. 6.4 years x $200,000 = $1.280 MILLION

1. The cost of her inquest: $3 MILLION

1. To have her abuses kept secret the Gov't
1. spent $3.6 MILLION

1. The estimated cost of her court appearances
1. for each of the 501 institutional charges (Po-
1. lice, judiciary, prison system costs):
1. $10,000 (a *LOW* guesstimate) x 501 = $5,010,000

1. The total estimated cost to the taxpayer: $1,280,000
1. The total estimated cost to the taxpayer: $3,000,000
1. The total estimated cost to the taxpayer: $3,600,000
1. The total estimated cost to the txpaye r:+$5,010,000
1. Total "estimated" cost to the taxpayer:   $12,890,000
1. yourdictionary.com/humongous
1. true or false?

7. Corrections Canada "deliberate" inhuman, heartless
1. treatment of Ashley Smith clearly and without any
1. doubt contravened Section 12 of the Canadian
1. Charter Rights and Freedoms whereby the Gov't
1. promises to keep us from cruel and unusual pu-
1. nishment:
1. justice.gc.ca
1. wikipedia.org/Section_12, Charter_of_Rights_and_Freedoms
1. torontodefencelawyers.com/section-12-charter-rights-freedoms
1. true or false?

8. The length of her stay in solitary confinement qualifies
1. as a crime against humanity:
1. dictionary.com/contrived
1. britannica.com/crime-against-humanity
1. wikipedia.org/Crimes_against_humanity
1. un.org/genocideprevention/crimes-against-humanity
1. true or false?

9. She was locked up 23 hours a day in a TINY, WIN-
1. DOWLESS, 6' x 9' solitary confinement CELL with
1. just a steel bed: NO mattress, NO pillow, NO sheets,
1. NO privacy (because a surveillance camera monitored
1. everything she did); she was forced to wear a THICK,
1. tearless, heavy, padded, asbestos, security GOWN in
1. true or false?

10. She'd get only FOUR (4) SQUARES of toilette paper
10. AT A TIME to use:
10. true or false?

11. Ashley was charged for throwing crab apples at a
10. postal worker:
10. true or false?
11. Note: with the ╔(eh)PC teenagers
11. Note: will NOT go to jail, but receive
11. Note: psychiatric treatment providing
11. Note: it's warranted.
11. Note: 25% of the 55,000 inmates in
11. Note: some 200 jails are teenagers
11. Note: who are NOT in school.

12. Ashley was adopted:
10. true or false?

13. Ashley was "probably" A FIRST NATIONS CHILD
10. or M╔TIS:
10. true or false?

14. Her treatment by our FASCIST Police state
10. starting with the laying of charges for thowing
10. a few crab apples at a postal worker till her
10. death in prison after 6.4 years in solitary con
10. finement in 17 prisons was more than likely
10. motivated by unbridled racism:
10. yourdictionary.com/unbridled
10. true or false?

15. Ashley said that she was raped many times
10. in prison and that the rapes were videotaped.
10. She promised to talk about it once she got out
10. of jail:
10. true or false?

16. Ashley lived in Muncton, New Brunswick, with
10. her adoptive mother:
10. true or false?

17. According to her adoptive Mom, Ashley was a
10. "delightful" child:
10. true or false?
18. Ashley went to prison for breach of probation at
10. the age of 13:
10. true or false?

19. Ashley died in prison at the age of 19:
10. true or false?

20. Ashley was A BIG, 5'8" GIRL who weighed
10. 260 lbs. when she died in prison:
10. true or false?

21. Ashley spent time in 17 prisons always in solitary
10. confinement:
10. true or false?

22. She was sent to psychiatric prison hospitals:
10. true or false?

23. She was forced "against her will" to to psychotic
10. drugs:
10. true or false?

24. Until her death Ashley maintained her good-
10. natured disposition and quiet smile:
10. true or false?

25. Corrections Canada maintained that she was
10. a mental case without citing what alleged men-
10. tal illness she was afflicted with:
10. true or false?

26. Corrections Canada maintained that she re-
10. peatedly strangled herself daily from day one
10. when she entered the prison system without
10. provding any video evidence though she was
10. under video surveillance 24/7:
10. true or false?

27. The ╔(eh)PC will create the Ashley Smith
10. Museum across from Parliament Hill in
10. Ottawa and tell the complete story of Ashley
10. Smith and all those who betrayed her will be
10. featured on the Ashley Smith Wall of Shame:
10. true or false?

28. By virtue of The ╔(eh)PC Ashley Smith
10. anti-FASCIST Law, all those who dealt
10. with Ashley Smith during her 6.4 year
10. incarceration in tiny solitary confinement
10. cells in 17 prisons will be DISMISSED
10. from Gov't and do two (2) years in jail
10. for being accessories to murder:
10. wikipedia.org/Accessory_(legal_term)
10. true or false?

The correct answer in every case is true.