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Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A. (Psychology), B.A. (Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm. (Honours), B.A. (Italian)
magna cum laude
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Award  starExtracurricular Activities  starComputer Skills
Office Automation Skills  starCommunication Abilities
Interpersonal Skills  starAnalytical Abilities  starJob History
starOther Jobs  star
Hobbies  starAthletics  starIT Seminars Attended
starVolunteer Positions  star
KstarPrimary/High School starMusic  starCatholic
























Kens pic

Scarborough Village Residence
221-3306 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON  M1M 1P8








































University Educationarrow

in the top 5% of the university population

Carleton University
Certificate for Teaching English as a Second
(1996 - )

University of Ottawa
B.Ed. Francophone Programme (1995 - 1996)
B.A. (Psychology), B.A. (Spanish), B.Adm.,
B.Comm. (Honours), B.A. (Italian) magna cum laude

Cité collégiale
- Software Troubleshooting Certificate, 1993

Control Data Institute
- Office Automation Diploma, 1988






















University Language Coursesarrow
- Italian (degree), Spanish (degree), and German

_______(Spanish, El Instituto de Cultura hispanica,
________Madrid, Spain, Summers '75, '76)

- Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Mandarin, Latin, and
_______Greek (classical)



































Modern Language Awardarrow
The Embassy of Italy Award
for the highest standing in Italian, 1995




















































University Extracurricular Activitiesarrow
- member of the fencing club
accredited ACUC scuba diver member of
scuba club
- r
esource person for Foreign Student Advisor
and international students
Council of Undergraduate Studies student
ative: 2-year term

- member of a number of modern language
: Spanish, German,
_______and Korean
































Computer Skillsarrow
- Certificat de Spécialiste en dépannage de logiciels
(Software Trouble-shooting Specialist Certificate),
1993, Cité collégiale
- Algonquin College Workshops:
nternet, Ventura
Desktop Publishing, Harvard Graphics, AccPac
- worked in Lotus Notes, DOS, NOS, Banyan Vines,
OS/2, Macintosh, and Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/XP
familiar with: MS Mail, Shark Mail, SmallTalk,
Lotus Organizer,Corel Office, MS Office, Lotus
Suite, Corel Web.Graphics Suite, Microsoft Front
Page, DreamWeaver, ...
- University computer courses:
Structured Fortran, APL, and Unix



















Office Automation Skillsarrow
- Office Automation Specialist, 1988, Control
_______Data Institute

- maintaining an electronic mail log

- dicta typing, taking shorthand, drafting
and recording
- processing travel/expense forms, organizing
_______conference calls,
making hotel and
_______travel arrangements, maintaining
_______office equipment

- filing, faxing, metering mail, using courier
ordering office supplies,
_______moving work stations





















Communication Abilitiesarrow
- awarded the Christopher Leadership public speaking pin
bilingual editorial/copy writing, bilingual proofreading, and
_______multilingual translation
university "A" grade in Greek (classical), Latin, Mandarin,
_______Arabic, Portuguese, and French grammar
- did the Public Service Alliance of Canada Union Steward 
                 Course, March 1985

              Note: single-handedly got the union on  
Parliament Hill in 1984 with PSAC  
union organizer, Yolande Viau.

- publication of my letters to the editor in top high-tech 
  magazines in Canada and the USA

































Interpersonal Skillsarrow
- high tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty while
_______working well alone with minimum supervision
an obliging team member with a good sense of
humour and a positive attitude













































Analytical Abilityarrow
- can do archival work, research, and critical syncretic
_______analysis of findings as well as develop processes
can apply the general accounting principles to resident
_______and non-resident tax returns













Job Historyarrow
author of and 
(March 2007-2008)

cable modem and Internet connectivity troubleshooter
at the Road Runner National Help Desk, later trained
for Time Warner Business Class
National Help Desk
at Convergys (January 2006 - July 2006)

data entry,
Elections Canada (January 2006)

bilingual phone interviewer
and shopping mall
intercept interviewer for the marketing research
firm, GPC Research (January 2002 – November 2005)

part-time bilingual telemarketer selling extended
warranties, VAC Services (September 2001 -
July 2003)

part-time French phone interviewer, NBA Com-
munications (September - October 2001)

part-time bilingual telemarketer at the National
Arts Gallery, Artsmarketing Services Inc. (August –
September 2001) and at the National Art Centre
(Senior Sales Representative level) (January –
June 1998)

author of (February 2001)

bilingual Presario technical support specialist,
Compaq Call Centre (January - February 2001)

bilingual information officer, Elections Canada
Call Centre (October - November 2000)

resource person, executive secretary, word
: worked in 20+ Government Depart-
ments on 70+ temp assignments with 15 temp
agencies and the Public Service Commission
as well as the Ottawa Catholic School Board
(1988 -2000)

bilingual customer service agent, dealt expertly
with irate customers, logged calls using "Re-
medy", solved billing problems using "Sub-
scriber", offered suggestions on improving
service, Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition
Service (September 1999 – February 2000)

among the first 16 bilingual tech sales agents

to sell the Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition
(DSL) Service, (A “top-performing” salesman.)
(Initially trained as a
Sympatico Internet Help
Desk Agent
.) (November 1998 - September 1999)

database manager and admin. assistant for
Toronto conference, Medical Research Coun-
cil of Canada (October 1998)

bilingual radio/tv program-summarizer, Bow-
dens Media Monitoring Ltd. (April – June 1998)

database builder: created an Excel 200+ record
database, Canadian Biotechnology Strategy
Task Force, Industry Canada (February 1998)

bilingual information officer, Postal Strike Con-
tingencies Services, Inquiries Canada (Fall 1997)

event organizer and minutes recorder for a 20-
person federal-provincial teleconference, Sex-
ually Transmitted Diseases Section, Health
Canada (Fall 1997)

project resource person for the Industrial En-
gineering Receptacle Analysis Project, Canada
Post (Summer 1997)

part-time telephone agent, third-party verifica-
tion for Bell Canada, IBM-ISM (1995 - 1996)

seasonal CR-4 verification clerk, processed non-
resident income tax forms using the taxation oper-
ation manual (TOM), International Taxation Office
(January – June, 1992 - 1994)

first editor of Ph.D. business articles, Canadian
Federation of Deans of Management and Admin-
istrative Studies (Winter 1990)

car salesman, Mont Bleu Ford, Hull, Quebec
(November - December 1987)

archivist (reduced archival duplication in all 4
Senate Committee research assistant
(indexed the Senate Speaker's rulings from
1900 till 1984),
messenger, Page, and Chief
Page, Senate of Canada (1975 - 1984)

receptionist, security guard, barman, and office
boy - part-time, University of Ottawa (1972 - 1981)

farm hand, picked cucumbers for the Van 
Esbroeks, Hensall, ON (August 1977)

special assistant to Richard Beatty, Special
Human Resources Programs Officer, and
gram coordinator of the National CIDA Trainee
Orientation/Reception Program, Canadian In-
ternational Development Agency, (CIDA)
(Summers 1974 - 1976)

guardsman, did boot-camp (General Military
Training) at Petawawa, Governor General's
Foot Guards' Drill Corps (Summer 1973)

boilermaker helper, in Falconbridge, ON
for Catalytic Enterprises, Sarnia (August - 
September 1972)

usher, weekend janitor, Odeon movie theatre,arrow
North Bay, ON, (June 1971 - June 1972)




































Other Jobsarrow
French dicta typist, Open Skies Conference

editor: edited the Park Canada's Comptroller's
bilingual directives

minutes recorder: for corporations, condomin-
iums, and volunteer organizations

desktop publisher: produced a high school sum-
mer course brochure with WordPerfect 5.1 and
reformatted the Canadian Coast Guard manual
with Microsoft Word 6.0; prepared Canada Post's
bilingual franchise manual for desktop publishing.

questionnaire designer: designed a questionnaire
to evaluate 4 bids regarding the development of a
national doctoral business program for Canadian
Federation of Deans of Management and Adminis-
trative Studies

study designer: developed an air travel usage
measurement study for Industry, Trade, and
Technology Branch, Forestry Canada

certification process developer: designed a
5-step super-mail box supplier certification
process for Quality Control Department,
Canada Post



















- doing linguistic research into flash learning
learning Unix, C, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and XML
- writing letters to editors-in-chief of high-tech magazines
following high-tech developments in the PC and Internet sectors

























- enjoy running, swimming, cycling, and light weight training
- took kayak course given by Algonquin College, Ottawa, Summer 1993

























Information Technology Seminarsarrow
- "Transforming service in the on demand era",
______ IBM Linux, Ottawa, September 2003
- PeopleSoft On Tour Canada 2002, June 2002
- SunONE Services On Demand Roadshow,
______ May 2002
- The Ottawa Macromedia Flash MX Seminar,
______ April 2002
- IBM e-Business Breakaway Tour, November 2001
- Oracle e-Business Now Seminar/Workshop,
______ November 2001
- Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Seminar, May 2001
- The CISCO Internet Business Review, May 2000
- Novell's eNetWorking 2000, January 2000
- Data General Thin Client Computing Thinknow
_______June '99 Symposium
- Adobe June '99 InDesign Premiere for Designers
- Corel Roadshow '99 featuring WordPerfect
______ Office 2000 and CorelDRAW 9, June 1999
- Microsoft Office 2000 June '99 Product Launch
- Information Builders eBusiness Seminar '99,
______ May 1999
- Novell's "NetWorking 99", January 1999
- The Ottawa June '98 Object Store workshop
______ by Object Design
- The Adobe Canada June '98 Publishing Seminar
- Novell's "Networking 98" featuring Border
______ Manager, June 1998
- The 1998 Lotus Ottawa Messaging Summit,
______ May 1998
- Oracle Data Warehouse Symposium, June 1997
- The WRQ TCP/IP Workshop, May 1997
- IBM Visual Age, April 1997
- Adaptive Networking by Bay Networks, First
______ Virtual Corporation, Microsoft, and
______ USWEB, March 1997
- Switches by Bay Networks, January 1997
- Lotus Suite 97, June 1996
- IBM Warp 4.0, April 1995
- Visix Cross-platform, May 1994

- Corel Corporation software seminars





















Volunteer Positionsarrow
- campaigned door-to-door for my liberal MP
_and classmate,
Mauril Bélanger, Elections 97

- founding member of the Sandy Hill Com-
_munity Economic
Development Group
_(1993 - 1995)

- PC World Online Advisory Council member (1997 - )

- founding member and membership co-or-
_dinator of
TOMUG, The Ottawa Microsoft
(1995 - 1996)

H.U.G.O. Helpful User Group of Ottawa PC club (1994 - 1999)
- publicity agent
program director
Web site designer
- sole news bulletin designer, 
  author, and publisher of
"H.U.G.O. News"

Re-engineered H.U.G.O. by ...
- creating a promotional kit

- designing a membership feedback 

- developing the Web site to serve as
_a marketing
and communication tool



















K+ Internet Entrepreneurarrow
- created
-, 2001-2007
-, 2007-2008

- developed the K+ info Web-kits
- promoted the K
+ Web-resume Hosting Service
- worked on the K+ Steno-course, the K+ Steno-game, and the K+ Steno-kit

K+ Professional Services (1995 - )
- edit resumes
create Web sites
offer personalized PC-Net training


















- altar boy, 1963 - 1971
- handy man, Holy Name Church, 1970 - 1971
- lector, Saint Joseph Church, Ottawa, 1979 - 1981
- parish council youth representative, Holy Name, 1970 - 1971
- founder of the University of Ottawa rosary group, 1978 - 1980
- taught by Resurrectionist priests, Scollard Hall, North Bay, 1967 - 1971
- 3rd degree Knight of Columbus,
  Champlain Council, council #: 1926, member #: 1861730, 1976



























Primary/High Schoolarrow
Hearst Public School
(renamed Clayton Brown School), Hearst, ON

- won the chess trophy, 1967
- won the Lions Club Melvin Jones trophy, 1967
- did 4 years of piano with Mrs. Girard - my aunt's
  sister - at noon from Monday to Friday

Scollard Hall (North Bay College)
(private Catholic boys' school) (Grades 9 - 12), North Bay, ON
- member of the UN club run by Fr. Conderi
- ran cross-country, trainer: Fr. Fox
- represented Scollard Hall in the Jeunes Voyageurs
  Program, Summer 1971: spent a week on Vancouver Island
- member of YACMAR (Youth Across Canada helping the Mentally
  Handicapped): participated in the daffodil fund campaign and in
  the social activities with members of the small freak community
  of North Bay
- helped in the delivery of the Santa Fund Christmas baskets
  to the poor on Christmas Eve
- helped - for free - my brother and a friend, newspaper boys,
  with their paper routes

École secondaire Algonquin
(Grade 13), North Bay, ON
- provided records to be played in the cafeteria at lunch time
- had my poetry column in "La Bébite", ("The Bug"), the
  student paper
- did an exposition (with Michelle) of French-Canadian farm
  implements on bails of hay
- usher, weekend janitor, Odeon movie theatre, North Bay,
  ON, September 1971 - June 1972




















- 4 years of piano (1963 - 1967)
- 1 year of violin
(1990 - 1991)