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cyber safety

Technology extends our reach globally
 Thanks to technology,
 - thePeoplecanmonitorthe details of Gov't spending for
   a 100% transparentdemocracy
 - we canredistribute the wealthsaving the global economy
   from collapse

to the rescue!

phone, the i-pad, CLOUD COMPUTING ...) that's

How Cloud Computing Became a Big Tech Battleground

3 months!

SPEED - today - is everything.

The velocity of technology
allows us to do
- (so much) more
- (so much) faster

We'll have
- a 4-day work week
- a 6-hour work day

We'll haveMORE TIME
- to RELAX

With today's technology+INTERNET-connected PCs
we can have
100% transparentdemocracy
wealth redistribtionthat ensureseveryone in the world
  gets his/her

The driving force of technology isBRAIN POWER.

BRAIN POWERwill createglobal PROSPERITY.


High-Tech Expert

 Kenneth Selin(say'leen),
 É(eh)PC President/Party Leader,
 was ahigh-tech troubleshooterof
 - the Internet for Sympatico
 - the Compaq presario PC
 - cabel modems for Time Warner

 Top high-tech magazines in Canada+the USA published
 his letters to the editor.

Touch Typing Practice
The Myth of AI (Aritificial Intelligence)
Computer programs have *built-in* AI.

because computers can only execute instructions.

To come back here, click the left-hand arrow at the top of your browser

tip: to avoid the spread of a virus, delete your browser cache history
tip: before shutting your computing device

According to a recent MIT study, liesare70%more likely to beretweeted than facts on Twitter.


Many companies are sending "privacy policy update" to their Internet users
in order to comply with Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation
(GDPR). It takes effect May 25th 2018.

The GDPR gives users control over how they want *their* data to be used.

The penalty of non-compliance is
4% of the company's worldwide revenue.

Cross-site tracking: refers to companies collecting
                               browsing data across multiple

Lightning FAST!

5G Wireless Technology

A 6-minute download on a 4G device
takes 30 seconds on a 5G Internet network.

5G Connectivity: Much, Much More Than Faster Downloads

5G: What to know, why you should be excited,
and how it will impact you

5G: The Next-Gen Wireless System
Set to Enable our Connected Future

BIG Data

Quantum Computing

edge computing

PC/Laptop Maintenance

Cleaning Tips

Unplug the PC/laptop beforehand.


- a microfibre clothto clean the screen

- a microfibre clothto wipe the touch pad+keyboard

- a compressed air dusterto blow air into the keyboard+ports

Cabling Tip

Usezip tiesto tidy up the cabling


Space-Saving Tip


- outdated e-mails+files

- the files in thedownload folder



To prevent overheating, ensure there’sgood airflow


Filing Tip

Separate files intoappropriately-named foldersfor easy access

Unit Converter



Password Checker

14 digital password security tips

Handy Web Sites


Hurricane Tracking

The Home+Garden Authority

The Ultimate Guide
to Keeping Your Family Safe at Home

How Much Do Hurricane Proof Windows Cost

BEST gas prices

Google Finance

FREEstock portfolio tracking service
Click on "Your Stocks" at the top.

Want to Build Your Savings?
Follow Our Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

94%of Web surfers judge a Web byITS DESIGN

Online News Aggregators
Google News


AOL News

A person's daily high-tech screen time: 10 hours

High-Tech News

70%of tech startups fail within 20 months
PC Guide/Tech News

Gadget Guide/News

What's Your Tech

Tech News

IT Pro Today

Personal Technology

Laptop Mag

Parts for a Laptop

Computer Hope

Digital Trends








WIRED – Technology

PC Mag



Tech Crunch (Startup+Tech News)

The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail


Macworld Spanish




Tech meme

Tech NewsToday

Tech NewsWeekly – every Thursday

Thischartshowsevery major technological innovation
in the last 150 years+how they have changed the
we work French Spanish German Italian

Hi-Tech Portal

Tech Dictionary

What Is Edge Computing?

FREE Do-it-yourself Internet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Introduction to Voice Over IP

The Route of a Text Message

PROTECT YOURSELF by practicing safe-browsing habits

The Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet-connected telemeters (estimated at 10 billion+growing exponentially) like vehicles, home appliances, cameras, etc. for making future product improvements are referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).


The Zigbee Alliance is a foundation that promotes Internet of Things standards.

As a security precaution *disconnect* 
your Internet devices when NOT in 

Internet Protocol Version 6 128 bit address (IPv6 address) is more capable than more limited IPv4 Internet 32 bit address scheme and provides more control in the delivery of the information "packets"
sent from a *source* IP address to a *destination*
IP address through packet-switched networks that increases the Internet quality of service (QoS) due
to more efficient, controlled routing.

What's my IP address? IP Lookup

Test Your Internet Connection Speed type: speedtest

Internet Speed

Bandwidth Speed Test

Increase Internet Speed

To Double Your Internet Speed for
Change Your DNS Servers for Faster Internet Access

Step-by-step Guide
to Speeding Up Your Internet

Internet Speed Optimization

Fixing an Internet Connection

(Access your computer online)
(14 day FREE trial)

Secure socket layer (SSL
) encrption
hides your password sent over the Internet.

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL Encryption)

It's a Cisco
*security* tool that provides an exta layer
of filtering that bypassed the ISP's domain-name system
management in addition to phishing protection, content
filtering+DNS lookup.

How to Use OpenDNS on Your Router, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone

How to setup Open DNS Server with your home network/router

How To Setup A Free Cisco OpenDNS Account For Web Security

How To Increase Your Internet Speed with Open DNS

How to secure home network using OpenDNS

Setting up OpenDNS FamilyShield

Router Firewall
Tip: you need a *smart* firewall.

Find and Use the Windows 10 Firewall

Do I Need a Firewall if I Have a Router?

What is a firewall?

How to set up a Router Firewall

What is a Firewall and what do they do?

Firewall vs Router

Understanding home networks Part 2 Firewall and Router

Network Switch vs Network Router vs Network Firewall

Do You Really Need A Firewall If You Have A Router?

Can a Router be a Firewall?

A peer-to-peer (P2P) computing network(without a server) shares data via Universal Serial Bus.

What'sa Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network?

USB: Everything You Need to Know

Fire TV Stick (US $40)
Amazon's TOP selling  product: it upgrades a TV to a SMART TV.
Note: it requires a strong broadband connection
         (cable, DSL, fiber) using the Internt;
         using a TV, the TV has to have an HDMI
         port + it mus have a strong WIFI signal.

Its competitors are
- AppleTV
- Google Chromecast
- Roku Streaming Stick



Amazon Fire TV Stick: An Honest Review (2018)

It's a wireless connection that sends media (photos, videos,
music ...) from a mobile device or PC browser to a TV or
projector that has built-in Miracast support.

What Is Miracast? Everything You Need to Know

How to set up & use Miracast on Windows 10

IP tool
(checks your network connection+browser configuration)

Packet Sniffers
Data are sent over the TCP/IP Internet network in data packet envelopes.

A packet sniffer (like Wireshark) is an application that monitors the traffic
flow of data packets fromsource IPaddresses todestination IPaddresses

1. your Internet connection
2. your LAN (local area network)
   (if you have a computer network)
   (Yourrouter management menu
    will provide you with the IP
    addresses that make up your

To find out who owns an outside IP address (one that is NOT yours),
Googlewhois IP address.

Notice the client-server connection always begins with a "hello"
(handshake) string.

For Windows 10 "ipconfig (Run command)"
gives you the IP address
of your PC or laptop(+your router if you have a LAN).

- typeipconfigin theTaskbar search bar
- click onipconfig

How To secure your Yourself from Wireshark on Public WiFi

Wireshark 2.6.0 install+tutorial

Wireshark Tutorial for Beginners - 1 - Installing

Wireshark 101: How to Wireshark

Wireshark Tutorial for Beginners - Installation

Wireshark Tutorial for Beginners

The Complete Wireshark Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!

VLAN analysis With Wireshark

Intro to Wireshark: Basics + Packet Analysis!

Decoding Packets with Wireshark

How to read Wireshark Output

How to Capture Packets with Wireshark - Getting Started

Top 10 Wireshark Filters

Delete Cookies

How to Delete Cookies in Every Major Browser

Control & Delete Cookies on Your Browser

What Are Cookies and Why Are They Important

Video Conferencing

Tips for Teleworking

FREERemote Desktops

Google's Chrome


- 40 mininute limit
- unlimited meetings
- group collaboration features

Google Meet vs Zoom

FREEGoogle Meet

Host a 1-click Skype video meeting

FREEWindows 10/11 digital pen @ Microsoft Store


digital pen @ Microsoft Store
download sites

Windows' Notepad Alternative


OpenBoard Or Inkodo: Which One is better?


Privacy Online

How to enable private browsing mode
on different browsers


Get Smart On the Web

Note: Microsoft Windows' "Network and Sharing Center"
          displays status for both wired+wireless networks.

To access your router’s interface online,
enter its IP address into the Web browser’s
address bar, press <enter>.

Connect to a Wireless Network with Windows

How to boost your home Wi-Fi signal

FREEWiFi Checking


How to GetFreeWiFi Anywhere
Top 10 Ways to GetFreeWi-Fi Anywhere You Go

How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Why Does Your Internet Connection Randomly Stop Working?

Intermittent Wireless/Dropped WiFi Connection

How Can I Find Out If Someone’s Stealing My Wi-Fi?

How to Detect a Wireless Intruder

How To Fix a Laptop That Won't Connect to Wifi!!

Check the Network Connection Status of Wireless Devices

What Is a Router for Computer Networks?

What's a LAN (Local Area Network)?

What Is a Wide Area Network (WAN)?

WARNING: all online activity gets stored on servers

WARNING: every Internet surfing device has a *traceable* ID #

Ctrl + D
Add current site to favorites
Ctrl + I
See all your favorites in the Hub
Ctrl + T
Open a new tab
Ctrl + W
Close the current tab
Ctrl + Tab
Switch to the next tab

Guide To Anonymous Browsing
26 Browser Extensions

Warning! Malicious Browser Extensions

(It has a built-in VPN, plenty of privacy
  protection, anti-tracking options.)

How to use the free unlimited VPN included in Opera

Maxthon5 BEST

Epic Privacy Browser
Its built-in VPN protects
your browsing history
+you on a public WiFi.


Baidu Browser
Use mouse gestures to surf.

with a photo effects app
+a built-in video downloader
+online screaming video recorder


Google Chrome Web Browser

Malware-filled Chrome extensions

The Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

6 Chrome extensions to make you more productive at work

Microsoft’s new Chrome extension will boost your browser security

Google Chrome dark mode:
How to get Chrome’s newest feature on your Windows PC


(*newer*version of Chrome)

Feature-rich Chromium-based
alternative web browser for Windows

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome Security Test

Microsoft Edge Tips

Note: with Microsoft Edge you can turn
          a Web page into a OneNote page
          that can be annotated.

dragging a tab onto a blank part
          of the desktop creates a separate
          browser window.

placing the mouse-pointer over a
          tab generates a thumbnail pic of
          that Web page.

Browse in Private (Microsoft Edge)

(It has privacy protection+anti-tracking options.)
the alternative browser

Mozilla, a not-for-profit Internet organization, promotes an OPEN WEB

Rapid Fire: Rebecca Weiss on how data collection
can be useful to business and respectful of people’s privacy

Make your Firefox browser a privacy superpower with these extensions

12 ways Firefox can defend your data against internet threats

Firefox Add-ons (Extensions)

Firefox Send: a FREE file-transfer service
Just drag+drop.
Send up to 1GB files.
(Sign in to send up to 2.5GB files.)

NEW Fox Quantum Browser





Pale Moon

Sea Monkey



Brave – blocks ads+trackers: browse up to 8x fasterers

Brave Desktop Page Loading Speed Test

5 tips to get the most out of Brave

Search Engines high-tech

Anonymous Searches

The Dark Net/Deep Web

Beginner's Guide To The Deep Web+The Dark Web

Tor Browser

It's all gravy for the onion router asTor Browserbeefs up security

I2P Anonymous Network multilingual

According towww.Mozilla.orgbots make up52% of all web traffic.

"You want to improve your writing? READ!"
"You want to take care of your mind? READ!"
Kenneth Selinsay'leen
É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

Portal for Readers

Are Audiobooks As Good For You As Reading?
Here’s What Experts Say

Open Library



Free eBooks



E-books portal

for Microsoft Edge browser

Google Books

Google Play Books

E-book Search Engine

People who read books at least 30 minutes a day live on average
23 months longer acording to a recent Yale University study.

Microsoft 10 freda e-book reader

Amazon owns both Audible+Kindle
- at you buy books
- at you rent books

(Amazon) Kindle e-book reader for PC Note: you'll need to sign up for aFREEAmazon account

How reading rewires your brain
for more intelligence and empathy


How to Retain More of Every Book You Read

How I Tricked Myself Into Reading More Books

5 Ways Reading Improves Your Health

Why you should surround yourself
with more books than you’ll ever have time to read

(Overdrive update)
A library card is required.

(FREE access to e-books+audiobooks from 30,000+ libraries.)
A library card is required.

There are two (2) kinds of reading
according to Kobo's President/CEO, Michael Tamblyn:
1. reading to understand: scholarly/pensive reading,
1. the reader goes back and forth in the book
2 reading to escape: recreational reading that is linear
1. (aka a "quick" read)

Interesting fact: 50% of the e-books are romance novels

FREEKoboReading App
for phones+desktops/laptops

Kobo e-readers
Originally, they were made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
they havetheFREEOverdirve feature"built-in".

The Kobo Libra H2oE-reader  BEST
"Bought it for Xmas 2019. AMAZING!"
Kenneth Selinsay'leen
É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

The Kobo Libra H2oReviews

Kindle Fire 7" HD Tablet

Lenovo Tab2 A8
E-ink Writing Tablets-cum-e-readers


Reading improves writing
Form A Daily Writing Habit—It Will Improve Your Life


    With any Google app opened, type in the address bar

    slide, doc, or sheet followed by .new to create a new


Google Account: the Basics

Online Courses from Google

Google Apps

Google Scholar

Improve your Google searches
withOR, +, -, *for unknown characters,
for a numerical range

Google Tricks for Way Better Search Results

How to Use Search Parameters in Google

Job Hunting with Google
Use words likework(or job)+the field(orprofession)
Example: photographer jobs

How to use social media to find your next job

Google Bookmarks

To find the URLs indexed by Google for a site, type into the search bar:
site: www address

FREEGoogle Play media library

Your Google History

HOW Google Tracks You

SWITCH OFF Google tracking

WHAT Google Knows About You

How to download a copy of everything Google knows about you

Google knows literally everything about you - deleting the data

SOFTWARE_REPORTER_TOOL.EXE C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\SwReporter\VERSION\software_reporter_tool.exe

The Software Reporter Toolscans the computer's drive for 20 minutes
of the CPU: it then reports these scans to Google.

It's part ofthe Chrome Cleanup Tool:
it detects if Chrome settings have been changed without user consent.

It gives the user the option
1. to restore Chrome’s original setting
2. to remove unwanted software
1. - that make pop ups permanent
1. - that changes the Chrome home page
1. - that installs unwanted Chrome extensions+toolbars
1. - that redirects the user to an unfamiliar Web site.

To run the Chrome Cleanup Tool
    1. in the address bar insert: chrome://settings/cleanup
    2. decide whether you want to opt-out of sending report details to Google
    3. activate the find button to start the process.

Right-click onSoftware Reporter Toolfolder toremove permissions
in order to
make it inoperativeby
    1. right-clicking on the folderSwReporter
    2. selecting Properties from the menu
    3. switch to the Security tab
    4. select Advanced on the page that opens
    5. click on Disable inheritance
    6. select remove all inherited permissions from this object
    7. select apply+in the Windows Security prompt yes
    8. select ok
    9. select ok again.

How To Find What Google Knows About Me (+Delete It)

11 things you didn’t know Chrome could do

5 Special Things of Google Earth

Google Docs
12 Top Add-ons for Google Docs

4 Super Useful Templates in Google Docs

Tips & Tricks for Writing a Novel in Google Docs

The Hottest Chat App for Teens: Google Docs

21 Tips to Make Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides Work for You

Automate Document Workflow with Google Docs, Gmail, Google Forms, & Sheets

Google Sheets
The Best Templates for Google Sheets

4 Google Sheets Hacks

Creating a Budget with Google Spreadsheets

5 Formulas for Google Sheets

Google Drive
Password Protect Your Google Drive Files

Things You Can Do with Google Drive

5 Must-Know Google Drive Tips

Google Drive: Uploading Files

How to Sync Google Drive with Your PC

Google Storage
Clean up Your Google Storage

Google Photos
Google Photos Tutorial

Save Photos Online

30 Tricks to Master Google Photos

Organizing Old Photos with Google Photos

Apple Photos vs Google Photos

How to Use Google Photos to Backup Photos

1 G-mail account+many e-mail adresses
- adddotsto your name before
- add+and an extra word to the end of your user name
- *combine* both methods

Gmail’s best new features

How to add or remove inbox tabs in Gmail

4 Gmail hacks you probably don’t know about

FREEG-mail Apps for Windows

How to Use Gmail Listserv an e-mail discussion list program

LISTSERV Lite Free Edition
for non-commercial allows up to 10 mailing lists
of up to 500 e-mails per mailing list.
Note: it works on various operating systems
Note: like Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, ... .

How to Create a Listserv

How to Record and Send a Voice Message by Email

Is Inbox Zero a goal worth striving for?

Tip: send an e-mail to yourself+
       use the BCC to hide every-
       one else's e-mail.

Everything sent to the masked e-mail address
will be forwarded to your e-mail address.
Note: the forwarding address
feature can be turned
Note: responding to a masked
          e-mail will reveal your
          real e-mail address.

Foreign Accents

Alt Symbols+Numeric Codes

Opera E-mail Client

FREEFirefox e-mail client

FREEClaws multiplatform e-mail client

How to change your email address without losing contacts

FREEe-mail address scan for security breaches
(Sign up for Firefox Monitor.)

E-mail header legitimate?

FREETask Management Tools



Google Keep

How to use Google Keep to take notes while you work

FREECollaboration Tools

Note: at least one person needs to subscribe to Mirosoft Office.

Mobile Phones
How does your mobile phone work?

Get a Perfect Signal

How do SIM Cards work? - SIMtrace

What is 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G of Cellular Mobile Communications

WiFi (Wireless) Password Security - WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS Explained

Messaging Apps

Tips to master WhatsApp

Alternatives to WhatsApp


Snapchat - multimedia messaging app multilingual

Why you should be using Zoom for all your video chats

FREE*SECURE*Messaging Apps
TelegramTips to master WhatsApp

Use your WhatsApp with a landline

(FREEvoice+video calls) 

(Messages are NOT stored on the Internet.)

(Messages once read self-destruct.)

Emphasizing words
in messaging apps+commenting on YouTube
- to underline a word, add__before+after the word
- to highlight a word (in italics), add*before+after the word
- to highlight a word (in bold), add**before+after the word
- to strikeout a word (put a line through a word), add-before+
  after the word

Computer Productivity Tips

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Tricks

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
for Outlook

Windows Key Combos
WindowsKey+Llocks the desktop/laptop
WindowsKey+arrowsmoves the screen in that direction
WindowsKey+lopens the settings window
WindowsKey+Eopens the file explorer
WindowsKey+Mminimizes all windows
CTRL+TABto go from tab to tab
ALT+TABto go from open app to open app

Key Combos
ALT+F4closes the browser
CTRL+SHIFT+tbrings back the closed tab
CTRL+w or CTRL+F4closes the current tab
CTRL+ALT+Tabshows all open applications
CTRL+zundoes the action
CTRL+yredoes the action

Arrow Key Combos
CTRL+ALT+(left/right arrow)moves the cursor to the next word
CTRL+SHIFT+(left/right arrow)highlights the present word
                 (+the next word with repetition of the key combo)

CTRL+idocks your bookmarks to the side of browser
                 (Microsoft browser+Firefox)

The Middle Mouse Button
- middle-click on an open tab to close it
- click on a link to open it in a NEW browser tab

CTRL+0for the default setting
CRTL+(plus sign)zooms in (increases the font size on the Web page)
CRTL+(minus sign)to zooms out (decreases the font size on the Web page)

FULL Screen: press F11


Kto play or pause
Jto go back
10 seconds
Lto go forward10 seconds


FREEYouTube Video
Downloader Apps recent

FREEOnline Movies BEST

Full Feature Movies
For Youtube "full screen" press together <Shift> + <F>
Youtube has a start+end time settings feature

The Life of Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth

The Gospel of John

The Apostle, Luke

The Story of Moses

Moses, the Legislator
staring Burt Lancaster

Fist of Fury
staring Bruce Lee+Nora Miao

Fist of Fury 2

Visit to a Small Planet
staring Jerry Lewis

Rock a Bye Baby
staring Jerry Lewis+Dean Martin

Hollywood or Bust
staring Jerry Lewis+Dean Martin

You're Never Too Young
staring Jerry Lewis+Dean Martin

Road to Rio
staring Bob Hope+Bing Crosby+Dorothy Lamour

staring Audrey Hepburn+Cary Grant

Second Time Around
staring Debbie Reynolds

staring John Wayne+Maureen O'Hara

Rio Lobo
staring John Wayne

Big Jake
staring John Wayne

Off Limits
staring Mickey Rooney

Tarzan and the Green Goddess

Hercules Unchained

Hercules The Avenger

Hercules, Samson and Ulysses

Hercules and The Captive Women

Created Equal

Arriverderci, Baby!

One Eyed Jacks
staring Marlon Brando

The Million Pound Note
starring Gregory Peck

The Bravados
staring Gregory Peck

Goodbye Charlie
staring Tony Curtis+Debbie Reynolds+Pat Boone

The Golden Horde

Flame of the Islands

El Zorro

Dance with Me, Henry
staring Abbott + Costello

Jack and the Beanstalk
staring Abbott + Costello

Lost In Alaska
staring Abbott + Costello

The Three Stooges

Full Feature Spanish Movies

Jesus, Maria y Jose

"El Profeta del Desierto"
Juan el Bautista, el precursor de Jesús de Nazaret

La Virgen de Fátima

Jose y sus Hermanos

Saul y David

Isaac Esau y Jacob

Gedeon y Sanson

La Reina de Saba

San Agustin, Episodio 1

San Agustin, Episodio 2

Vida de San Francisco de Asis

Vida de San Juan de la Cruz

Scoto: el defensor de la Inmaculada

San Patricio De Irlanda

San José de Cupertino

Santa Catalina de Siena

Santa Mª Josefa
Fundadora de las Siervas de Jesús

Guerra de Troia
con Steve Reeves

L'Aquila Del Deserto

La Espada y la Cruz

La venganza de Hércules

Una ciudad llamada Bastarda

Raphael Las gemelas

El luchador novato aprendió hasta del gato

El Manuscrito Secreto

Toña Machetes

O todo o nada

Las Manos de un Pistolero

Hasta Que Perdió Jalisco

Juana Gallo


Dos tipos de cuidado

El Rapto
con Jorge Negrete y María Félix

Los Alegres Aguilares

Los Cuatro Juanes

Tin Tan: Tres Lecciones de Amor

Dos Gallinas y Dos Gallos

Si Adelita Se Fuera Con Otro

Doña Bárbara

Una Carta De Amor

Allá En El Rancho Grande

Escuela Para Solteras

Un Dorado De Pancho Villa

El Peñón de Las Ánimas

Los Tres Alegres Compadres

Me He De Comer Esa Tuna

Historia de un Gran Amor

Cuando Quiere Un Mexicano

Mientras El Cuerpo Aguante

Luis Aguilar Capitán de rurales

Dos semanas en otra ciudad

Las Señoritas Vivanco

Un principe encantado

El Zorro

El Zorro Cabalga Otra Vez

Por techo, las estrellas

Vivir de Sueños

El tesoro

Como Yo Te Quería

El juego de la verdad

Yo Quiero Ser Tonta

La Leyenda de un Valiente

El Inolvidable Chucho El Roto

"CASCARITA" y Tres Patines : "Locos Estafadores"
La Tremenda Corte
Los 3 Chiflados

Dos Locos con Suerte

Full Feature Italian Movies
Padre Pio
San Pio de Pietrelcina

Santa Catalina de Siena

La Romana (Woman of Rome)

Tarzan e i Segreti della Jungla

Il Prof. Dott. Guido Tersilli

Full Feature German Movies
Lockruf der Vergangenheit

Grimms Märchen
Zwerg Nase

Aufruhr im Schlaraffenland

Der Eisenhans

Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse

Frau Holle(English subtitles)

Frau Holle erzählt die Geschichte
von zwei ungleichen Schwestern

Full Feature French Movies

Nefertiti, reine du Nil


Samson contre Hercule

Le chômeur de Clochemerle

Les gaités de la finance

Bonjour Sourire

Les petits Riens

L'auberge rouge

La vie a deux

Uniformes et grandes manoeuvres

Les Bidasses En Folie

Le Dernier Rodeo

Le Trou Normand

Coup de Foudre avec un Inconnu

Le Chêne D'allouville ils sont fous ces normands

Un Couple De Rêve

InterestingYouTube Videos

Hal Roach - Irish Comedian

The Legendary Victor Borge

Julio Iglesias - When I Need You

Air Supply - Making love Out of nothing at all


Manuel Serrat - Cantares

Edith Piaf - C'est L'Amour (It's Love)

Maria Callas - Carmen

Maksim, pianist - Original of Flight of the Bumble Bee

20 Twitter tips: Become a social media pro

The #1FREEapp that everybody is talking about

How TikTok’s Owner Became The World’s Most Valuable Unicorn

Online Museum Tours
The Guggenheim, NYC

The Art Institute of Chicago

National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C.

The British Museum, London

The Louvre, Paris

Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul


Social Media


Note: you can now send voice messages on Instagram.

Decoding The Social Media Algorithms In 2019

FREECollaorative Team Application

FREEmusic video downloads Spanish

Media Players

Multimedia Player


Music Manager+Player

Radio Online
European Radio Portal

Worldwide Radio


FREEOnline Courses
400 online courses with credits towards a degree

600 online courses offered by 190 universities

300 Ivy League university courses

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Linux is derived from the 1st 3 letters
of the 1st name of its Finnish creator,
Linus Torvalds + the 1st 2 letters of
the Unix OS (operating system).
The core of the Linux OS is the Linux
kernel that controls memory+the hardware.

Because it's modular, you can install only
what you need.

It has a very small "footprint" as it only
uses resources on a as-needed basis using
minimal energy+lengthening the battery life
of a laptop. Its efficient use of computer
resouces make it virus+malwarefree.

It is an open-source OS (operating system)
that can run using a virtual computer. You
can also install it on the OS you're using
using a dual boot system. (Backup you existing
OS if you're going to install a dual boot
system. Microsoft Windows allows you to
make a work image of your current system.)

Its system requirements allows it to run
on older PCs (personal computers)+laptops.

Programmers like because of its array of
programming tools.

It's the Android OS on mobile phones+
it'is also Google's Android OS.

For its 
GUI (graphic user interface) it uses
the X Window System.

Due to multiple versions of Linux, their is
a broad selection of desktop designs (GUIs):
- Debian
- Ubuntu
- Linux Mint
- Bodhi Linux (It has application docks+a virtual desktop.)
- Red Hat's Fedora 1
  Red Hat's Fedora 2

They can all be installed on a USB-stick drive+
used as a "live system" with writeable partitions
for saving settings+data: it loads into the com-
puter's memory without touching the hard drive.

They all offer multiple virtual desktops.

Like Windows, they have a command line.

They all can run theFREEmultilingualLibre Office
open-source productivity suite (which is the equiva-
lent of Microsoft Office) as well as other major
major applications like Firefox (an open-source
browser), Google's Chrome, YouTube+G-mail.

Story of Linux

What is Linux?

Why Linux?

The Problem with Linux

10 Reasons why Linux is Better Than MacOS or Windows

What is Linux? Linux Vs Windows? No Virus?


Linux for Windows 10

6 Things to Know When Switching to Linux from Windows

6 Mistakes *New* Linux Users Make

Top 5 Linux Distros

Why Linux? | Why Linux Mint?

Linux Mint 19 Distro Review

Linux Mint 19 for Windows Users

30 Things to do After Installing Ubuntu

How to Dual Boot Windows 10+Linux Mint

Is Linux Better Than Windows?

The Complete Red Hat Linux Course

Top 5 Mistakes New Linux Users Make

5 Must-have Linux Apps

Linux File System/Structure Explained!

Linux Sysadmin Basics

Microsoft unveils its first Linux OS, Azure Sphere

The Linux File System
EzeeLinux Show 18.7 | The Linux Filesystem Demystified

Linux Root Folders Explained

Linux File System/Structure Explained!

Windows 11 compatibility
Windows 10

Microsoft Tips

Clean up unwanted files with "Storage Sense":


Windows 10 security tips
- get the latest updates:
- click on Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update
- unlock your computer/laptop
- with face/fingerprint recognition or with a secure PIN

How to Use Windows 10


El sucesor de Windows 10 Spanish

Microsoft Office FREE
There are two (2) ways to get it:
1. with Windows 10, type "Office" in Windows 10
    search bar on the far left-hand side of the tray
     at the bottom of the screen.
2. at
    Note: you'll need a Microsoft account
    Note: in order to sign in.
    Note: this FREE VERSION is only for
    Note: online use.

Microsoft templates

To find out your version of Windows
    • in the search box (to the far left
    at the bottom of the desktop page)
    • type: winver
    • press the <Enter> key

The BSoD
With Windows 10, there's
no longer the BSoD (blue screen of death).

How to start Windows 10 in safe mode

Tip: you can set "Mail" up
       to access all your e-mail

Tip: to access the main components,
hold downthe Win key, click on
the X key

Organize your life with a family notebook in OneNote

Windows 10 Ultimate Performance mode

Making Windows Defender Antivirus stronger

Apps on any drive
To install apps on any drive
- go to Start/Settings/System
click on
Storagein the left-hand column
- click onChange where new content is saved
  under "More storage settings" (at the bottom)

This sign in uses biometric authentication.

Click on
- Start/Settings/Update & Security
- Windows Security (in the left-hand column)

- click under Windows Security at the top
Open Windows Defender Security Center.

The heading isSecurity at a glance.

Account protection, click onSet up.
Note: this option is available only
         if your computer has the
         necessary hardware.


PIN Sign-in
Click on
- Start/Settings/Accounts
- Sign-in options(in the left-hand column)
- Addunder PIN
Note: a 6-digit PIN is recommended.

For your version of Windows 10
- go to Start/Settings/System

- click on
About(at the bottom - left-hand side)

Windows Blog

Microsoft Garage
An outlet for experimental projects.

Windows Central

Windows Secrets
Everything Microsoft forgot to mention.
Note: this is a paid-membership newsletter.

Control Notifications
Go to
- click onNotifications & actions
  (in the left-hand column)

Tablet Mode
For touch-screen capability
- left-click onthe Action Centre icon
  (on the far right-hand side of
the Taskbar)
- click onTablet modeto turn it on
- click onTablet modeto turn it off

For tablet settings, go to Start/Settings/System
- click
Tablet modemidway down the left-hand column

Folder Toolbar
For a folder toolbar
- right-click
the Taskbar
- bring the mouse-pointer to
  (at the very top) for more options
- click onNew toolbarat the bottom
- choose any Documents folder

Expand Start-menu Tiles
To expand the area alotted to files in the Start-menu
- go to Start/Settings/Personalization
- click on
- Start(2nd last item - left-hand column)
  underShow more tiles on Start
    (at the very top underStart)

    left-click onoff

Tip: toresize the Start-menu,
       drag the top edge+right-
       hand edge

Switch Languages
Click on
- Start/Settings/Time & language
- Region & language(on the left-
  hand column underLanguages)
- theAdd a languageplus sign square

UnderChoose a language to stall
make your selection from the list
of languages.

Note: the far right
the Taskbar language
toolbarallows for easy swit-
          ching among languages
          (Win key+space_bar)

One Drive
OneDrive offersFREE5GB of online storage space:
now, with OneDrive Personal Vault, you can pro-
tect your important files.
Cortana Search
Cortana is a voice-activated ap.

the search baron left-hand side ofthe Taskbar.

It responds to *both* voice+typed search requests.

It checks
- online
- the (C:) drive.

Multiple Desktops
For multiple desktops
- click onTask View
  (on the right-hand side ofthe Taskbar search bar)

Put any number of aps in any desktop.

Note: holding downthe Win key+
          clicking onthe Tab keyis
          the same as clicking on
Task View.

To switch between desktops
- click on
Task View
- hold down the
the Win key+
  click onthe Tab key

To move from window to window,
in any desktop, usethe arrow keys


To shut a desktop, click on
Task View
the Xin the top right-hand
  corner of the desktop window

How to perform a clean install of Windows 10

First things to do with your new Windows 10 PC

Improve PC Performance

Speed up Windows 10 Start Time

Make Windows 10 Faster, Decrease Boot Time &
Increase Performance

Get Windows 10 working smoothly on a Mac

The best productivity tips+tricks

The Windows 10 Calculator

Get the Fall Creators Update

Family Features

Windows Hello?
(biometric sign in)

3 ways to secure Windows 10
(Windows Hellobiometric recognition)

Protect Your PC

Free Up Drive Space

The Snipping Tool for Capturing Screenshots

Microsoft Hidden Files

Windows Autostart Utility

Disable Startup Programs

Speed up your computer

Digital Debris in Windows 10
To get rid of it
- type
cleanin theTaskbar search bar
- click onDisk Cleanupap
Note: Windows 10 has built-in maintenance
          tools to keep it running "lean+clean".
          [Third-party cleaning tools (often ma-
king  exagerated claims about impro-
           ving boot times, getting rid of disk
           clutter+registry bloat) are unneces-

5freeways to clean up Windows
Tip: have a computer problem?
       REBOOT. (Shut it down+

Recovery Options
- typeControl Panelinthe Taskbar search bar
- typerecoveryin the
search bar at the top right-hand corner

System Image Backup File
this requires a DVD RW drive.
- insert the DVD
- typeControl Panelinthe Taskbar search bar

Click on

Safety and Security
  (in the top left-hand corner)
- the 6th itemBackup and Restore (Windows 7)
Create a system image
  (in the top left-hand corner)

Windows 10 Recovery Drive
- do a complete, fresh reinstall
- run an automated Startup Repair tool
- do a system restore point to restore an image backup
- refresh Windows (by either keeping or removing your data)

How to Create a Windows 10 USB Recovery Drive (Dec. 9th 2016)

Usea DVDor an 16GB (or more)USB driveto install your
self-booting Windows-recovery drive which Windows 10 will

Insert your
USB drive.

Type in the
Taskbar search barrecovery drive.

Click onCreate a recovery drive.

A message will pop upDo you want to allow this app to make
changes to your device?

(The app referred to in the message is "The Recovery Media
Creator" that will create a bootable DVD or USB stick that
will reinstall Windows 10.)




(It took me 2 hours to create my "bootable" Windows 10 USB.)

Fixing Windows 10
Part 1
click on
1. the Start iconat the far left-
   hand side of
the Taskbar
2. the gear-wheel settings icon
3. Update & Securityoption at
   the right-hand bottom side of
   the menu options
4. the left-hand column menu

Here, you have 2 options
1. it uses the installation files
   on your PC drive, Reset this PC:
   you can keep or get rid of your
   files+then reinstall Windows 10
2. it uses the installation files
   on yourDVDorUSBrecovery
   Advanced Startup:
   to restore Windows 10 from your
DVDorUSBor from a
   system image

   Option 2 gives 4 other options
   1. Continue
      (Exit+continue to Windows 10)
   2. Turn off your PC.
   3. Use a device
      (Use aUSB - recovery - drive,
       network connection, or Windows
   4. Troubleshoot
      (Reset your PC or see advanced options.)

Part 2
1. - typetoubleshootin theTaskbar search bar
    - click onTroubleshoot: System settingsat
      the top
2. insert the error message into the Google
    (Dogpile) search engine
3. you can run diagnostics packages from
    the Microsoft Spport Diagnostics Web
    A Windows Live ID is required.

Booting to Safe Mode
In safe mode Windows has only "essential" (device) drivers+start files.

It is used to troubleshoot problems with (device) drivers, applications
+devices that interfere with the loading of Windows.

If the problem does NOT appear in safe mode, then Windows is
obviously NOT the problem.

It just becomes a matter of eliminating the recently installed
driver, application, or device that is creating the problem.

8 Steps to Safe Mode
1. click on"Start icon"on
   the left-hand side of the
   task bar

2. click onthe Power iconin
   the bottom left-hand corner

3. holding downthe SHIFT KEY,
   click onRestart

4. choose the 4th option,

5. selectAdvanced options

6. select the very bottom option,
    See more recovery options.

7. click onStartup Settings

8. click on the 4th option,
    Enable Safe Mode

  To accessthe Device Manager in safe mode
  to find out which device is misbehaving
  - hold downthe Windows 10 KEY, clickthe X KEY
  - right-click the Start icon
  - click onDevice Manager
    (A small *yellow* flag will indicate which device is misbehaving.)

The Kaspersky's Rescue Disk 
It's a self-booting antivirus program on a USB (or DVD)
that does a penetrating (deep) scan of Windows

VPCs (Virtual PCs)
They're a handysandboxsecurity tool.

The 3 most popularFREEones are Oraclesopen source
virtual machine application, Virtual Box, Microsoft's Hyper-V

The operating system (OS) on which the VPC is installed is
the host operating system(the *primary* operating system)
+the VPCs created (each in its own
sandbox) arethe guest
operating systems.

Unlike a dual boot system, you can run several operating
systems+different versions of an operating system at the
same time (one per VPC) with a VPC app like Virtual Box.

Note: Microsoft'sFREEVPC application,
          the Hyper-V, does NOT allow mul-
          tiple versions of Windows to run
          at the same time.

To switch between Windows 10+the open VPCs, click on
Task Viewnext of theTaskbar search bar.

VPCs are ideal for testing software.

Virtual Box
The Virtual Box ( community provides troubleshooting help.

- The Virtual Box Extension Files
   add advanced support for USB
   drives, network booting, etc.

- The Guest Additions
   must be installed manually via
   the VPC options
menu in each
for seamless integration of
   the VPCs+Windows 10 providing
   seamless mouse integration, bi-
   directional clip board support,
   shared folders, etc.

Note: 32GB is the *suggested* VPC
virtual drive size for
         Virtual Box.

Device Manager
To access it in order to troubleshoot device problems
- hold downthe Windows 10 KEY, clickthe X KEY
- right-clickthe Start icon
- click on "Device Manager"
(A small yellow flat will indicate which device is misbehaving.)

Task Manager
It's used to close a program that has become "frozen"

3 ways to access the Task Manager
1. right-clickthe Taskbar
2. hold downthe Windows 10 KEY+pressthe X KEY
3. together hold down *together* theCTRL+ALT+DELETE KEYS)

Quick Access
For "Quick Access" to your "most recently used" folders+files,
- click on
the Windows iconat the far left onthe Taskbar
- click on the left-hand column "document" icon
Note: folders have the right-click
          Pin to Quick accessoption.

File History
"File History" will *automatically* save your files to an external drive.
(With this feature *enabled*, your can access previous ver-
  sions of your files by right-clicking on them+clicking on the
  Restore previous version option.)
- insert aUSB
- typeControl Panelin theTaskbar search bar
- click onSafety and Securityin the top left-hand corner
- click on the 5th itemFile History
- clickTurn onon the bottom right-hand corner
Note: on the right-hand side there
          is anExclude foldersoption+
          Restore personal filesoption.


Microsoft Programs


FREEOnline Storage
Save your work files online 25 GB  multilingual 10 GB
15 GB 10 GB


5 WFH (working from home) security tips
to protect your online privacy use a VPN (virtual private network
#2 watch out for phishing/fraudulent emails
#3 regularly change passwords (preferably with 2-factor identification)
#4 get the latest antivirus security updates
#5 use strong, unique passwords: 8 or more characters

FREEMalware Removal App

7 Security Tips

Make Your Online Accounts Safer

More Than Just Antivirus Needed

McAfee best

BESTFREEAntivirus Program

Does Windows 10 Need an Antivirus?


Top 10 2018 Antivirus Software

FREEA2017-2018 Antivirus Software

Keep Your Antivirus UP-TO-DATE

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Word Virus

Get Started with CCleaner
Windows Autostart Utility

Online Protection

Tip: encrypt your hard drives+
       password-protect your

FREEVIRUS SCANS of your hard drive
- Online Security Scan

 - ESET's Online Scanner
  offers a 1-time scan+30-day trail offer

- Trend Micro Housecall
  (Must download the scanning program.)

- Microsoft's Safety Scanner
  (Must download the scanning program.)

AV - Comparatives
is equally financed by the companies whose AV (anti-virus)
software it tests.

Its test results are made public at NO CHARGE. (It even has
a malware removal test.)

Real World Protection Tests has a summary of AV - Comparatives
test results.

AV (anti-virus) companies keep "known" malware in their virus-
definition database.

Anunknownvirus is referred to asa zero-day threat.

You get a virus by
1. *NOT* having an effective AV program running in the background
   (Panda+AVG are TOP-RATED FREE anti-virus programs.)
2. clicking on anembeddede-mail link
3. opening an e-mail attachments
   (Zip attachmentsare the most dangerous.)
   (Reply to a suspicious e-mail asking
for confirmation that the person did
    send it.)
4. visiting a malicious Web site
    the likelihood of getting a virus.)

Tip: as a safety precaution,
       do a anti-virus scan of
       *all* e-mail attachments. 

Tip: upload attachments to
       an online anti-virus
       scanning service

online anti-virus scanning multilingual

1MB upload limit

Check the URL (Web address)
for malware

Check domain names+IP address
for malware

Check domain names+IP address+
email addresses for malware

Scan a Web for malware

IP address malware checker

Various online IP adress tools

Web site legitimate?

Windows Programs
Office Suites BEST

Zello walkie-talkie app

App to access your android phone from your computer

Essential programs for your new PC


FREEFile Manager Software


FREESHAREit English+Chinese
(Share files across devices)

FREESyncing Files between Devices

Learning Excel
ARE YOU READY for the NEW Excel?

The Beginner's Guide to Excel

Learn Excel Online

10 Excel YouTube Channels

FREEExcel Tutorials

4 Ways to use Custom Formatting Part 1

Lock Cells & Protect Excel Worksheet

15 Excel Tips & Tricks

Intermediate Excel Skills, Tips, & Tricks

Excel Shortcut Keys

Excel Macros

Make a Macro-enabled Form in Excel Sheet

10 Excel Formulae

10 Useful Excel Formulae

450 Excel Formulae

20 Functions with Downloadable Reference Guide

Data Entry Form


The Index Match

Lookup Values across Multiple Worksheets with VLOOKUP & INDEX MATCH

6 INDEX/MATCH Lookup Examples - Workbook Included

Filter: And, Or, Between conditions for criteria range

Searchable Drop Down List using Dynamic Arrays

Return Multiple Match Results

IF Formula multiple criteria, nested IF, AND, OR functions

SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, and AVERAGEIFS (Multiple Criteria)

Pivot Table with Progress Chart & Dashboard

Intro to Pivot Tables, Charts, and Dashboards Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

with Power Query and Power Pivot, Pivot Tables, Charts

Spreadsheet Modeling using Dynamic Arrays

Tracking Purchases, Sales & Inventory Part 1

For Accounting: Formulas, VLOOKUP & INDEX,
For Accounting: PivotTables, Recorded Macros,
For Accounting: Charts, Keyboards

How to Add in Estimated & Actual Costs to Projects with Excel Project Manager

Become an Excel Wizard With Python

Photo Editing

Image Editor

FREEOnline Social Media Photo Editor

FREEAdobe Photoshop+Illustrator Courses


If you want Photoshop for free, you’ll love this news from Google

Say goodbye to Photoshop: Meet the 5 best online photo editing alternatives

FREEOnline Add-text-to-pics Editor

FREEFunky Online Editing Tools

FREEPhoto+Image Editor

FREEPhoto Editor with Magic Enhance

FREEPhoto Editors to Enhance Photos

FREEDrawing App

Making Gifs

FREEanimation generator app

FREEanimation program (Windows)

FREEanimation generator - Google Chrome extension

Inside the CPU

How a CPU Works

CPU Cache

Multiple CPUs, Cores, and Hyper-Threading

FREEPC newsletter

Building a Computer

Everything You Need to Know About Computer Hardware

Real Temp
(Intel processors)

Core Temp

Open Hardware Monitor

FREEHardware Monitoring Chips Video+Apps
CPU, GPU fan speeds+temperatures tutorial

FREEData Recovery


FREEDriver Apps

PROTECT Your Motherboard

FREEPC Optimizing Apps

5 ways to make your computer run faster

How to make your pc/laptop run faster (3 simple steps)

13 Mistakes That Shorten Your Laptop’s Life

How to Make Your Windows Computer Run Faster

PC Maintenance
5freeways to clean up your PC or laptop

How to speed up your computer by deleting temporary files

How often to clean TV and electronic screens – and the right way to do it!

Hard Drives: 3 Types
1. SSD(Solid State Drive) uses an array of integrated
   circuits (ICs) attached to components like a mother
Note: an IC ia a set of electronic circuits on one
            small flat piece (orchip) of semiconductor
            material like silicon.

    Buying the Right SSD

    SSD Life Expectancy

    The Differences Between HDD & SSD Hard Drives

2. HDD(Hard Disk Drive) uses a spinning disk/platter
   with a read/write head on a mechanical arm called
   an actuator
   Note: it's (at least) 3 times *slower* than an SSD.

3. Carbon Nanotube SSD
   A Billion-Year Hard Drive
   Fujitsu to Mass-Produce NRAM Carbon Nanotube Memory

   Superfast Carbon Nanotube Memory

SATA (Serial AT Attachment) connection

Tip: to make a hard drive inaccessible,
       encrypt it+discard the encryption key.

Use encryption to PROTECT your drives+folders.
Should you forget your password, the recovery key
(Make several copies.) can be used as a backup.
Note: rather than encrypting the
          used space of a drive, it's
          better to encrypt the entire

Best Hard Drive encryption software for Windows 10


The ultimatefreetool for zipping and unzipping file archives

7-Zip review

7-ZIP review and tutorial

Password-protecting folders
FREEpassword manager

BestFREEPassword Managers for Windows

Password-lock Folders in Windows 10

Password-protect folders with file compression software


The Geometry of Linear Equations



Intro to Calculus Part 1 Part 2

The Essence of Calculus

"The Beauty of Calculus” Lecture by Steven Strogatz

Calculus at a Fifth Grade Level

Calculus: The Fundamental Theorem Part 1


Basic Rules for Derivatives

Derivative Tricks

The Product Rule for Derivatives

The Quotient Rule for Derivatives

The Paradox of the Derivative

Integration by Completing the Square

Trigonometric Substitution

Quantum Physic



Statistics for Data Science




Basic Electrical Concepts & Terms

The Difference between AC & DC Current

Ohm's Law

What is an amp?

Resistance & Ohm's law


Volts, Amps, & Watts

Voltage, Current, Resistance

Electronic Components

Circuit Analysis

Basic Electricity Training

Internet Computing

How a DNS Server (Domain Name System) works.


ETCP/IP & Subnet Masking



What is a Firewall?

Port Forwarding Explained

What is a Proxy Server?

PING Command - Troubleshooting

Virtual Private Networking


Raspberry Pi
This credit-card-sized PC costing $35 is 40x faster than the original - 8 years ago.


RAM: Random Access Memory

Registers and RAM

Windows Registry

Why Do Computers Use 1s and 0s?
(Binary & Transistors Explained)

Inside a Microchip


PCIe Slots

32 bit vs 64 bit

File Systems: NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, ...

Intel's Core i3, Core i5, & Core i7

Video Ports: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, Thunderbolt
Technical Support Fundamentals Excellent
For a Computing Job
Computer Networking
What is Ethernet?

Ethernet Cables, UTP vs STP,
Straight vs Crossover, CAT 5,5e,6,7,8
Network Cables


Network Types: LAN, WAN, PAN, CAN, MAN, SAN, WLAN

Computer Networking
by Google by Google

See Co

Programming Portal

Programming Forums

Mistakes of a Beginner Programmer excellent

Learn to Code

Programmer Mistakes

7 Habits of Highly Effective Programmers

Web Development

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorial
SEO in Practice

17 SEO Copywriting Tips

Online Marketing

Google Analytics

How Google Crawler Works

A Search Engine Marketing Agency

Improve your performance on Google Search

css portal

Cascading Style Sheets


CSS in 20 Minutes

CSS for Absolute Beginners

CSS Tutorial: Applying Styles

CSS Positioning Tutorial

CSS Course with CSS Grid Tutorials

CSS Grid Layout Crash Course

How to Create Website Layouts Using CSS Grid


HTML portal

HTML Character Entities

HTML Programming

HTML in 12 Minutes


Create your first HTML Web page

Build a Website
with HTML

Design an HTML Site in Minutes

Create a Website using HTML & CSS

The B
asics of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Building Web Pages
with HTML, CSS, & Javascript

Create an HTML Registration Form


HTML5 in 15 minutes!


Build an HTML5 Web Site
with a Responsive Layout


Extensible Markup Language (XML) Part 1 Part 1 Part 1 Part 1 Part 1 German

Creating a Simple XML File

What is Schema?


SGML, HTML, XML: What's the Difference? Part 1


Toronto Java Users Groups

Java Programming

Parsing XML using Java DOM Parser

Writing & Reading XML with JAXB
(Java Architecture for XML Binding)

Web services JAXB Basics

Java OOPs Concepts

Using NetBeans & MySQL Database

Make Login & Register Form -
using NetBeans & MySQL Database

Curso Java desde cero

Java 8
Java 8

Toronto JavaScript

JavaScript portal

What is JavaScript?

How JavaScript works

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript in 12 Minutes


Create Your First JavaScript Program

JavaScript in Half an Hour (Without jQuery)

JavaScript, HTML, CSS: Rock Paper Scissors Game

JavaScript Functional Programming

E-Commerce JavaScript: Shopping Cart

JavaScript: the Weird Parts

Node.js: Learn Node in 1 Hour | Mosh

Curso Javascript Spanish


C Programming

C Tutorials

C# Programming
Should You Learn C# in 2019?

C# Programing

Creating a C# Application

Build a C# .NET Application 60 Minutes

C++ Programming
Should you Learn C++?

C++ Programming

C++ Ep 182

C++ Memory

Storing Data in C++

Visual Basic
Visual Basic

Excel Visual Basic
- Buttons and Macros 1/4

- Change Cell Values 2/4

- Positioning & Offset 3/4

- Loops 4/4

Visual Basic Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

VB.Net Step By Step Project

Visual Basic Program Example

Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Php portal


Should You Learn PHP for Web Development?

Learn PHP in 15 minutes

PHP Programming

Object Oriented PHP

PHP OOP Full Course 1/6

Python portal

Take your first steps with Python

nt To Be A Python

What is Python?
Why You Must Learn It?


Intro to Python

Python  Courses | Dr. Chuck
Part 1

Python: Action Plan to Learn It

10 Tips for Learning Python Fast!

Running Python Programs on IDEs | Edureka

Python GUI with Tkinter

Python Django

Python Django Web Framework

Python: Data Analysis Tutorial

Python Sets Tutorial | Edureka

Python XML Parser

OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

Intro to object-oriented programming with Python

Apprendre le Python? French

Curso Python

Página Web con Python3 Spanish

Swift Programming (for i-phones)
Swift Programming

Assembly Language

Machine Learning
Machine Learning [Without Math]

Coffee & Code Meetup

Software Forum for Developers

FREEWeb Coding

Code Learning


Creating a Sample Program with Code::Blocks

The Basics of Debugging in Code::Blocks

Troubleshooting with Code::Blocks

Buffer Overflow Attack

FREEhow-to-codeWeb sites
Beginner’s Guide To Learning How To Code



Bit Degree (limited time trial)

Khan Academy


SublimeText Editor

Sublime Text 3:
Setup, Package Control+Settings

(Application Programming Interface)
What is an API?

Working with APIs

An API call in a few steps

The Future of APIs

¿Qué son las APIs y para qué sirven?

Automation of the Boring Stuff

The Future of Work: Workflows


How to Win with Automation

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