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Subject: Your FASCIST IQ Test (with the ANSWERS) courtesy
            of the É(eh) PC, the Égalité (eh'gah-lee-teh) Party of


HERE it is ...


it got the Gov't - really - PISSED!!!

that it used
CIRA (another
Gov't-financed propaganda
machine - it seems) to take
down the É(eh) PC Web site, eh-ok.ca.

By the way,
É(eh) PC EH!-recruiters
can sell this FASCIST IQ test
for whatever they want and POCKET - ALL - THE MONEY.

É(eh) PC
is about GIVING
(its slogan: POWER 2the People)
to monitor “the details“ of the spending
of THEIR - tax - DOLLARS in “real time“ - online.

with the É(eh) PC
you get - REAL - democracy
instead of Police state FASCISM;
Quebec gets to stay in Canada and the Americans get to leave.

The É(eh)PC will get rid of the FASCIST crooks in the Gov't
(Every Gov't department seems to have its "own" internal
mafia with nearly all the contacts going to Bay Street Organized
Crime.) - who run the Gov't for the benefit of the Rich - with a
ITS PRIORITY will be the creation, promotion of small businesses
because small business creates 80% of the jobs in Canada.

People need jobs.

The É(eh)PC will create jobs.

The problem is NO JOBS:
the É(eh)PC solves this problem
through PROSPERITY-based Gov't
1. having people work 30 hours a week
2. NOT putting people needlessly in jail
3. ensuring companies offer that BEST WAGES, BENEFITS possible
4. offering FREE college/university with FORGIVABLE student LOANS
5. allowing people to work at temporary, part-time jobs while on social assistance
6. increasing the minimum wage to $20 an hour (subsidized by the Gov't - if necessary)
7. offering FREE DAY CARE paid by the employer (subsidized by the Gov't - if necessary)

In addition, the É(eh)PC will REDUCE the size of Gov't by 50%.

This is IMPORTANT as we go into a 20-year period of economic/wealth
contraction, (perhaps even a 30-year period if there's terrorism in the USA
aimed at the Rich) due to WEAK ECONOMIES and BAD DEBT held by
banks, insurance companies, and pension funds around the world.

(Pension funds - already - are reportedly 25% under-financed.)

With the É(eh)PC the future of Canada looks VERY BRIGHT - indeed!

Joining the É(eh)PC for $2 is THE BEST INVESTMENT you'll ever make.


Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology),B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
É(eh)PC President, Party Leader

for Canadians

Here's the É(eh)PC FASCIST IQ (intellectual quotient) Test
for Canadians developed by the Égalité (eh'gah-lee-teh)
Party of Canada: GOOD LUCK!

Note: each question can only have one answer.

DoN'T be surprised if it's fairly low because our Gov't has always
had the full and blind support - at all times - of all the media
people and all religious authorities (who seem to want to protect
their tax-free status - at all costs) creating the illusion that
Canada is a democracy when clearly, it is NOT when you look at it

There are YES/NO questions and statements.

Regarding the statements,
YES: means you agree with the statement;
  NO: means you disagree.

1. What does the expression "law and order" used to describe the
    British governments of Commonwealth countries mean?
    A. the Police, judiciary, and jails are the Gov't
        spending priorities
    B. the "rule of law" has to be the priority of
         Gov't in order to avoid a lawless state

2. The starting salary of a Toronto cop is:
     A. $35,000                B. $58,000                C. $72,000

3. The starting salary of an RCMP is:
     A. $35,000                B. $58,000                C. $72,000

4. Who earns more overtime pay, a Toronto cop or an RCMP?
     A. a cop of Toronto       B. an RCMP

5. What percentage of his salary can be overtime pay?
     A. 10%                        B. 15%                 C. 50%

Regarding questions 2 - 5, this information should be provided
on home page of the Web site of the respective Police forces:
it should NOT be a secret, but public knowledge, but is it?

6. Canada has full-time undercover cops that criss-cross the country
    by bus, plane and train supposedly hunting for criminals. Do we
    know how they work and their how much they are paid?
    A. YES                             B. NO

7. Do all Canada's Police forces contribute members to Canada's full
    time undercover cops?
    A. YES                             B. NO

8. Is there any legislation that justifies the existence of full time
   undercover cops in Canada?
    A. YES                             B. NO

9. Will members of Canada's full-time undercover cops also work in
    the USA?
    A. YES                             B. NO

10. What is the likely salary of a full-time undercover cop that has
      proved himself to the Police brotherhood by doing criminal
      A. $130,000              B. $150,000              C. $200,000+

11.  Did you know we have undercover cops that crisscross Canada
       hunting for criminals?
       A. YES                           B. NO

12. They're full-time undercover cops and CSIS (Canadian Security In-
      telligence Service) agents in shelters taking the place of the
      homeless when there is a serious bed shortage.
      A. YES                            B. NO

13. Are there full-time undercover cops in subsidized housing where
      the poor live?
      A. YES                            B. NO

14. Can full-time undercover cops be seen standing in social assis-
      tance lines to receive their social assistance cheque at the
      end of the month?
      A. YES                            B. NO

15. When an undercover cop "harasses" a poor or homeless person,
      is it a criminal offence?
       A. YES                           B. NO

16. How many full-time undercover cops does Canada - probably -
      A. 1,000             B. 3,000 - at least          C. 5,000

17. Who is responsible for the law enforcement agencies in Canada?
       A. the Solicitor General of Canada and the solicitor general
           of each province
       B. the Auditor General of Canada and the auditor general of
            each province
       C. the Attorney General of Canada and the attorney general
            of each province

18. Who is responsible for the municipal police force where the city or
      town has its own Police force ?
       A. the Solicitor General of Canada and the solicitor general
            of each province
       B. the Auditor General of Canada and the auditor general of
            each province
       C. the Attorney General of Canada and the attorney general
            of each province
       D. city/town council

19. Is it easy to find out the budget of any of the Attorney Generals
      (provincial and federal) that is used to bring people to trial?
      A. YES                             B. NO

20. How much much money does the Gov't (all levels) spend on po-
      licing, the judicial and prison system?
      A. $20 BILLION        B. $30 BILLION             C. $50 BILLION plus

21. In terms of a percentage of overall Gov't budget (from all levels
      of Gov't)  what is it - probably?
       A. 10%               B. 15%                     C. 20%

22. What percentage of the Gov't budget (from all levels of Gov't) is
      spent on education?
      A. same               B. less                    C. much less by far

23. What percentage of the Gov't budget (from all levels of Gov't) is
      spent on "preserving" Canadian culture (including French-
      Canadian, First People's, and Métis) ?
      A. less than          B. 3%                      C. 5%

24. How many jails does Canada have?
      A. 50                 B. 100                     C. 200+

25. Does the Government of Canada have a policy regarding the use
      of solitary confinement in our prisons?
      A. YES                B. NO

26. How many persons are incarcerated in Canada?
      A. 25,000             B. 35,000                  C. 55,000

27. Is the incarcerated population "continually" growing - year after year?
      A. YES                B. NO

28. What is the annual "average" cost of incarceration per person?
      A. $10,000            B. $100,000                C. $200,000

29. How many are sent to jail on a summary conviction simply by a Justice
      of the Peace (NO judge, NO jury) who may NOT have even completed
      his/her high school education?
      A. a few              B. NOT many                C. way too many

30. Will the Crown Attorney tell a Justice of the Peace what to do?
       A. YES               B. NO

31. Can an incarcerated person be kept in jail "indefinitely" through the
      laying of "institutional charges"?
      A. YES                B. NO

32. What percentage of the incarcerated population are Gov't employees?
       A. ZERO              B. 1%                       C. 2%

33. What percentage of the incarcerated population are "white collar"
      A. nearly ZERO        B. 1%                        C. 2%

34. What percentage of the incarcerated population are teenagers?
      A. 10%                B. 15%                       C. 25%

35. Can incarcerated teenagers continue their studies like a "regular"
      student once in jail?
      A. YES                B. NO

36. What percentage of the incarcerated population are women?
      A. 5%                 B. 10%                        C. 20%

37. Is the majority of the incarcerated female population native women ?
     A. YES                 B. NO

38. The majority of those going to jail is because of ...
      A. fraud              B. violence                    C. drugs

39.  Probation conditions are sometimes - intentionally - onerous so the
       person does go to jail for noncompliance.
       A. YES               B. NO

40. What was the name of the 14 year old teenage girl from Moncton, NB,
       charged by the Gov't of Canada in criminal court for throwing just a
       few crab apples (very small apples) at a postal work who was kept in
       solitary confinement in 17 jails from the Maritimes to the Prairies for
       more than 4 years due to "institutional charges", a victim - according
       to her - of sexual exploitation while in custody who was "induced" by
       the prison officials in all the prisons she was in to "hang herself" so
       they'd come into her cell and save her - at the last minute, except the
       last time they didN'T: a classic case of Police entrapment - as far as
       the É(eh)PC is concerned..
       A. Ashley Smith      B. Joan of Arc        C. Snow White

       In honour of this BRAVE teenage GIRL from Moncton, NB, "deliberately"
       killed by the Gov't of Canada for her heroic resistance against our Police
       State FASCIST Gov't that kept her incarcerated over 4 years in solitary
       confinement in 17 jails across Canada (in which she said she was sexually
       exploited) all because she threw a few crab-apples at a postal worker at
       the age of 14, the É(eh)PC promises to erect a statue on the lawn of Par-
       liament Hill for all to see. In fact, it's sub-section 2.12.4 of its
       political platform.

41. Unruly inmates are strapped to a gurney and administered antipsychotic
      drugs against their will.
      A. YES               B. NO

42. According to English-Canadian law, it's illegal to put mentally ill persons
      in jail.
      A. YES               B. NO

43. The name of a 59 year-old mentally person from Cornwall, ON, (who was
      a psychiatric patient for 30 years) taken from the Royal Ottawa Hospital
      (a mental institution) by the Ottawa Police (for trying to bite someone
      on the head) and put in the overcrowded Ottawa Detention Centre (where
      he stayed for a year until his head "allegedly" fatally hit a cement
      bench) was ... .
      A. James Brian        B. Robin Hood             C. Louis Riel

44. Do undercover cops that live among the Poor "psychologically terror-
      ize" them by befriending them, and then, betraying them?
      A. YES               B. NO

45. How many police stations does the City of Toronto, Montreal, or Van-
      couver have?
      A. 2                 B. many

46. Is "the law" used in a FASCIST Police state as "an excuse" to send
      people to jail?
      A. YES               B. NO

47. Do the Police in Canada respect "due process" (ask the person why
      s/he did what s/he did) "prior to" laying charges which they are
      "legally obliged" to do?
      A. YES               B. NO

48. Is the Toronto Police acting "extra-legally" (without legal authoriz-
      ation") by imposing themselves in the high schools, the metro, the
      major grocery stores, the beer stores, the university book stores,
      and on every construction site in Toronto - without exception ?
      A. YES               B. NO

49. Apparently, the Toronto cops have "the final say" in who gets a
      liquor license?
      A. YES               B. NO

50. Can the "commercialization" of the Toronto Police "extra-legal"
      services be considered Police "extortion"?
      A. YES               B. NO

51. Are there "other" Police forces in Canada starting to "commer-
      cialize" their services?
      A. YES               B. NO

52. Does a FASCIST Police state make financial decisions in terms
      of costs and benefits according to different "levels of service"?
      A. YES               B. NO

53. Would a democratic Gov't of Canada allow the commercialization
      of Police services (services NOT sanctioned by law)?
      A. YES               B. NO

54. Would a FASCIST Police state Gov't of Canada allow the commer-
      cialization of Police services (services NOT sanctioned by law)?
      A. YES               B. NO

55. Which of the following kinds of Police entrapment are "legal":
      female cops posing late at night as hookers on the sidewalk,
      selling illicit drugs, recruiting pushers, leaving bikes and
      cars - intentionally - unattended so they can be stolen,
      provoking fights, cops pretending to be a drunken business
      men walking on all fours early in the morning, offering
      hitchhikers a ride in order to find out if theyare carrying
      any illicit drugs?
      A. all               B. none

56. Do the Police "unofficially" run men's/women's/youth shelters and
      public drop-in centres?
      A. YES               B. NO

57. Do we now have young undercover cops on the street, in youth
      shelters, in front of public youth drop-in centres?
      A. YES               B. NO

58. Does Canada have a Police force or an intelligence service that
      looks for criminal activity in the Gov't?
      A. YES               B. NO

59. What is the range of hourly overtime pay for a cop in Canada depen-
      ding on seniority?
      A. $25 - $45         B. $45 - $65          C. $65 - $125

60. In a FASCIST Police state (It always has WAY TOO MANY cops.) are
      taxpayers - UNNECESSARILY - OVERTAXED?
      A. YES               B. NO

61. Is the cost of policing in a truly transparent democracy (where
      the People can monitor - in detail - in "real time" Gov't spending
      - online) MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than that of a FASCIST Police state?
      A. YES               B. NO

62. Who is MORE IMPORTANT in a FASCIST Police state?
      A. the garbage pickers          B. the Police

63. Who is MORE IMPORTANT in a transparent, responsive democracy
      concerned about everyone?
      A. the garbage pickers          B. the Police

64. How many cops does the Toronto Police force have?
      A. 2,500             B. 3,500              C. 5,500

65. Does the "official" number of Toronto Police force members include
      the 340 Toronto volunteer Auxiliary Police force and the Toronto
      Police force of "special" constables?
      A. YES               B. NO

66. Because a FASCIST Police state serves the Rich, the Rich get even
      richer as they doN'T pay their fair share of taxes and the Poor get
      poorer because they doN'T get paid "a living wage" being the victims
      of economic exploitation by the Rich.
      A. YES               B. NO

67. FASCISTE Police State exploitation of the Poor weakens the national
      A. YES               B. NO

68. In a FASCISTE Police, the Rich doN'T go to jail.
      A. YES               B. NO

69. In a FASCIST Police state, corruption runs rampant because Gov't
      Mafias feed private sector Mafias (in Canada - notably, Toronto Bay
      Street organized crime).
      A. YES               B. NO

70. Lying is part of the FASCIST Police state game.
      A. YES               B. NO

71. The size of the Police forces in a FASCIST Police state "grow and grow"
      year after year - in spite of the fact that the crime rate is continually
      declining: it's now at an all-time 40 year low.
       A. YES               B. NO

72. In a democracy that serves the People, the Police forces are NOT larger
      than is necessary in order to avoid unnecessary spending of taxpayer
      A. YES               B. NO

73. In a FASCIST Police state, the Police can do whatever they want - including
      killing people.
      A. YES               B. NO

74. The name of the First Nations person - intentionally - shot by an OPP
      (Ontario Provincial Police) sharpshooter in the 1995 Ipperwash con-
      frontation regarding aboriginal land was ... .
      A. George Dudley     B. The Great Manitou     C. Pierre Elliot Trudeau

75. If a cop commits a crime in a FASCIST Police state and then, leaves the
      Police force, the matter is considered closed by the Police.
      A. YES               B. NO

76. Taxpayers in a FASCIST Police state feel like "state hostages" because
      they are VICTIMS OF BLIND TAXATION: they doN'T know - specifically -
      where their tax dollars are going and have no way of knowing whether
      the expenditures are necessary, useful, or NOT!
      A. YES               B. NO

77. In a FASCIST Police state there where the abuse of the Public Purse is
      particularly bad, there invariably exists a non-consenting culture of sexual
      exploitation of women.
      A. YES               B. NO

78. In a FASCIST Police state, intelligence services will keep secret files on
      everyone that influences public opinion (especially politicians and media
      people including those who are opposed to the system.)
      A. YES               B. NO

79. A person - in a FASCIST Police state - who opposes the system risks
      going to jail and being put in a mental institution.
      A. YES               B. NO

80. The Government of Canada has tried to put Mr. Kenneth Selin (say'leen),
      the President/Party Leader of the É(eh)PC, the [Égalité (eh'gah-lee-teh)
      Party of Canada) in prison and in a mental institution - several times.
      A. YES               B. NO

81. The RCMP and CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) have said
      they have "secured" college and university campuses and places of wor-
      ship without explaining what they mean by the term "secured".
      A. YES               B. NO

82. In a FASCIST Police state, because the People are NOT informed as to
      where their fines, user and license fees go, they get the impression
      that it all goes into a void - with NO BENEFIT to the taxpayer.
      A. YES               B. NO

83. The people of Toronto know how much money the Police collect in fines.
      A. YES               B. NO

84. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in com-
      mercial property tax.
      A. YES               B. NO

85. In Toronto, commercial property tax is DOUBLE that of the residential
     property tax.
     A. YES               B. NO

86. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in resi-
      dential property tax.
      A. YES               B. NO

87. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in indus-
      trial property tax.
      A. YES               B. NO

88. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in parking
      A. YES               B. NO

89. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in liquor
      license fees.
      A. YES               B. NO

90. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in annual
      cat license fees.
      A. YES               B. NO

91. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in annual
      dog license fees.
      A. YES               B. NO

92. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in library
      fines in a year.
      A. YES               B. NO

93. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in annual
      concession stand fees.
      A. YES               B. NO

94. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in transit
      fees from its public transportation system.
      A. YES               B. NO

95. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects in renewal
      licence fees - for vehicales.
      A. YES               B. NO

96. The people of Toronto know how much money the City collects by way of
      land transfer taxes.
      A. YES               B. NO

97. In our parliamentary system, the only people entitled to Gov't information
     are the "elected" officials.
     A. YES               B. NO

98. Canadians have only LIMITED ACCESS to Gov't information (through the
      Information Act) which they have to pay for.
      A. YES               B. NO

99. If Canadians exercise their right  ("limited" by law) to Gov't information
      via the Information Act, they are probably put on some kind of intelligence
      "system-threat" list as the Government of Canada sees them as a threat.
      A. YES               B. NO

100. Do the Rich in Canada (who benefit from all sorts of tax credits, tax ex-
       emptions, tax shelters, and tax loopholes) pay their fair share of taxes?
       A. YES               B. NO

101. In Canada, corporations and multinational corporations can defer pay-
       ment of their taxes.
       A. YES               B. NO

102. Corporations and multinational corporations in Canada pay what per-
       centage of their revenue in taxes?
       A. 12%               B. 15%                    C. 18%

103. In Canada, corporations and multinational corporations pay nearly 50%
       LESS taxes than small businesses, but yet it's the small businesses
       that create 80% of the jobs.
       A. YES               B. NO

104. Small businesses in Canada pay what percentage of taxes?
        A. 12%              B. 25%                    C. 35%

105. How much taxes do the Rich pay on dividends?
       A. 2.5%              B. 5%                     C. 8%

106. Because tax is paid on only 1/2 of the profit from the sale of property,
       this contributes to the Rich paying LESS taxes and everyone else having
       to pay more.
       A. YES               B. NO

107. Are you allowed to have any important assets when you go on social as-
       A. YES               B. NO

108. How much $$$ are you allowed to have in the bank when you go on so-
       cial assistance in the Province of Ontario?
       A. $500              B. $1,000                  C. $2,000

109. Is the $$$ you earn from a part-time job deducted from your next monthly
       social assistance cheque?
       A. YES               B. NO

110. How much $$$ does a person on social assistance gets in a month in
       the Province of Ontario?
       A. $535              B. $750                     C. $900

111. From that amount, what is the maximum amount allowed for rent?
       A. $300              B. $500                     C. $700

112. If a person on social assistance has a tooth ache, the dentist will ... .
       A. save the tooth                 B. extract the tooth

113. Do social workers do "spot checks" of those on social assistance?
        A. YES               B. NO

114. Wherever there are services provided to the Poor and Homeless by
       the Gov't (like FREE meals, FREE used clothes, FREE used books,
       shelter, ... ) there are undercover cops and CSIS (Canadian
       Security Intelligence Service) agents.
       A. YES               B. NO

115. Undercover cops and  CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)
        agents are there at the Yonge-Dundas Square (across from the
        Toronto Eaton Centre).
        A. YES               B. NO

116. Are the 800+ First Nations land treaty claims getting settled?
       A. YES               B. NO

117. In - nearly all - Canada's 800+ First Nation communities there is
       only one (1) tap for water and the water take-in pipe is NOT far
       from the take-out pipe obliging them to boil their water.
       A. YES               B. NO

118. Is the quality of health care and education services on the First
       Nations *reserves* ... ?
        A. the worst        B. not so bad                C. average

119. The É(eh)PC President/Party Leader, Kenneth Selin (say'leen) was
        told in Vancouver in the Summer 2007 that if he wanted to see
        Haida (First Nation Pacific Coast) art, he'd have to go the
        Museum of Anthropology of the University of Columbia.
        A. YES               B. NO

120. No mention was made of the Haida First Nation artist that carved
       the bird head that was given to the Governor of California,
       Mr. Schwarzenegger, when he came to Vancouver on May 31st 2007.
       A. YES               B. NO

121. Did you know Canada had a law in the 1930s that obliged every
       First Peoples (Inuit, First Nations) women entering any hospital
       for whatever reason to have tubal ligation?
       A. YES               B. NO

122. What kind of Gov't would have such a law?
        A. a democratic Gov't
        B. a FASCIST Police state

123. Does First Peoples social assistance cheques make any allowance
       for the fact that store-bought food where they live cost 10
       times more than any place else in Canada?
       A. YES               B. NO

124. For French-Canada to exist on "the same footing" as English-Canada,
       do have levels of Gov't have to be bilingual?
       A. YES               B. NO

125. Quebec Premier Daniel Johnson's 1965 book, "Égalité ou Indépendence"
        (his Union Nationale Party 1966 election slogan) means ... .
        A. if French-Canadians canN'T live in French
                  outside of Quebec, French-Canada is dead
                  and Quebec MUST therefore go its own way;
        B. the betrayal of English-Canada's promises to
                  French-Canada right to live in French any-
                  where in Canada makes it difficult for Que-
                  bec to remain in Canada;
        C. French-Canada MUST be treated on the same
                  footing as English-Canada otherwise Que-
                  bec is leaving.

126. A FASCIST Police state is run for the benefit of crooked bureaucrats,
       the Police, and the Rich - who control the media (radio, press, TV).
       A. YES               B. NO

127. Is Canada such a poor country that high school students have to pay
       student fees (in addition to their books and school supplies)?
       A. YES               B. NO

128. Cops give the Poor and Homeless over $10,000 in fines knowing full
        well that they caN'T possibly pay them.
        A. YES               B. NO

129. Burdening the Poor and Homeless with too many UNNECESSARY FINES
       constitutes FASCIST Police state harassment.
       A. YES               B. NO

130. Do Canadians know "specifically" who are getting the Gov't contracts
       and "the details" of those contracts?
       A. YES               B. NO

131. If the People have NO IDEA in our parliamentary "behind closed doors"
       democracy WHO is benefiting from the financial decisions made by the
       Gov't nor WHERE their tax $$$ is going, then, can our parliamentary
       system really be a democracy when it practices "blind taxation" like
       every other FASCIST Police state)?
       A. YES               B. NO

132. If Government of Canada contracts are going to Bay Street organized
     crime, are the taxpayers getting value for their $$$?
       A. YES               B. NO

133. Are all PPP (Public-Private Partnership) negotiations "top secret"?
       A. YES               B. NO

134. Of course, you'd expect all PPP negotiations to be "top sercet" in a
       FASCIST Police state, right?
       A. YES               B. NO

135. If an organization like Simon Fraser Institute, the Conference Board
       of Canada, and the Assembly of First Nations are FINANCED ENTIRELY
       by the Gov't, are their employees FASCIST Police state Gov't - pro-
       paganda - operatives?
       A. YES               B. NO

136. The Government of Canada gives BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to hospitals, colleges,
        and universities, but yet they are NOT public nor private corporations,
        so WHO owns them? The Gov't!
        A. YES               B. NO

137. How much $$$ is spent on public (national) security?
        A. $2 BILLION        B. $5 BILLION                C. $7 BILLION

138. Does the spending of the public (national) security budget involve illegal
       (NOT authorized by a judge) surveillance?
       A. YES               B. NO

139. Has the public (national) security budget $$$ been used for a decade now to
       hire visible minority university students to spy on their respective com-
       A. YES               B. NO

140. The Muslims in Canada are - probably - bearing "the brunt" of the surveillance.
        A. YES               B. NO

141. Is a country that does illegal, secret, unauthorized surveillance a democracy?
        A. YES               B. NO

142. Is a country that does illegal, secret, unauthorized surveillance a FASCIST
       Police state?
       A. YES               B. NO

143. Do the cameras in the Toronto libraries seem to be Police cameras?
        A. YES               B. NO

144. Could the Toronto Police have direct "non-authorized" access to library client
        A. YES               B. NO

145. Is your social assistance file - probably - a Police file?
        A. YES               B. NO

146. Are there Toronto cops - as library employees - and undercover cops in the
       Toronto libraries?
        A. YES               B. NO

147. Do the Police and CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) agents harass
       Canadians like the É(eh)PC President/Party Leader, Kenneth Selin (say'leen),
       who are deemed to be "a threat" to the System?
       A. YES               B. NO

148. Is CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) - probably - involved when
       someone applies for social assistance?
       A. YES               B. NO

149. The Canadian military, Police, and intelligence services are being more and
        more integrated with those of the USA giving the Americans the upper hand
        resulting in the lost of Canadian sovereignty.
        A. YES               B. NO

150. Americans have been buying businesses like Canadian BC lumber giant, MacMillan
       Bloedel, just to SHUT THEM DOWN or TO IDLE THEM like Canadian steel giant,
       Stelco in Hamilton, ON.
       A. YES               B. NO

151. Are the Americans taking over Canada?
       A. YES               B. NO

152. Is the US Ambassador - probably - THE ONE in charge of the takeover of Canada?
       A. YES               B. NO

153. Because Canada lets the American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and FBI do
       as they please in Canada, this results in a lost of Canadian sovereignty.
       A. YES               B. NO

154. When they Mayor of Toronto and Chief of Police speak, they're - probably - using
       an American CIA-run public relations firm.
       A. YES               B. NO

155. Is it possible that the American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) run legitimate
       businesses like book stores, Starbucks (in the vicinity of Canadian universities -
       especially), and call centres?
       A. YES               B. NO

156. FASCIST Police states, (always SECRETIVE and CROOKED), are at greater risk
       of losing its sovereignty than a 100% transparent democracy where the People
       can monitor Gov't spending "in real time" - online.
       A. YES               B. NO

157. Is Canada HOME TO CRIMINALS and a good place for $$$ LAUNDERING according
       to the Italian Police?
       A. YES               B. NO

158. It's quite probable that those (who worked for the Gov't) appearing before a
       Parliamentary committee for alleged criminal activity are COACHED AHEAD OF
       TIME so the proceedings are "engineered" to be INCONCLUSIVE and THEREFORE
       are said to be a waste of taxpayers' $$$ by those in Gov't.
       A. YES               B. NO

159. Canadian royal commissions that investigate illicit behaviour committed by
        the Gov't are used to WHITEWASH the Gov't: regardless of how bad it was
        (like the polluting of the Walkerton municipal water by incompetent muni-
        cipal employees), they ALWAYS COME TO THE SAME CONCLUSION: there was NO
        CRIMINAL INTENT on behalf of the Gov't and THEREFORE, the Gov't is NOT LIABLE.
        A. YES               B. NO

160. Has any Royal Commission in Canada ever found the Government of Canada CRI-
       MINALLY LIABLE or GUILTY of anything in the history of Canada?
        A. YES               B. NO

161. Who usually is the person in charge of a Royal Commission in Canada?
        A. a former Chief of Police               
        B. a retired judge               
        C. the Minister of Justice

162. In a FASCIST Police state the Gov't is THE BOSS and the People, HOSTAGES,
       to THE CROOKS that run the Gov't - designed to serve the Rich.
       A. YES               B. NO

163. In a democracy the People are THE BOSS and the Gov't "serves" the People
       by REDISTRIBUTING THE WEALTH which is very good for the economy: it
       certainly does NOT bother to intimidate and abuse the People (which is
       done "habitually" by a FASCIST Police state).
       A. YES               B. NO

164. Are WAGES LOWER - than they should be - in a FASCIST Police state due
       to economic exploitation by the Rich?
       A. YES               B. NO

165. If the People in a country are UNABLE TO MONITOR "the details" of Gov't
       SPENDING "in real time" using the Internet, can it really be a democracy -
       even if the People can vote?
       A. YES               B. NO

166. For a country to be A DEMOCRACY,
       1. there must be POLITICAL CHOICE
       2. the People must be able to VOTE FREELY
       3. there must be an INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY - free from Gov't interference
       4. the People must be able to MONITOR "the details" of GOV'T SPENDING - online.
       A. YES               B. NO

167. The taking down of É(eh)PC Web site, eh-ok.ca, August 1st 2012 - after 5 years
        of operation - by the Gov't - using CIRA -  confirms that Canada is a *DANGEROUS*
        FASICST - Big Brother - Police state.
        A. YES               B. NO

  1. A         11. A         21. C         31. A         41. A         51. A         61. A
  2. C         12. A         22. C         32. A         42. A         52. B         62. B
  3. B         13. A         23. A         33. A         43. A         53. B         63. A
  4. A         14. A         24. C         34. C         44. A         54. A         64. C
  5. C         15. A         25. B         35. B         45. B         55. B         65. B
  6. B         16. B         26. C         36. C         46. A         56. A         66. A
  7. A         17. A         27. A         37. A         47. B         57. A         67. A
  8. B         18. D         28. C         38. C         48. A         58. B         68. A
  9. A         19. B         29. C         39. A         49. A         59. C         69. A
 10. C         20. C         30. A         40. A         50. A         60. A         70. A

71. A         81. A         91. B         101. A         111. A         121. A
72. A         82. A         92. B         102. C         112. B         122. B
73. A         83. B         93. B         103. A         113. A         123. B
74. A         84. B         94. B         104. C         114. A         124. A
75. A         85. A         95. B         105. A         115. A         125. C
76. A         86. B         96. B         106. A         116. B         126. A
77. A         87. B         97. A         107. B         117. A         127. B
78. A         88. B         98. A         108. A         118. A         128. A
79. A         89. B         99. A         109. A         119. A         129. A
80. A         90. B        100. B         110. A         120. A         130. B

131. B         141. B         151. A         161. B
132. B         142. A         152. A         162. A
133. A         143. A         153. A         163. A
134. A         144. A         154. A         164. A
135. A         145. A         155. A         165. B
136. B         146. A         156. A         166. A
137. C         147. A         157. A         167. A
138. A         148. A         158. A
139. A         149. A         159. A
140. A         150. A         160. B                         

YOUR SCORE divided by 167 multiplied by 100 =           %

Your score reflects to what extent you are aware that Canada
is a VERY *DANGEROUS* - Big Brother - FASCIST Police state.