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Subject: "The Province of New Brunswick STINKS!"
            says President/Party Leader of the Égalté
            Party of Canada

NO place for him at "the Shelter" in the New Brunswick capital city 
of Fredericton, the President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of 
Canada decided to sleep on THE STEPS OF THE LEGISLATURE 
until he was escorted by the arm by the Police and told that he'd be 
charged with trepassing if he stepped onto the property again.

He told the Police that he was PROTESTING THE ABUSIVE AND 
ILLEGAL TREATMENT of the homeless by the Povince of New 
Brunswick. He was told that it did NOT matter and was FORCED 

He then decided to sleep on the street JUST IN FRONT of the Le-
gislature until after midnight under the watchful eyes of several un-
dercover cops. Shivering due to the cold, he was allowed to spend 
the night in a spot-lighted cell, Cell 7 at the Police Station after sign-
ing a NO FAULT form.

THE QUESTION is this: where are homeless people in Fredericton 
to go when there is no room for them at the Shelter and the Police 
canNOT take them in?

What is the Government's responsibility? In Section 7 of the Cana-
dian Charter of Rights and Liberties the Government promises to 
look after the security of ALL! Canadians.

Apparently, the Province of New Brunswick does NOT respect the 
Canadian Charter of Rights and Liberties and APPARENTLY, THIS 

The Province of New Brunswick STINKS! or what.

In the morning, he went back to the Shelter for breakfast and just 
after breakfast on his way to apply for social assistance at 633 
Queen Street an undercover cop asked him how breakfast was.

At 633 Queen Street he was given a phone # to call, ONLY THE 
FIRST! STEP in the social assistance process.

He was told over the phone that he has to spend the night at the 
Shelter as it's A CONDITION for applying for social assistance. 

The fact that he had to spend a night in a JAIL CELL does NOT 
qualify him for social assistance. He has to spend the night in the 
shelter. And if there is no place at the Shelter he has to keep ho-
ping and trying that EVENTUALLY! he'll get in and ONLY THEN!
can he quality for social assistance.

What this means is that the Government could technically fill the 
place up with undercover cops so that he can NEVER apply for 
social assistance in New Brunswick and it appears its prepared 
to do just that.

What this means is the he is - in effect - being refused social as-
sistance RIGHT OFF! 

He is being treated by the Province of New Brunswick as a PER-

Does this make sense that in a country like Canada a HOMELESS 
CANADIAN should be put in this kind of situation? Obviously, NOT.

Does it make sense that in a country like Canada a HOMELESS 
CANADIAN should be treated as a PERSONA NON GRATA, a NOT-

Obviously, NOT.

It only makes sense in the context of the UGLY! UGLY! UGLY! CA-
NADIAN REALITY whereby the whole bureaucratic system is run 
by FREEMASONS, GANGSTERS!, including the judiciary making 
Canada A POLICE STATE whereby every college, university, hos-
pital, Police Force, ...every Government organization has its OWN 
INTERNAL!!! MAFIA in the opinion of President/Party Leader of the 
Égalité Party of Canada..

When provincial auditors report annually the disappearance of BIL-
LIONS! of dollars in their December reports and everybody in the 
Government gets raises three (3) months later, then, there is SOME-

is OFF THE WALL there is a non-consenting culture of sexual ex-
ploitation of women.


Clearly, the Province of New Brunswick STINKS!

But Canada STINKS! too.

Do Canadians care?

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader 
of the Égalité Party of Canada
( http://www.eh-ok.ca)
Let's DEcriminalize Government 
in order to end proverty. 
DÉcriminalisons le Gouvernement
afin d'enrayer la pauvreté.