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Subject: Toronto paper, radio station+ad agency
            **mistook** $200,000+ UNDERCOVER!
           COP as panhandler in their photo su-
           É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

Section B of Saturday's Toronto Star Business+Careers section features
a FRONT PAGE STORY entitled: Marketing Outside the Box Guerrilla ads:
Hitting the mark, or a shot in the foot?

The first sentence of the photo caption reads: "Radio station CFRB 1010 and
Toronto ad shop Zig used a panhandler, above, and prostitutes to hold signs
asking if panhandling and prostitution should be legal.

The Picture
The picture is about an alleged homeless man seated on a black plastic crate
with holes on its side with a green plastic crate in front of him with a cap turned
upside down holding a sign that reads in BOLD BLACK LETTERING aligned to
the left upon a yellow rectangular background that reads: "Should panhandling
be illegal?" and is smaller lettering aligned to the left in the bottom left-hand
corner "We need to talk." Then at the opposite corner the logo of the radio
station CFRB 1010.
The Problem
É(eh)PC President/Party Leader suspects he's NOT! **really** a panhandler, but
an undercover cop that hangs out at McDonald's on Yonge Street one (1) block
south of Bloor+Yonge with his First Nations' undercover cop sidekick and at
the Sanctuary just around the corner on Charles' Street probably being paid MORE!
THAN $200,000 a year at tremendous expense to the Canadian taxpayer.
(See related Sanctuary story: http://eh-ok.ca/slandered.htm. By the way, the alleged
female undercover cop man's a sidewalk hot dog stand a block south of Gerrard+
Church - one street to the left of Jarvis in front of Ryerson's university residence.)

Another EXPENSIVE! Undercover Cop?
Well, he sports a trimmed hair cut almost like a military guy.

His eye brows are trimmed along with his finger nails.

His clothes are NOT! at all dirty, but look jean-like newish.

The plastic crates in the photo look brand new.

Parked parallel to him is a cart with a newish red plastic
crate with holes on the sides on top a quarter-filled dark
green garbage bag at the bottom of the grocery cart.

The Irony
An undercover cop posing as a panhandler can be LOUD,
ACT DRUNK+BE RUDE to passer-bys, but will he'll EVER!
be ticketed for panhandling?


He's *performing* on the job.

(See other **related** stories: http://eh-ok.ca/fooled.htm,

The É(eh)PC will put an end to undercover cop policing
because today's technology has made it REDUNDANT.

(See http://eh-ok.ca/egalite.htm#criminal, article 1.6.b.9)

The idea originally of undercover cops was to infiltrate
organized crime.

By the way, I'm being CONTINUALLY! harassed by them:
there's ALWAYS! four (4) in my room at Seaton House,
one which appears to be a CIA guy.  

They make my life miserable.

As a matter of fact, one even pulled my long hair at the
back of my head a few days ago at breakfast in a situ-
ation that had absolutely nothing to do with him.

There are others on the fourth floor including RCMP+
CSIS guys.

Why do they have to be there?

They are NOT! poor+homeless.

What's the story?

Some seem to ALSO! stay as well in University Varsity
Apartments on Jarvis Street, just a block over from Seaton

So why is the Government spending all this $$$ especially
when Seaton House quite probably is the crack nerve centre -
perhaps of North America?

Are they studying the drug problem?

Or ... who knows?

We have a 100% FASCIST POLICE STATE "behind closed
doors" Government where 20% of the budget goes missing
due to a lack of financial controls.
That we know.

It's A BULLSHIT GOVERNMENT who has NOT! being doing
anything regarding the employment insurance that covers
ONLY! 58% that pay into it.

Does the Government - RUN BY CROOKS - care?


City Police-sanctioned Crime
In Canada crime has always been fine as long as it is sanctioned by the 
City Police.
(See related story: http://eh-ok.ca/lumberjack.htm.)

This is especially true in Toronto where allegedly the Toronto Police Force
works in hand in hand with the Hells Angels (The Hells Angels are doing
the same thing in about a dozen other Canadian cities as well.)+are FULLY
SUPPORTED by American intelligence services at Seaton House where
there are about eight (8) CIA guys (half of whom are African-Americans)
who like smoking their crack on the premises.

CIA involvement can be readily explained because the $$$ goes back to
the USA.

There are indications in Toronto that the Australian+Mexican Police want
to imitate the Toronto Police in a case of monkey see monkey do.
Dumb $$$-ADDICTED! Cops
Thanks to the Toronto Police+Hell's Angels vast distribution network, Toronto
NOW! is **THE** NARCO-CITY OF THE WORLD and Canada has become a
PARADISE FOR CRIMINALS because the DUMB COPS can only go after the
Poor+Homeless using their BILLION $$$+ network of undercover cops that
*regularly*criss-cross Canada by car, train+plane to insure HIGHER CONVIC-
TION RATES EVERY YEAR filling Canada's jails to the brim with ONLY! drug
addicts, THE SICK! who need medical treatment, NOT! languishing in jail.
PLUS! the Police act ILLEGALLY! by using ENTRAPMENT in order to put
Canadians behind bars: an undercover cop sells drugs, pockets the $$$,
his client goes to jail.
A variation of this is rookie female undercover cops posing at hookers to
attract johns: a good place to see this in Toronto is at Jarvis+Gerrard, one
block from where I live on George Street at the Seaton House shelter.
Cops just doN'T! have the SMARTS to go after Bay Street Organized Crime
like insurance companies that launder $$$.

With the  É(eh)PC there will be ONE SMART POLICE FORCE whose mem-
bers were born in Canada and they will be monitored by intelligence services.
(See http://eh-ok.ca/egalite.htm#one.)

Commercialization of Toronto Police Services
The Toronto Police 2009 budget is $800,000. They want A BILLION $$$
for 2010.

However, they make apparently $1,000 a day having a cop on a construction
site that the construction companies doN'T want.

There are often two cops and about 50 construction sites.

2 x $1,000 x 50 = 100,000 a day at least EXTRA! $$$ for the Toronto Police:
$1,000,000 at least every two weeks which over the period of a year comes
to $25,000,000. So they are already over the BILLION $$$ mark.

That's NOT! extortion?

What happens to ALL! that $$$?

Online Verification
You can be sure that a criminally-run government doesN'T want anyone checking
up on what they are doing "behind closed doors": this probably explains why there
are NO! GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES in Canada's 200+ jails and why 20% of
the budget goes missing due to a lack of financial controls.
Incidentally, what percentage of City of Toronto contracts go to American
companies or Canadian companies owned by Americans?
With the  É(eh)PC in power Canadians would be able to find out with a few
mouse-clicks using the Internet who's making financial decisions, who's
benefiting, who they are ALL! associated with including the details+amounts
involved in the contracts.
VERY! SOON the "Made in Canada" label will mean it was made in Canada 
BUT by an American company.
In order to counteract the RAPID RATE OF AMERICANIZATION of Canada the
É(eh)PC intends to NATIONALIZE if necessary so that IMPORTANT! Canadian
companies like Petro Canada stay in Canadian hands.

NO MORE! Crooked Self-serving FASCIST! POLICE STATE Government
The É(eh)PC is committed to offering Canadian a government run by the People
for the People by giving the People the power to monitor Government spending.
(See: http://eh-ok.ca/the_shit.htm.)


For CLEAN! inexpensive Government that redistributes the wealth and makes
small business creation the priority, SUPPORT, VOTE for the É(eh)PC.

Or ... DON'T! VOTE.

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader
of the ÉPC (Égalité Party of Canada)
the ÉPC: 4a bet-ter life
le PÉC : pour une vie meil-leure
"talking about a revolution" (Tracy Chapman)
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