Hi all,

I'm please to say my Company, K+, was conferred "official
status" by the WORLD'S MOST PRESTIGOUS of network
the "NetworkWorld" magazine in their June 6th
issue with
the publication of my letter to the Editor at the
of which they put my job title, K+ President.

Here's the "edited" version"


Always a good read
I always look forward to reading Johna Till Johnson's
I count on Johnson to brief me on the issues
facing the
telecom industry. I find her column insightful,
and always upbeat.

What has contributed to the downturn in the high-tech
is the cynicism of those in the industry. High-tech
companies to keep a minimum of inventory, it
allows for
tremendous efficiencies in the product distri-
bution system
and on the assembly line, not to mention
the reduction of
overall production costs. This allows for
more affordable
products which translates into more
disposable income for

A successful company is a matter of good design: it all
boils down to that. And a well-designed company has a
good network, inside and out.

Kenneth Selin
Ottawa, Canada

The "good design" comment I feel is KEY : corruption
in Government can be attributed to "BAD design".

And the corruption we do have in Government goes
all the way
back to the Freemasonic days of John A.
MacDonald and involves
the shananigans of the likes
of those reported in the John
Gomery Commission.
(I have worked in 20+ Government departments
70+ temp assignment and 9 years at the Senate of
so I can safely say I know "something" <grin>
about Government

Like all Government commissions we choose a
Freesonic judge,
(the master-puppeteer to run
"THE SHOW") to say that there
was NEVER any
criminal intent, but here are my recommendations.

What's NEW about that?

It appears that Government employees are NEVER
guilty of criminal
intent: perhaps, it's something to do 
with them being "agents of the Crown" and
"the legi-
timacy of the Crown". <grin>

That's what the provincial and federal auditor reports
keep on saying decade after decade after decade.

The conclusion must be this: there are NO CROOKS 
IN GOVERNMENT. Therefore, there are NO

Want to be a crook? Then the place for you is in the 
Government of Canada: the MAJOR! PERK is you 
will never have to fear going to jail.

are "incapable" of
criminal intent are placed in our
200+ jails by our judicial

And in the case of the average joe who's charged by 
the Police, 
criminal intent seemed to be "AUTOMA-
IMPUTED" by the Police without even bo-
thering to respect "due process" in order to find out
why the person did what s/he did.

These kind of shananigans by the judiciary and Police
ensure higher conviction rates year after year.

It's NOT surprising the Province of Ontario has hired
36 judges to take care of a back log of 
"phoney" (in
my view) cases.

Consequently, BUSINESS IS GOOD for the cops and 
judges: they are
doing everything possible to GROW

Clearly, these judicial shanaigans can be construed as
PAYER: that's a criminal offence and it's perpetuated by
Government employees.

In fact, the budgets of the Attorney Generals of Canada
are technically TOP SECRET so we have to guess what
they are. The Crwon Attorney offices REFUSE! to divulge
their budget.

Why THE SECRECY if everything is legitimate?

Because the Canadian bureaucracy including the judiciary
have been run "behind closed doors" IN SECRET by the
,  A SECRET FRATERNITY, the judiciary has
NEVER! been separate and independent from the Govern-
ment which is A BASIC CONDITION for having a democracy.

For that reason, Canada NEVER has been a democracy.

So when I hear the Minister of External Affairs exhorting other 
countries to adhere to the principles of democracy
one really 
has to laugh.

I find we in Canada are living in Alice in Wonderland where 
and judges are *really* the BAD! GUYS in a FASCIST!
POLICE STATE given that we are a PERVERSE! "law and 
order" society because the Attorney Generals in Canada 
doN'T go after white-collar crime, Bay Street organized crime,
crime in the Government.

In fact, Canada do NOT! have a Police force or an intelligence
agency that LOOKS! for crime in the Government.

Historically, Canadians seem to have been given the impres-
sion  the RCMP are SO RELUCTANT! that they rarely, if ever 
want to investigate crime in the Government and when they do,
they seem to have a knack of BUNGLING! IT.

Take the Mulroney Airbus bribe-allegations case: it resulted in
the Government having to pay $2 MILLION in damages: this is 
particularly poignant as Canadians - historically  - were lead to 
believe that the Mounties always got their man. NOT! TRUE.

The RCMP have proved to be on many occasions a LIA-
to the Government to the point that it warranted the 
creation of the McDonald Commission in the early 1980s to 
look into RCMP wrongdoing with regard to the creation of the
Parti Qu

With the É(eh)PC in power there would be only ONE! Police
force at the national level MONITORED! *continuously* by the
intelligence apparatus to ensure efficient, effective, competent
(SMART!) policing that SERVES!+RESPECTS! Canadians.

(See http://eh-ok.ca/egalite.htm#one.)

we can have SQUEAKY CLEAN! GOVERNMENT monitored 
by Canadians via the Internet.

It just a matter of **GOOD** DESIGN that allows Canadians to
see where their tax $$$s are going so they can see for them-
selves what the Government is doing for them and judge if they
are being WELL-SERVED or NOT!

The ÉPC believes that by REDESIGNING! GOVERNMENT so
that Canadians can find out - online - who is making financial
decisions, who is benefitting from them, and their associations
Canadians can have CLEAN! GOVERNMENT.

Best wishes,

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm. (Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader 
of the Égalité Party of Canada

Let's DEcriminalize Government: at ALL levels!