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Subject: "*CLEAN* Gov't means *NO* Freemasons."
              (President/Party Leader of the
Égalité Party of Canada)

This belief is reflected in Article 14 of the political platform 
of the Égalité Party of Canada.

See: http://www.eh-ok.ca/egalite.htm#no-Freemasons.

The Canadian bureaucracy including the judiciary - like

that of any other Commonwealth country - has always 
run by the Freemasons forming what could be 
rightly considered
a "shadow Gov't".

Until Parliament rids itself of Freemasons in the judi-
system who are members of the Police Force, 
judges, Crown
attornerys, provincial attorney generals, 
and the Attorney
General of Canada (if he too is a Free-
mason), Canada will
continue to not be a democracy.

Until then, the Canadian judicial system will remain
gitimate and be what is has always been in the
view of 
the the President/Party Leader of the Égalité
Party of 
Canada: A THEATRICAL FARCE whose tragic
are unsuspecting Canadians.

He sincerely believes that the Canadian judicial system

should be seriously considered as being VERY DAN-
as he has learned from personal experience 
when repeatedly
charged for crimes without ever having 
the benefit of
"due process" which would have nullified 
the charges
at the outset.

When he asked the Sergeant David Spicer of the Otta-
Police for their "official definition" of the term, "due 
process", he said that the Ottawa Police did not
one and was unwilling to explain the term in his
words and he is in charged of public complaints.

How  serious is that? 

When he then asked the sergeant how much post-
education he had, he said that he had 
two (2) university

How credible is that?

By not be able to benefit from "due process" he was

evidently treated in an unfair, incompetent, malicious

and prejudicial manner by the Ottawa Police. 

This cost him needlessly thousands and thousands 
of dollars
not to mention all that unnecessary time 
he had to spend
in Court and in a jail cell. 

The President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of 
Kenneth Selin, believes that his treatment 
clearly constituted
State harassment of a political 
leader that was thought-out,
well co-ordinated, and 
aimed at demeaning and scaring him
while "ensu-
ring" a couple of "quick and dirty" convictions.

All this was to be made possible thanks to trials 
jury and a series of disclosure reports that 
had in one
his cases nothing at all to do with the 
charges and were
not only incorrect and even out-
right silly, but also downright

The shoddy manner in which the Police and Cana-
dian judiciary
conducted themselves leaves the 
President/Party Leader of the
Égalité Party of Ca-
nada to suspect that the whole judicial
system is 
designed to intentionally bilk the Canadian taxpa-
of billions of dollars in quick, "unnecessary 
trials" that
allow for speedy sentencing without the 
protection afforded
by that of a jury and dispenses 
with "due process". This
unfortunately allows the 
Police to take easy shortcuts that
jeopardizes any 
chance of a fair trial.

Consequently, the President/Party Leader of the 
Égalité Party
of Canada is of the opinion that THE 
Canada are the judges, 
crown attorneys, and the Police who SHOULD NOT!
BE TRUSTED one iota. 


Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A. (Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude
of the Égalité Party of Canada


Let's DEcriminalize the Gov't
to end poverty.