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Subject: "Why did the 'made in China' Toronto Santa
            Parade (1/2 the size of the past) have so
            many triangular ad-carts?" asks the É(eh)PC

            President/Party Leader

A 2-hour Parade
2:00 p.m.:
the parade turns right from Dundas Street onto Yonge Street by the Eaton Centre

4:00 p.m.:
Santa appears on his float at the end of the parade

There was mass disappointment over a total of 60 minutes of intermittent delays.

This means the size of the parade was reduced this year by 1/2.

Few Floats
There were only about 18 floats in all - a far cry from the reported 30+ by Toronto

The floats seemed to have been "made in china" do-it-yourself kits consisting of
a lot of stereo-foam, paint, dress material, and a glue gun.

The floats, though they were big, there was NOT much on them.

Plus, they lacked detail giving the impression that they SLAPPED TOGETHER -

The overall effect was the floats LOOKED BLAND and NOT - at all - Christmassy.

The Time Gaps
The Toronto Sun article by Don Peat had this to say about the time gaps.

"Many of the ... parents who brought the kids to this year's parade left Sunday
asking one question: Why were there so many long gaps in the parade this

"The gaps were horrible. We waited 30 minutes with nothing between the
Torys'R'Us float & Santa."

"Some families were so tired of waiting in the cold for Santa, they left before
Jolly Old St. Nick arrived." Toronto Sun, Wednesday, November 24th 2010,
"Worst.Parade.Ever.Crowd frustrated by long gaps between floats", p. 2.

The whole affair was so ANTICLIMACTIC that the Toronto Metro News noted
"many of the children on floats appeared to have have lost their holiday cheer."
Toronto Metro News, Thursday, November 25th 2010, "Parade-goers vent over
Santa's sloth", p. 8.

The complaint from this one parent summed it up: "Our kids were so tired and
cold that they didn't care if they saw Santa or not." Toronto Star, Thursday,
November 25th 2010, "Santa fans disappointed by long gaps in parade", p. GT3.

But the cherry on the sundae comes from no other than Santa Claus Parade
president, Peter Beresford's comment to the Toronto Star this past Wednesday:
"This is the biggest parade we've ever run, so we're learning as we're growing."
Toronto Star, Thursday, November 25th 2010, "Santa fans disappointed by long
gaps in parade", p. GT3.

One is left wonder what public relations firm came up with that overworked line
and how much were they paid for it.

Parade of Costumes+Ad-carts
Essentially, the Toronto Santa Parade consisted mainly of many small groups
dressed in very bright, colourful - probably "made in China" - 1-size fits all costumes
and about 50 ad carts each pushed by two clowns all of which was interspersed with
LAME marching bands and a few floats.

The whole thing was PAINFULLY TEDIOUS to watch and ended being a waste of
time according to many.

Ad Revenue
How much revenue for each cart did the Toronto Santa Parade take in?


More than $10,000?

And HOW MUCH $$$
was earned by broadcasting the parade on TV?

The É(eh)PC is calling on Mr. Peter Beresford, the Santa Claus Parade
president to provide Torontonians with these answers along with the
related budget, revenue+expense figures.

With the É(eh)PC in charge of Government Canadians will have
automatic access to this information - online - and they will know
WHO'S RESPONSIBLE for what in terms of dollars and cents.

Article 1.2.C.1
Businesses and non-profit organizations (including places
of worship) must provide 1-click access to their financials.


A Tourist Trap
Unfortunately, apart from the unlimited FREE coffee offered by
McDonald's at Yonge+Dundas Square across from the Toronto
Eaton Centre, this year's Toronto Santa Parade was a real FLOP
and tourist trap.

For turning a world-class event into A TAWDRY AFFAIR with little

Crooks Running the Show?
This Santa Parade - like the City of Toronto - seems to be run
by crooks who are shortchanging Torontonians.

That seems to be the underlying impression.

Support the É(eh)PC
receives NO! *backdoor*
(unlike some - bogus - political parties).

"behind closed doors" Gov't
whose emphasis is on school+work place productivity

VOTE for,
(Nova Scotia Bank
account #: 911 320 846 384) the É(eh)PC.

Thank you.

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader
of the É(eh)PC (Égalité Party of Canada)
Canada's ONLY!
***anti-fascist*** political party
4GOOD! jobs
4the GOOD! life
4CLEAN! Gov't that WORKS ... 100% ... for YOU!