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Subject: Mafia-run City of Toronto *REFUSES SHELTER*
            to the President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party

            of Canada UNLESS he receives psychiatric care.

Seaton House City of Toronto boss, Kevin Dwyer,
who met weekly with the President/Party Leader
of the Égalité Party of Canada, the É(eh)PC, said
that Ryerson UniversityIncident with the Toronto
Police suggested that he was mentally ill and was
authorizing that he be evaluated by a psychiatrist
as a condition of his stay at Seaton Place.

In fact, the Police psychiatrist was just in the next
room and invited the psychiatrist in to meet with

He said that he refuses to meet with any psychiatrist
as he is NOT mentally ill, but mentally fit.

Kevin Dwyer and the Police psychiatrist asked to
15 minutes together in order to discuss the matter

During those 15 minutes, President/Party Leader
of the the É(eh)PC grabbed his things. Handed
them to a guy by the fence who handed his things
over the fence after he went throught the turnstile
at Seaton House and headed to Montreal for a
The President/Party Leader of the ÉPC regards
the whole matter as one of *PSYCHOLOGICAL*
TERRORISM by a Police State.
He characterizes the Government of Canada as
a self-serving fascist Police State that operates
with IMPUNITY "behind closed doors" that is
anything, but legitimate as the cops are "intel-
lectually deficent" cops on purpose as crooked
government does NOT want smart cops, but
stupid cops who are smart enough to realize
how BOGUS their government really is.

Smart cops would realize that cops only the
poor and homeless, THE UNDESIRABLES,
the crooks in Government and that conventions
rates are **artificially** higher year after year
in order to GROW! the judiciary and Police
Forces in Canada because it's GOOD BUS-
INESS for them.

In other words, the É(eh)PC believes that the
Police Forces and judiciary in Canada are

IGOVERNMENT ABUSE of the taxpayer just
seems to get worse and worse. 
For example, the Cheery Beach Revitalization
Project, the President/Party Leader of the
É(eh)PC believes, is a GOOD REFLECTION
of the *REAL* state of affairs of  the City of To-
ronto: ALL! THREE (3) levels of Government
put money aside for its 2004 completion ac-
cording to the timeline posted on the Cheery
Beach publicy board.

A board walk was supposed to be built.

Where is it?

A picnic shelter was also supposed to built.

Where is it? 

The washrooms and lifeguard house were
supposed to be restored.

Were they?

Apparently NOT.
The money was put aside: YES!
So ... what happened to the money?
The shore line looks polluted; the grass
grows freely like hay; the sand at the
beach is a dirty grey.

SEEDY right on downtown Toronto
harbour front.
How shameful is that?
What is happening to the City of Toronto?
From "an intelligence perspective" it seem the City
is bing run 100% by ORGANIZED CRIME - more
specifically the Hells Angels from what the President,
Party Leader of the É(eh)PC can figure out.

It's therefore NOT SURPRISING that City Toronto
Mayor Mel Lastman shook the hands of the Hells
Angels when they called him over.

The Hells Angels though an American biker organi-
zation specializing in Mafia enforcement activity
and drug trafficking has the greatest number of
members in Ontario especailly in Toronto.

Does the American Government back their activity
in Canada because their $$$ goes back to the
USA? It clearly appears to be that way to the Pre-
sident, Party Leader of the É(eh)PC when looking
at the drug activity orginating at Seaton House
involving the Toronto Police personnel on staff
and undercover cops at Seaton House on the
2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors where there are also
Hells Angels to be found on the staff and as
clients among undercover RCMP, US and Ca-
nadians agents.
It would appear that SEATON HOUSE is the a
major manufacture and distribution centre of
crack in North America involving the Toronto
Police and Hells Angels with the tacit consent
of the US and Canadian agents and RCMP
undercover cops who sport cell phones, have
laptops, great haircuts, all their teeth, lots of
clothes and lots of money.

In fact, some also stay at Varsity Suites on
Javis Street just a block away: staying at
two places at once. And the Government
can afford this?

Apparently, so.

"MAKE NO MISTAKE" says the President/Party
 Leader of the É(eh)PCSeaton House, "Seaton
House is **THE EYE** of the drug storm in Toronto.
The only way it can be stopped is to tear it down
and make into a parking lot."

because of ITS LOCATION: right in the centre
of Toronto with a striptease joint at the corner,
www.filmores.com, and Ryerson University
next door.
Apparentlly, the Hells Angels have taken over
quite a few other Canadian cities as well.

And what is the Government of Canada doing a
bout this?



Because Canadians have bogus, crooked, self-
serving Government that excludes the margina-
lized, the poor, the handicap, and the disadvan-
taged that like the Hell Angels is addicted to $$$.
The President/Party Leader of the É(eh)PC says:
"THE SOLUTION is to NOT! vote. Period.
Unless you are voting for the É(eh)PC."
Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader
of the Égalité Party of Canada
Let's DEcriminalize Government
 in order to end proverty.
DÉcriminalisons le Gouvernement
afin d'enrayer la pauvreté.
"talking about a revolution" (Tracy Chapman)