Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002.


Subject: The New Economy Was a Myth, Right?


Hi James (Mr. Surowiecki),

I believe the Net took off when the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989
and "formallly" ushered in the age of post-modernism and a "new economic
order" that President Clinton talked about during his first presidential election.

What kicked the economy into high gear was the Web which made the Net
effective, inexpensive means of getting things done.

My understanding of the current bear market is that it was provoked by a stock
market analyst at Schwabb & Schwabb on Wall Street who suggested that
market was ready to pull back and that investors should prepare for
such which
became a self-fulfilling prophecy that "seem" to dismiss for
many the whole notion
of a "the new economy" which suited them just fine
as they believed that everything
was the same as before and that there
were no earth shattering event as intimated
by the whole notion of the
"New Economy".

They satisfyingly pointed out to the demise of so many dot-coms without asking
themselves if these were "truly" dot-coms or companies using the
"same old ways"
MASKING as dot-coms.

I believe the "New Economy" is a NEW APPROACH that is based on feedback,
communication, + speed. I think a quentessencial byproduct of it would be Linux.

But it is also a new approach 2 QUICK WEALTH CREATION that spins into more
wealth-generating entities and on and on. It's about the magic of synergy, open
architecture, + speed.

I really believe the world has changed with the fall of the Berlin Wall, but it only
became "dramatically evident" in 1995 + onward with the
popularity of the Web.

You are right: the New Economy is NOT a myth.

I assert those who stay in the Old will fall behind + disappear.

Best wishes,


K+ President
Trn 2 K+ Web-kits 4 Net-POWer.