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Subject: "Here's my song+dance dedicated to THE FASCISTS! -
              in my opinion - like Ferrero Rocher who LIMITED ME to
              one ball of chocolate a day at the Toronto Eaton Centre",
              says the É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

Wonderful - for A BIT

On the weekend Friday, December 10th 2010, till Sunday, I stood in line for a
Ferrero Rocher at the Toronto Eaton
Centre to later enjoy with my cup of coffee.

Then, on my way out, I stood in line - again - for another one.

Being Canada's ONLY homeless political leader living in a shelter, Seaton House,
who is financially broke, I looked
forward to getting a FREE chocolate.

Unable to be with MY CHILDREN+GRANDCHILDREN at this time of the year,
MY SOLACE was being
able to stand in line for a chocolate to go later with my
coffee+then, to take another on my way out.

It got me into THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT.

It helped me forget the CONTINUAL Police HARASSMENT+extreme *ILLEGAL*


Whose LIMIT?

HOWEVER, the following Friday, December 17th, 2010, I was enjoying first Ferrero
Rocher of the day with my coffee
when an Eaton Centre security sat down at my
Food Court table to let me
know they were KEEPING AN EYE on me.

AFTER *THAT* TALK I went into the Ferrero Rocher line for a chocolate on my way
out of the Toronto Eaton Centre.

It was THEN that I was told that I could NOT get more than a chocolate a day.

I POINTED OUT that there was **NO SIGN** saying that.

And that *NO* Ferrero Rocher employee had said that either.

The female Ferrero Rocher employee with long black hair said:

"SORRY, Sir. You can come back tomorrow. You are NOT BEING FAIR to everyone

That was an extremely UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE for me.

Now, I want THE WHOLE WORLD to *boycott* Ferrero Rocher.

Co-ordinated Police HARASSMENT?

Who put THAT IDEA into her head?

Did the Eaton Security Guards get the idea from the Police - the Toronto Police,

Was it a 'co-ordinated' EFFORT TO HARASS, by a FASCIST Police State *WIN-
NING COMBO* OF - semiliterate
- grossly, OVERPAID, pissed-off GOONS?

Definition of semiliterate


It reminds me of a similar incident.

Date: December 29th 2008

Subject:  "I want $10,000 in DAMAGES! from PEN
                EQUITY for assault+battery on Xmas DAY!
                by their private security guards in their NEW!
                TORONTO LIFE SQUARE across from the Eaton
                Centre" says the President/Party Leader of the
                Égalité Party of Canada



theÉ(eh)PC, the Police will NOT be allowed  to use private security
guards as an 'auxiliary' Police force.

TheÉ(eh)PC Platform

Article 1.6
the State exists TO SERVE the People (NOT to brutalize them)

Article 1.6.A.18
It will be illegal for the Police to have ties with private security firms.

TheÉ(eh)PC Song+Dance

Dedicated to THE FASCISTS who run this country for theRICH.

The Dance+Song

BEND me.

(Bend down
with both hand
holding both knees)


(Stand straight up. THEN *pretend* to BREAK A PENCIL - in two.)

THEN, CLAP - TWICE - with your hands ABOVE your head.

HOP - with both feet together - ONCE.

KISS me.

(BEND A BIT FORWARD with the MIDDLE FINGER on the right cheek.


(Stand straight up. THEN, HOP ONCE with both feet. Do a PELVIC - forward+back - TRUST - TWICE.)

I'm STILL voting 

(LIFT your middle right-hand finger into the air - ABOVE your head.)

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude
President/Party Leader
for *YOUR* SHARE of the wealth
for *CLEAN* Gov't WORKING 
100% for YOU!