Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001

Subject: My 18 year old...

Hi Alan,

Just by way of consolation, I've been divorce + how that came about is
when I told my ex-wife in '86 to lay criminal charges against her employer
as she was being sexually exploited AT WORK. (Little did I
know how
pervasive the problem of sexual exploitation really is and
that after working
9 years at the Senate of Canada on Parliament Hill.
Basically, I feel that to
the extent you have BUREAUCRATIC FRAUD, sexual
exploitation is problem.
The key is to have SPOT AUDITING like the banks
do. However, I digress...)

Her employer put her against me BIG TIME. There's a story there some day
that really has to be told. But more importantlly, I hardly get to see my 3 children
since 1990 and this thanks to my wife's boss, a mental
institution, the Royal
Ottawa Hospital although she works at the Rehab
next to another hospital,
The Ottawa General.

I was working at the International Taxation Office on Colonnade Road as
a CR-4 clerk out in Nepean, a satellite community of Ottawa, 4 three years
in the early 90's working the evening, 4 p.m. to midnight shift,
and my children
were living in a rented condominium just across a huge
soccer field IN FRONT
from where I was working. At break + lunch time
I could see my kids playing in
the distance. After 3 years of pleading
to have them come by for a 15 minute
visit they were allowed to come
by ONCE. Again, I digress...

Though I'm suppose 2 see my children once a week according to the "temporary"
Court Order I have, I don't. However, it does happen that
they did show up on
occasion. My son, John (in French: Jean) who is
18 would come by some times
nearly every Saturday other than Xmas/Easter
time + summer time when he was
sent off 2 camp + the relatives. So we had
a lot of fun when he would come by
going to ball games, skating... UNTIL
+ started 2 work. He came by for ONE
WHOLE DAY on August 22nd last year.
We had a lot of fun: pizza + movie.
However, he NEVER calls.

My 21 year daughter, Maria, is getting married and came over for 20 minutes
at Xmas time with a gift. I usually saw her at Xmas time 4 several hours.

Anyways... I love my children + they know that I love them + that is all that
counts. I just keep myself good + busy + don't think too much about

Now, 2 get 2 my point, children have 2 distance themselves from the parent(s)
2 set themselves FREE. This I know U no. It doesn't change
the fact that a
parent likes to hear that s/he's COOL.

I'm happy that I hear it from my 11 year who is 5'5'' and wears size 11 shoes +
likes 2 play with kids younger than himself. This guy is
something else. He + I
have loads of fun mini putting, visiting
Toys-R-Us, Mac Donalds...

My other two r just SUPER in EVERY WAY though I almost NEVER see them.

Thr mother however... Well that is something else. The worst part of all this
though is HER EMPLOYER -- most definitely. In my eyes, the Royal
is more a criminal organization than a mental health institution.
I have a
friend who suffers from mental illness who tells me that the
mental hospital
r fighting changes in how mental patients are treated
by building a network
of safe places across the province that they can
visit during the day when
in a panic or just as a safe haven. This
approach would do away with mental
hospitals + would force psychiatry
to be practiced in a creative, positive fashion.
Right now psychiatrist
PUSH pills + under the gun litterally by pharmaceuticals
2 do just that.
In fact, they get paid big bucks on the side if they can get mental
patients in mental institutions to participate in taking newly prescribed medication.
It is ONE BIG SCAM as is because the psychiatrist only has to
pengeon hole the
person + the person gets assigned a psychiatric script
that is etched in stone.

I've talk with national female organizations, nurses' union of Ontario, female law
society about sexual exploitation. It is SOO TABOO you would
NOT believe. At
first, I'm sure they thought I was a kook. Then, they
said that they were NOT ABLE
2 address the problem because they did NOT
have the resources. (That sounds
as a lot of hooey 2 me.)

However, get this. They want ME 2 get the ball rolling. What's wrong with
this picture?

Basically, what I'd like 2 see is all levels of Gov't MANDATE a 50% female
representation rule which would dramatically help as the problem
at all levels of
Gov't, municipal, provincial, + federal have been a
freemasonic one from
what I know first hand in English Canada and a Club
Richelieu one in French
Canada. Basically, we need to have laws at all
levels of Government the MAKE
PUBLIC civil servant allegiances to

2 think that the Auditor General's report comes out each year + NO ONE is fired,
demote, or reassigned is absolutely ridiculous. And then in
Government THE
TRADITION is to give double the salary increases to
managers + you wonder
if we're living in Alice + Wonderland. The whole
affair is LUDICROUS.

You add to that the fact that the judiciary are nearly ALL FREEMASONS including
(+ especially) the Crown Attornery + U have the basis 4 a good
conspiracy theory.
Ha! Ha! In Ottawa I insisted that the next one be
FEMALE. I'm happy 2 say that that
is now the case after being dragged
UNNECESSARILY in front of the courts 4
charges of harassing phone calls
when I was NOT seeing my children as ordered
by the Court. I even helped
2 have the chief of police removed, my judge replaced,
+ my lawyer fired.

Anyways... I've been around the bend + then some. Ha! Ha!

Hopefully, if your 17 year old does NOT say you're COOL, you can b sure
he thinks it.

Heck, show him the e-mail I sent you. Ha! Ha! And ask him if he agrees
with me. Ha! Ha!

Best wishes,


P.P.S. The older I get the younger I feel: I must be regressing. Ha! Ha!

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Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Subject: Regarding your GREAT artice:
And "e-learning" is... ??? Let them guess.

Like my 11 year old tells me, it's about BEING COOL. 

So Alan, YOU'RE COOL. :o)

Thanks... if only my 17 yr old agreed!


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Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001

Subject: Regarding your GREAT artice:
And "e-learning" is... ??? Let them guess.

Hi Alan,

I'm glad U got your issue.

I just looked @ your article + found it VERY AMUSING. In fact, I've decided
2 keep it because it really is a GEM of an article. In fact,
you had me REALLY

It reminds me of a # of things.

One, on a temp assignment I worked 4 a "dragon lady" who was responsible
4 the federal real estate in the Capital Region (Ottawa including Parliament Hill
+ Hull). Though I did NOT work long 4 her, I do
remember hearing about one
meeting she gave that impressed absolutely
everyone. She admitted later 2
a few that she decided to say whatever
she wanted as long as it sounded
good ad libbing all the way. (I'm
paraphrasing.) (LOL) (laughing out loud)

Two, I remember a meeting given by the President of Alcan who came to the
University of Ottawa in the early 80's. He had used the company jet
and came with the corporate secretary who was a lawyer. He
was the speaker at
a fantastic noon buffet held in his honour. The
purpose of his visit was 2 given
M.B.A. students insight in2 how a
transnational is managed. I was in my 4th year
in my B.Comm.
(Honours) program at the time + made a point 2 attend in order 2
gain VALUABLE INSIGHT in2 the inner workings of a world acclaimed
Needless 2 say, the event was a REAL EYE OPENER 4 me.
He was asked some
very good business questions. However, nearly every
question was met with the
SAME ANSWER: when everything is going well,
u can INVARIABLY expect the
GREAT EQUALIZER 2 come + knock u down.
(Huh?) It was then + there I realized
that a lot of business is NOT
rocket science, but a lot of hooey. (LOL) He NEVER
explained what he
meant by that term, the Great Equalizer. It was clearly his answer
nearly everything. What is worth noting is that is was about 40 years of age +
completely sober.

Bottom line is that often no one really knows. Then, I'm sure U agree, they should
say so. There IS a line of demarcation between reality +
fantasy, between fact +
speculation (fiction).

Three, at what point DOES learning occur? When things go from short-term
in2 long-term memory? Then, there is permanent vs. temporary learning. And
so forth. Should 1 adds e-learning 2 the pot of brew -- forget talking
e-learning in terms of percentages, r we in2 the paranormal? The X
files? (LOL)

Firstly, I think U would agree that any author who wants 2 venture out on such
a topic such as "e-learning" needs to define what s/he means
by the new term.
Is it in the dictionary yet?

Secondly, what methodology was used to get the percentages that r being
thrown around. Those percentages sound 2 me more like TABLOID GOSSIP
than anything else. (Ha! Ha!)

I apologized 4 the late reply. I had 2 give it some thought + I imbued with setting
up a commercial website that will sell e-Kits. I'm almost
thr, but NOT quite. And
I'm late getting this thing off the ground. I
get the sinking feeling that it just might
do me in. (LOL)


All the best 2U + yours,

P.S. I really believe in teaching. I sense those under 30 years
of age don't
seem 2 have the parochial prejudices of the older folk
who bought in2 (nay
sold their soul 2) the "established order". The
difference between the 2 seems
2b the DIGITAL DIVIDE. All of a
sudden owning a house + a car does NOT
seem 2b what it is all
about. Like my 11 year old tells me, it's about BEING
COOL. So Alan,

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Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Subject: Re: Your e-learning comments... Right on!

My May 18th issue arrived today. I enjoyed reading my letter--
but it would have been nice to get some sort of response... as 
as I could tell, their article that I commented on made no 
whatsoever, but maybe I was missing something.

And I still have no idea what they meant by 'e-learning'!

Date: Thu, 24 May 2001

Subject: I put the page aside.


Hi Alan,

In any case, I torn the whole page out + put it aside 4 the next couple of
weeks - just in case.

So, should you NOT get the issue, pls drop me a line with a mailing address
+ I'll gladly send it 2 u.

I know myself I was personally thrilled when my letter 2 the editor was published
in the April 2001 issue of "Info Systems
Executive". It was an article critical of the
Government taking
its time to get online.

Having BEEN ON THE INSIDE, Gov''t 4 me is a con job, a bogus operation
where management gets double the annual wage
increases in comparison to the
lowly public servant + the
manages never go to jail 4 financial mismanagement
(read: fraud).

I was in a debate with the Auditor's Office over the fact that no one gets demoted,
fired, or goes to jail when the Auditor's
Report comes out every year. Their last call
2 me was that
they're NOT the police. I find all this absolutely FUNNY. However,
what is FUNNIER is that the Public goes along
with this. Talk about the theatre of
the absurd! In other words,
they r willing 2 pay higher taxes 2 keep the crooks in
happy. Or so it seems 2 me.

In any case, I strongly feel, we need to have the PUBLIC BOOKS of each + every
public institution put up on the Net 4 public review
along with THE SAME system of
spot auditing in the public sector
that the banks have.


Nuff said.

Best wishes,

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Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Subject: R u a subscriber?

Thanks... I AM a subscriber; I'll keep an eye out for the issue.
I suspect it takes a bit longer to make it here to the hinterlands.


Hi Alan,

May 4th, you say.

I suspect you should get the issue in two weeks time.

About "living on the fringes" in BC, I spent a week on Vancouver Island in
1971 thanks to the Young Voyageur
program and learned that the people
in BC resented
being on the sidelines in Canada and I can't blame them
1 iota.

Having spent 9 nine years working at the Senate of Canada, everyone
acknowledges that Western alienation
is a REAL PROBLEM especially
as there is VERY REAL
PRESSURE from the U.S. 2 DRAW IN the western
under the Columbian umbrella. In fact, ONLY NOW most of
trade in Ontario is with the U.S.A.

I seem 2 think Canada has always been a strong attraction 4 the U.S. ever
since the War of 1812
and 4 that reason, we Canadians have to war on to
stay 2gether.

I "personally" don't think the War of 1812 is really over when u look at how
the U.S. has been treating
Canada, a sort of love-hate relationship. We love
them and they hate us. Ha! Ha! Remember that song? "Blame it on Canada!"
They got that right.

Anyways ...

We could NOT ask 4 a better neighbo(u)r. Ha! Ha!

Best wishes,

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Date: Thursday, May 24, 2001

Subject: Re: R u a subscriber?

In fact, the May 4TH issue arrived today... perhaps
part of the reason why out here, we end up feeling
like we're on the fringes of Canada.


Hi Alan,

Your letter appeared in the printed May 18th 2001 issue 
of "Computing Canada" that I got TODAY.

I imagine you're a subscriber: if not, I'd gladly mail the 
page 2 u if you provide me with an address.

Best wishes,


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Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Subject: Your e-learning comments... Right on!

Thanks for the feedback.

I haven't actually seen the letter as posted-- do you have a 
URL for it?

-- AZ

Date: Tue, 22 May 2001

Subject: Your e-learning comments ... Right on!

Hi Alan (Mr. Zisman),

I just read your comments "Define e-learning" in the "Letters 2 the Editor"
section of "Computing Canada", May 18th 2001, and must say that I concur.

Incidentally, I'm a trained elementary teacher myself: the Faculty of Education
at Ottawa U. had me flunk a course in my B.Ed. program (but
that is another
story - politics).

What I find exciting is that you, yourself, r an elementary school teacher
involved with technology: u should be promoted to Minister of Education in
B.C. (Ha! Ha!)

Kidding aside, I really believe getting elementary students to use their PCs
as spaceships to surf the Net to work on projects is the way to go.
they should be directed to go to places where the teacher has
already been
to find the answers they need: letting them go on2 the Net
blindly is fairly
pointless at the elementary school level.

With the appropriate use of technology school can B MORE FUN then ever.
When the students work with the teacher on interesting projects, everyone
can have loads of fun while meeting the curriculum objectives handsdown
(and perhaps in record time): a win-win situation 4 all concerned that reflects
well on the school.

With the kids enthused about the benefits of high tech, their parents more
than likely will also get on the high-tech bandwagon and thus, Canada
benefits with a higher "e-learning rate". (Whatever that means.) (Ha! Ha!)

From my perspective, elementary school teachers are KEY to the SUCCESS
this country.

Once again, CONGRATS on your article, but more importantly 4 BEING A HIGH
TECH FORCE at the elementary education level in God's country, Lotus Land
(i.e. BC).

CONGRATS also on your website + offering GUIDANCE via tutorials.


I get the feeling we in Ontario r SO BACKWARD when it comes 2 INTEGRATING
HIGH-TECH in the elementary school system.

What is particularly exciting 4 me, though, regarding education in BC is the fact
that MULTIlingualism is encouraged at the elementary school level.

I've been doing my own linguistic research over the years + can confirm that
students should be learning THREE LANGUAGES -- MINIMUM -- at the
school level as they already do in India. The biggest benefit
is the development of
extraordinary memory retention that seems 2b so
crucial in the excercising of one's
intellectual faculties.

Anyways... :o)

I hope you continue 2 find that the path you're on to be very rich, rewarding, +
self-fulfilling. :o)

Best wishes 2u+yours,