Date: November 11th 2003


About the July 15th article: "Lie, Cheat, Steal, Bid..."


I kept your July 15th article: "Lie, Cheat, Steal, Bid..." by
William Van Hefner to review again at a latter date - that date
being today.

Why? I wanted to know ITS IMPACT.

I learned later Government Services Administration (GSA)
"suspended" all "new" business with MCI (formerly WorldCom)
after its
own investigation concluded that MCI "lacks
necessary internal controls and ethics."
(Reportedly, the GSA spends more than $1 billion
annually with MCI.)

CONGRATS on contributing to the GSA review.

I myself wrote an article similar to that on May 25th
in response to an article entitled "Bureaucrats accused
of favouritism" in the Ottawa Business Journal

In Canada when people want to sell to the Government
they have to go through MERX, a (needless) convoluted,
costly, meaningless process because when it comes down
to it the Minister of the Department can arbitrarily do
what he wants regardless of the point system used to award
contracts and repeated claims that there is NO (bribed-based)
favoritism involved in the awarding of contracts. (Right!?)

What I like about your article was the author's John Wayne's
shoot-from-the-hip tell-it-like-it-is approach -- something
we Canadians just don't do and we allow ourselves to think
we are somehow a little smarter than our North-American
compartriots to the South. (Right!?)

THANKS AGAIN for a great article that had, I'm sure, a lot of
RESONANCE among those who run the GSA.

Best wishes,

Kenneth Selin
K+ President