Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001


Subject: New Political Party,
              the Égalité Party of Canada

Hi Jay (Mr. Nordenstrom),

Thanks for making that copy of my News Communiqué for me: that very
nice + very gentlemanly of you.

As requested, I'm sending it to you the News Communiqués as an attach-

What is exciting is the Egalité Party of Canada platform that advocates
1. a "guaranteed annual revenue" so people like students in financial
    need can at least pay their rent and buy food;
2. FREE post-secondary education;
3. forgiveness of student loans.

I believe that post-secondary students and those in financial need
are used as "scape-goats" by the those in the System who (mis)
like drunken sailors + bilk the System 4 their personal pleasure
profit as testified by the annual provincial + federal Auditor's Report.

A letter of mine was published in the high-tech magazine, "Info
Executive", April 2001 edition, page 7, "The waiting
game is over", in
which I suggest that the Gov't  only keep those
of their 1,600
programmes that figure already on the Net + get
of the rest, the
dead wood.

Canadians have choice to make as to where Gov't dollars should
be directed or redirected.

Should the Gov't keep "crooked" public servants? Should the Gov't
allow outdated programmes to continue?

The SAVINGS generated from a "CLEAN GOV'T" whose programmes
are FEW BUT EFFECTIVE could easily be redirected into FREE post-
education + a guaranteed annual revenue program which
would be a real
boon for the economy as people in financial need spend
rather than save.

Why FREE post-secondary education?

The jobs are NO LONGER there for
university graduates as in the past. In
the '60's + early '70's "a" university
degree guaranteed "anyone" a GOOD
PAYING job. Today, that is NOT so.
I have FIVE university degrees and
almost FIVE others
and yet, it's very difficult
for me to get a job.

Should university students come out of university BURDENED with
DEBT and have to postpone getting married and perhaps
have to declare
"personal bankruptcy" and RISK depression and ner-
vous breakdown by a
System that is acting "criminally".

I should point out to U that the current social assistance programme
an individual is ONLY entitled to a MAXIMUM of $520 a month
to live on is
according to Article 228 of the Criminal Code "criminal
negligence" described
as "the killing of the mind" or "contributory
the equivalent to an
"intentional act of homicide" espe-
cially when one takes into account the fact  
that the Gov't has a "fiduciary
to take care of its citizens.
The insufficient amount contra-
venes Article 7 of the Charter of Rights whereby
the Gov't is respon-
for the "safety" of its citizens and Article 12
whereby the Gov't
is obliged to protect its citizens from "cruel and
unusual punish-
In short, the Gov't is NOT respecting the Rule
of Law and is
acting in a criminal capacity.

Is that serious?

What do U think?

Should post-secondary students be DRAINED by a criminally bound

The ONLY ONES that benefit from the current System are those who
"WELL OFF ALREADY" and have ALREADY a job upon graduation
to the connections of their families.

As for the others, it is almost a game of roulette IF they'll be able to get a
good enough paying job to be able to EVENTUALLY pay off their student

THE GOOD NEWS is that it does NOT have to be this way.

It's all a matter of SOCIAL PRIORITIES.

Should Society treat its BRIGHTEST as FOOLS and PENALIZE THEM
for being more intelligent that the majority? Does that make sense?

As an aside, I suspect at Carleton University there is "heavy electronic sur-
of the student population. At least that was the impression when
I was there.
It is just something to be aware of and what is worst, I don't think
the students
are told: SNEAKY, if that is the case.

I hope get a chance to read the Égalité Party of Canada platform: I believe
it's a GOOD

Perhaps, Carleton University will have Canada's first Égalité Party student club. (Ha! Ha!)

Best wishes,

The Égalité Party of Canada
P.S.: I singlehandedly got the Union in on Parliament Hill after working
          nine (9) years at the Senate of Canada.

P.P.S.: Where there is financial abuse by the Gov't, there is, (in my 
opinion), the "sexual exploitation" of women from what I can 
see and I believe the number one group responsible for the abuse
have been the Freemasons since the inception of Canada and I 
suspect these are the guys also running Carleton University into
the ground. Interestingly, my wife was a victime of sexually ex-
ploitation at the Rebab here in Ottawa. When I told her to lay
criminal charges, her boss, the Royal Ottawa, had me incar-
cerated for a 30-day psychiatric evaluation. It's unfortunate that
she had to choose between keeping her job and keeping her
marriage. Needless to say, her boss had her make the right
choice as she could easily see to it in my opinion have half a
              dozen Rehab employees placed 
behind bars for sexual ex-
              ploitation. By the way, there was a strip tease 
joint nearby, the
              Den, within a 15 minute walk from there. Guess who 
went to 
              the Den at noon? Ottawa Hospital and Rehab employees.
              The Den
has since moved a bit further away. <grin> Did you
              know that the 
most decorated Viet Nam veteran ran a brothel
              and never saw 
action in the field and he was a reporter during
              the Desert Storm 
War back in 1991. Let's have "CLEAN"
              Gov't + a HEALTHY 
society where everyone is safe and
              does NOT have to fear DESTITUTION.

P.P.P.S.: you and I both have Scandinavian names: congrats!