Date: Monday, August 25, 2003.


Subject: Universities collaborate on e-learning project

Come on now!

This is just a REPEAT of the OLD moving-government-funds-around
SHELL GAME: $1.2 million!

We are told "14 institutions of higher learning" are going to participate.
(Ha! Ha!) Each one functions as CLOSED "PRIVATE" SHOP run more
often than
not by ex-government bureaucrats (Carleton U. comes to
mind.) that are

And Ottawa U. will do this and Carleton U. will do that: sounds so great,
but its just ANOTHER MONEY GRAB that will NOT REALLY benefit any
at all, BUT THE BUREAUCRATS who run these "INCESTUOUS"
with its own Human Resources Department,
EACH with its own COSTLY

It my view IT STINKS! The whole e-learning project is as BOGUS as
can be.


Because we should be AMALGAMATING ALL these post-secondary
provincially so students can have "F---R---E---E" POST-
SECONDARY education.

Instead, in my view, we play these sick, insidious pass-around-
money games that are meant to benefit largely the
bureaucrats that are
involved in the passing-around of the money.

In my view, we should have a Royal Commission that looks into
how crooked
these dealings really are.

What needs to be done is to have ONE human resources department
for ALL
the universities in the province with ONE administration:
allows that today!

When students apply to University today: they only apply to ONE place!

Boy, I think, the taxpayers are being had AGAIN by these guys!

Its all going in somebody's pockets! Me thinks, it's going INTO
THE POCKETS OF THE BUREAUCRATS that run these parapublic
institutions - It's just a
sneaking suspicion I have. (Ha! Ha!) What
are the chances of that, eh?

Why it's SO BAD... -- I feel our hospitals are much, much worst. ---
anybody follow THE MONEY TRAIL? We, as taxpayers, are
asked time and again
to have BLIND FAITH in our public
administrators AS IF we "should" trust
them. Today, the
People know better.

In the past year, we have learned that there are CFOs (Chief
Officers) heading for the jail house. This trend is a
positive one and it's
about time!

I'm sure our public administrators would have us believe
President Nixon's
famous line: "I'm NOT a CROOK!"

But we know better, don't we? (Ha! Ha!)

How many of our government bureaucrats go to jail, any way?
What percentage
of the prison population do they make up?

Let's keep in mind, historically, ALL the judges, crown attorneys,
government bureaucrats were ALL FREEMASONS -- like in
any Commonwealth
country. Today, I believe, it's STILL fairly TRUE.

In short, this project just HIGHLIGHTS for me HOW BOGUS OUR

Best wishes,

Kenneth Selin
B.A. (Psychology), B.A. (Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm. (Honours), B.A. (Italian) magna cum laude
of the Égalité Party of Canada

Let's DEcriminalize the Government!