The Introduction SheetSpreedwriting "dramatically" reduces your notetaking time. :o),
Speedwriting is a handy skill that sets you apart from the others.

The K+ Speedwriting-game, an educational game, teaches
sound-based speedwriting using regular alphabet letters, 
half a dozen line-based graphics, and two (2)
marks called "stenographs".

The game is divided into three (3) sections: A, B, and C.
Section A covers the six (6) vowel-stenographs: two (2) use
letters of the alphabet (Section A1), two (2) punctuation marks
(Section A2), and two (2) "unique" stenographs (Section A3).
Section B consists of 19 consonant-stenographs: 16 use
letters of the alphabet (Section B1) and three (3) use "unique"
line-based stenographs (Section B2).

Section C consists of
45 sound-combo-stenographs: 35 use
letters of the alphabet (Section C1) and 10 use line-based
stenographs (Section C2): three (3) of which are grammatical;
one (1) indicates that the word is a pural word ending in "s" or
"es"; one (1) indicates an adverb ending in "ly"; one (1) indicates
a past tense verb ending in "ed".

Note the two (2) vowel-blends: the i-stenograph for the oy-sound
in the words 11.1 "joy"
and 11.2 "coin"; the o-stenograph for the
ow-sound in the words 20.1 "flower" and 20.2 "doubt".

Each of the 70 rounds highlights one stenograph at a time: on the
Game Sheet there is a line where the player transcribes the word
s/he has chosen that illustrates the "featured" stenograph that is
ust underneath it; to the the right is the "transcribed" example-
word that can be decoded thanks to the List of Example-words;
to the right of that is the score area consisting of four (4) lines.

Up to six (6) players can play at one time: each receives the 1-
page Introduction Sheet, the 1-page Instruction Sheet, the 1-page
List of Example-words, and the 6-page Game Sheet.

The game is designed to prepare you for using the K+ Steno- kit: