11. Contents
2. First: Creation of Desktop Folder
3. K+ Web-kit Language
44. K+ Web-kit = 1 Web Page
55. Navigation Tips
66. Legal
7. Start!
88. GO!
9. Like it?



















Your K+ eWriting Web-kit includes
4 e-mail attachments:

1. eWriting Web-kit page (.htm file);
2. this Read-me page (.htm file);
k-x-logo (.gif file);
u_arrow (.gif file).




















First: Creation
of Desktop Folder

1. Right-mouse-button click on an open part
of the desktop.
2. Click on New/Folder to create your folder.
3. Click on the newly-created folder with the
mouse-button and position it where
__you want on your desktop.

4. Press the <F2> key and assign it the name:
5. Click on the folder with the left-mouse-
to fix the name in place.

Second: Saving eWriting
to Desktop Folder

1. Save the eWriting.htm + r-me-eWriting.htm
e-mail attachments (when your e-mail pro-
is opened) in .htm format , the k-x-logo.gif
u_arrow.gif in .gif format when you click on
__File/Save As
2. Do
NOT change the file name of the attachments
__otherwise they will
NOT work together: eWriting.htm;
.htm; k-x-logo.gif, and u_arrow.gif.

3. Save them in the newly-created desktop folder K+.

22 1-2-3! Voilà!
22 You now have a K
+ Web-kit
22 that will add to your e-surfing fun.

22 Happy e-surfing!





















K+ Web-kit Language
For "easier reading" and for "fun"
the following words have been "abbreviated":
- from
"are" to "r";
- from
"you" to "u";
- from
"know" to "no";
- from "be" to "b";
- from "and" to "+";
- from "one" to "1";
- from "for, four" to "4";
- from "to, too, two" to "2".



















K+ Web-kit = 1 Web Page.
A K+ Web-kit is basically one (1) very long Web
divided into sections by three (3) tildes
~~~) of briefly described hyperlinks that point
to great places online offering
"quality" infor-
mation,resources, and
FREE products and
services that can enhance ourquality of life
and help us enjoy a more carefree lifestyle.

Intermingled with these links are "Did u no?"
helpful notes, short tips, inspira-
quotes, sometimes jokes, and quality
links to such things as
online articles, reports,
discussion forums, newsgroups, newsletters,
ezines, ebooks, tests, contests, tutorials, and























Navigation Tips
1. Use the <scroll up/down bar> to get to a
2 2section
2. Use these keys for easy Web page
2 2navigation:

2 .1 <page up/down> keys to up/down one (1)
2 2 2 screen;

2 .2 <up/down arrow> keys to up up/down one
2 2 2 (1) line;

2 .3 <space-bar> to go down one (1) screen;
.4 <shift> + <space-bar> keys "together" to
2 2 2 go
"up" one (1) screen;
2 .5 <Control> + <End> keys "together" to go
2 2 2 to the
"very bottom";
2 .6 <Control> + <Home> keys "together" to
2 2 2 go to the
"very top"

3. Click on the "up arrows" along the right-
2 2hand side
of the Web page to go back to
2 2the
4. Click on Edit/Find and enter a key word.





















K+ Web-kits are protected by copyright law
and do NOT come with any warranty.





















1. To get online dial in to your ISP (Internet
__Service Provider) - if you're using a modem.
Once connected to the Internet you can do
__either of two things:

left-mouse-button double-click on the folder
____ containing the K+ Web-kit in order to open it;
____ then,
double-click the K+ Web-kit .htm file icon
____ to call it up in the browser;


left-mouse-button double-click the browser
____ in order to activate it; click on File/Open;
____ browse over
to the K
+ Web-kit folder; left-
____ mouse-button
double-click on it in order
____ to open it;
left-mouse-button click on the
____ K
+ Web-kit .htm file icon in order to select
____ it;
click on the
<Open> button to open it;
____ finally, click on the
<OK> button.

Tip: after loading the eWriting.htm
file into your browser,
____bookmark it.

















1. Glancing down the K+ Web page, click on
any hyperlink that points to what seems to
__be an interesting cyber place and you're
NOT sure where to go?
Click on Edit/Find
__and enter a
key word that might direct you
__to an interesting spot on the K
+ Web page.



















Like what you found?
Bookmark it!
In Internet Explorer click on the menu
entitled "Favorites" and in Netscape
click on the
menu icon entitled "Bookmarks".