"Il est de mise pour toute personne cultivée d'avoir une assez bonne connaissance du français."
Kenneth Selinsé'léinele Président/Chef duPÉC
L’Importance du Français
lecture grammaire
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The Importance of French
French throughout the ages has influenced many
languages like Vietnamese, Romanian, Turkish,
Farsi, Arabic, German, Russian (Incidentally, the
Russian royal family would spend their summer
in the south of France "annually".), and English
in particular after the Norman (French) conquest
of England with the battle of Hastings in 1066.
(This later led to the invasion of France by the
English and St. Joan of Arc's (Sainte Jeanne
d'Arc) valiant attempt to fend off the English
off in the Hundred Years' War - circa 1430.
British History

French was the mother tongue of every English king
from William the Conqueror (1066–1087) until Henry
IV (1399–1413).

"Anglo-Norman/English nobles continued to speak
French as their first language until the 17th Century.
To this day, the Queen opens Parliament in Norman."

"... (King) Henry IV (1367 - 1413) was (probably) the
first to speak English as his first language ..."

"Some accounts indicate that French continued to
be the main lingua franca of English nobility until
well into the 17th Century and is still a required
language of future monarchs, at least in written

"French was the official language of England ...
for about 600 years ..., simply because the rulers
of the country spoke it."
"Modern English vocabulary is about 40%+ Nor-
man/Latin in origin, and the grammar and syntax
of Modern English and Modern French both also
descend from Norman/Old French."

Still, today, French is considered "the" language
of diplomacy.

Treaties were written in French.

French, today, is one of the prominent languages
of the United Nations and is still learned by the
intelligencia around the world.

French (along with English) is also one of the
two (2) languages of the Olympic Committee.
Incidentally, the founder of the modern Olympic
Games is the Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin.


La Francophonie [L'Organisation internatio-
nale de la Francophonie (OIF)] brings together
about 20 nations and 10 regions where French
is spoken.

L'ensemble des pays où l'on
parle le français
s'appelle la francophonie.
THE QUEEN SPEAKS FRENCH - as well as the
Japanese emperors for some time.
Interestingly, well-known Asian communist lea-
ders spent several years in France like Zhou
from China, a key member of the Chinese
Communist Party, who was in Paris from 1921
till 1924, as well as Deng Xioaping who worked
and studied in France in the 1920s arriving there
as a teenager. He later became China's leader
after the death of Mao Zedong from 1977 till 1989
intoducing the four (4) modernizations: economy,
agriculture, science, and defence.


Today, France remains the world's *TOP* TOURIST DESTINATION.

All these things contibute to French being A HIGH
well worth learning.

The É(eh)PC is committed to promoting French in
Canada and throughout la Francophonie.

"Il fait du bien vivre en français." (It feels good to
live in French.) [É(eh)PC President/Party Leader]

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