Speedwriting REDUCES! stress.

______# of K+ Steno-games x $20  = $ ___________
Company's e-mail address for the K+ eWriting Web-kit: __________________________________________


Business Special!
Order 50+ K+ Steno-games in English or French 
and get the K+
eWriting Web-kit for all your
employees and their families for FREE!

                      NO tax.
_              NO shipping.
_              NO handling charges.


To print the table on your PC screen, highlight it by dragging the pressed left-mouse-button down diagonally from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner; right-mouse button click on high-lighted table; select the Print option; click on Selection; then, on Print.

Certified Cheque (or Money Order)
Make certified cheque or postal money order out to Kenneth Selin
and send it along with the print-out to:

Seaton House, 453-339 George St.
Toronto, ON   V6Z 1L5

Thank you.

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