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Exceptional PersonCanadian

 I have a Swedish Viking family name:
 Selin (pronounced: say'leen)

 - my maternal grand-father, Émile Desjardins,
   was a Métis from Cornwall, ON

 - his son, Serge, adopted a 1st Nations pre-teen 
   girl, Marci-Anne, who is one of the missing 1st
   Nations women

 - my maternal grand-mother, 1st Nations, one of
   24 children, Dora Piché, was a trapper
    (Her tribe was moved by the Catholic Church
      from the Island of Montreal to the other side
      of the the Ottawa River across from Hawkes-
      bury, ON)

 - my paternal step-grandmother, Monica Carrier,
   from St-Vital (Winnipeg) was Louis Riel's grand-
   daughter: she had me become an altar boy at the
   age of 10 at Nassau Lake when the Mass was in
   Latin (The name of my Finnish grandmother was
   Karen Kortti, dead before my birth.)

 - father of 3 children

 - grandfather of 5 grandchildren

 - left home at the age of 18

 - oldest of 7 children: 3 boys+4 girls

 - my grandfathers were *jobbers*: they
   hired lumberjacks

 - my mother worked (with her dad+brother)
   as a lumberjack from the age of 13 to 18 -
   outside of Atikokan, ON (She was born in
   Pukaskwa National Park by Lake Superior.)

 - my mother started her high school through
   correspondence, finished her high school
   with Canada Manpower+went to Nipissing
   University, North Bay

 Internet Entrepreneur
 - created
   www.k-x-4u.com, 2001-2007
   www.speedwriting-shop.com, 2007-2008

 - President of K+

 - teach Forkner stenography+sell Forkner
   stenography products

 Political Leader
 - created Canada’s only anti-fascist political
   party, theÉ(eh)PC, the Égalité
   (eh-gah'-lee-teh) Party of  Canada,
     August 5th 2001

 - did the Public Service Alliance of Canada
   (PSAC) Union Steward Course (though
   unemployed), March, 1985

 - got the union, Public Service Alliance of
   Canada Public Service Alliance of Canada,
   (PSAC), on Parliament Hill - by myself -
   with union organizer, Yolande Viau, 1984

 Country Boy
 - spent my 1st 14 years in a French-speaking
   (Old French dialect spoken in the Abitibi,
   North-Western Quebec, my mother's tongue)
   lumber village (with 3 gravel streets) at Nassau
   Lake,  *The Camp*, (35 miles west of Hearst)
   owned by my grandfathers's company, Henry
   Selin Forest Products, the largest privately
   lowned lumber business in Northern Ontario,
   the main employer in the region, whose
   technology was 10 years ahead of its times 
   producing 0.5 million lumber feet a year. (My
   Dad was vice president.) (My grandfather was
   a teenager when he came with his family from
   the middle of Sweden to Canada.)

 - 15 years of full-time university+3 years
   part-time+1 year of full-time college

 - worked 9 years full-time while attending
   university full-time

 - completed 5 university degrees - in the top 5%:
   B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
   B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude

 - completed almost 5 other university degrees:
   in education, philosophy, classical studies,

 - did my universities in English+French

 - have an office automation college diploma
   with an A average from the Control Data
   Institute, Ottawa

 - have a French software troubleshooting
   college certificate with an A average
   from La Cité collégiale, Ottawa

 - am multilingual: studied 11 languages
   at university with B.A.(Spanish)+

 - was an honoured guest at the inauguration
   of the University of Ottawa B.A. Arabic
   programme, February, 2006
   (Before leaving the hall, the 3rd year
     student who gave her speech in
     Arabic was intentionally brought
     over to me so I could speak to her.)

 - completed my Grade 13 in a French
   high school, École secondaire Algonquin,
   North Bay

 - was the sole high school representative
   of Schollard Hall, (North Bay), in the Young
   Voyageur Program, 1971: spent a week on
   Vancouver Island

 - was the poor boy whose mother was a widow
   with 7 children living on the other side of the
   tracks in West Ferris in North Bay: when the
   arrogant+pretentious rich boys at Schollard
   Hall asked for my bus money, I immediately
   gave it to them unquestioningly+walked 6
   miles home determined to do better than
   them - in the long run

 - was an altar boy for 8 years:
   served Mass in Latin, French+English

 - was taught in Grade 2 by the last surviving
   member of the Romanov czarist family, the
   Grand Duchess OlgaAlexandrovna of Russia,
   in 1960-61 at Hearst Public School in the
   church basement at the end of the block:
   she wore plain, dark unicoloured dresses+

 Job Experience
     - did 100+ jobs ...
     ---> 9 years part-time
                 at University of Ottawa:
                 - barman
                 - handyman
                 - receptionist in the residences
                 - security guard at the University
                     Centre+the dances on campus
    ---> 85+ jobs in 25+ Gov’t departments
    ---> worked in call centres doing ...
                 - telemarketing+surveys
                 - Internet+cable modem+Compaq
                     Presario PC troubleshooting

 - Chief Senate of Canada Page - when
    Joe Clark was Prime Minister

 - was the only Senate of Canada page
    chosen to meet Prince Harry along
    with the athletes of Canada at the
    Governor General's Residence at
    Rideau Hall, Winter, 1977

 - in Grade 13 worked at 2 part-time jobs
    at North Bay's Odeon movie theatre as
    usher+weekend janitor

 - in Grade 12, I walked 1 mile to shovel
    snow around Holy Name Church, the
    rectory+the garage; then, I shovelled
    the driveway of one of the parishioners
    a block away before going to my Catholic
    private boys’ school, Schollard Hall -
    5 miles away

 High-tech Professional
 - Internet+cable modem+Compaq Presario

 - publication of my letters to the editors
   of Canadian+U.S. high-tech magazines

 Military Experience
 - worked at the National Defence

 - did booth camp training at CFB
   (Canadian Forces Base) Petawawa, ON

 Intelligence Experience
 - 45 years

 - volunteer

- Cold War veteran: received a personal
   *last minute* invitation (shortly after
   becoming Chief Page in the Senate of
   Canada) to meet Mr. Gorbachev who
   was with 2 other persons in the Senate
   of Canada Reading Room, June 1980

 - helped end the war in Lebanon, February,

 - saved President’s Arafat’s life from Ottawa,
   Dec. 13th 2001: this put me under really
   *severe* RCMP surveillance

- I met the first students from China in 1975 who came to
- Carleton University and to the University of Ottawa the
- following year: over the years, I made friends with agents
- of the Ministry of State Security.

- Consequently, I've had a good relationship with the Gov't
- of China.


SEE: EH-OK.ca#Mcdonalds

 Date: November 23rd 2013
 Subject:  "BOYCOTT the Toronto Eaton Centre: I 
                  was *BANNED* FOR LIFE @McDonald's 
                  there - thanks to CIA agent, SONAM,"
                  says É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

 THE RESULT: five (5) months after this GOOGLE NEWS
 - THE RESULT: posting, in April 2014, the Russians close
 - THE RESULT: all four (4) McDonald's in Moscow.                     - THE RESULT: theguardian.com/world/2014/aug

 Russians React to McDonald's Closures in Moscow

 NOTE: the CIA manages the (8) Toronto
             downtown McDonald's.

- The CIA since the 1950s tried to find a way to come into
   Canada: 45,000 CIA agents came as draft dodger.

   The first CIA African-American, James Williams, from
   Georgia, worked as a Toronto undercover cop and
   contributed to the creating the MULTIBILLION DOL-
   LAR Toronto Police Drug trafficking Network run by
   the American Hells AngelsCanada's network of il-
   legal, highly paid, undercover cops (to which *All*
   the Police forces in Canada contribute manpower to)
   is its backbone. These treacherous cops even frater-
   nize *knowingly* with the CIA and the American
   Hells Angels. (TREASON by *ALL* our over-paid
   Police forces.)

   A side note: the Mexican federales have imi-
                    tated the Toronto Police Drug 
                        Trafficking Network for some
                        time already (without the CIA
                        and the American Hells Angels).

   The American Hells Angels run the City of Toronto
   and get *ALL* all the City of Toronto contracts. This
   finances the largest CIA community in the world in
   Toronto: 85,000+ ethnic agents, the  majority of 
   whom are African-Americans (claiming to be from 
   Jamaica or from Trinidad and Tobago) followed by
   Filipinos. They also include homosexuals, First 
   Nations, Latin-Americans, and Cajuns (claiming
   to be from New Brunswick).


   NOTE: the USA has a military base
              in the State of New York for
              the invasion of Canada.

   The drug trafficking started at Seaton House (run
    by African-American CIA agents) in the early 1970s.
          U.S. President Obama on the Seaton House
          4th floor wall

          U.S. flag in the office on the Seaton House
          4th floor

    Where the CIA has the most property in the world
    is in downtown Toronto: restaurants, bars, apart-
    ment buildings, hotels, book stores, tatoo shops,
    McDonald's, A&Ws, Wendy's, Starbucks, ... .

    Their agents include Toronto City Hall workers,
    city workers, librarians, doctors, nurses, Catholic
    priests, African-American preachers, preachers
    in front of the Eaton Centre, bums on the street,
    electricians, plumbers, carpenters, .... .

    The American Hells Angels run 25 cities in Canada
    just like Toronto: London, Kitchener-Waterloo,
    Lethbridge, Cranberry in B.C., etc.

    The American Hells Angels now run *ALL* Toronto
    colleges and universities including a hospital
    in the west end.

    Plus, the American Hells are successfully taking 
    over Bay Street Organized Crime that get *ALL*
    the Gov't contracts.

    The CIA runs Toronto Housing: this allows for CIA
    agents to come into the shelter system and wait to
    get the best, refurbished, subsidized housing.

    The CIA also owns and runs Ryerson University
    (which has a very large contigent of CIA stu-
    dents especially Arab-speaking Muslim stu-
    dents) as well as the Toronto Star whose re-
    porters are CIA agents who like to denigrate
    Canada whenever they can between the lines
    and report on U.S. matters that do not concern
    Canadians like the U.S. Pre
sident and his wife.

    All this strongly suggests that the Toronto Chief
    of Police is very likely a CIA agent: his "vague"
    resume seems to be a PR (public relations) job.

    The É(eh)PC is the only political party committed
    to sending back to the USA all those born in the
    USA or who came from the USA.

 - won the Christopher Leadership pin

 - received the Embassy of Italy Award
   for the highest standing in Italian

 - won the Chess trophy+
   Lion's Club Melvin Jones trophy
   for being nice, Hearst Public School