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Subject: President/Party Leader of the Égalité 
               Party of Canada
 Faced with Eviction 
               was REFUSED! Welfare

Kennneth Selin, President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party 
of Canda, faced with eviction
was refused welfare assistance 
by the Province of Ontario.

He went to the 310 St-Catherine Sreet Ottawa welfare office
today for his 9 a.m. appointment believing that he
would have 
his November rent paid and receive financial

There is a program whereby tenants faced with eviction can 
get their rent paid only once.

He was told that in order to be eligible that he had to have a 
person moving in with him the following
month or have a job 
offer. Otherwise, THE MOST
he could get is $535.

He responded by telling the supervisor, Ms. Moore, that this 
was abuse of the Poor and and in his case
Gov't harass-
as he was previously told that he
could have his rent 
paid by the special program for
people faced with eviction 
and get financial assistance
from another.

She asked him if he wanted to have the paperwork done 
knowing that he'd NOT have his rent paid.

Laughingly, he said yes.

Ms. Moore told him to come back some other time and that 
if did NOT leave she'd be calling the

Mr. Selin feels Canada is a FASCIST! POLICE STATE run
by Freemasons and every Government agency
and de-
ment has its own INTERNAL MAFIA.

He feels there is NOTHING MORE CROOKED than the Go-

His horrendous experience at the welfare office only confirms 
his belief that the Poor are
victims of a FASCIST! POLICE 

The aid the Poor get is insufficient and contravenes Section 7 
of the Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedoms where the 
Gov't promises to look after the
security of Canadians and 
Section 12
where the Government promises to keep Cana-
dians from cruel and unusual punishment.

The Province has refused to pay his rent though there is a 
program in place that
provides for such an emergency and 
refused to give him financial assistance because he was 
NOT happy that his rent
was NOT going to get paid.

Mr. Selin feels strongly that THIS IS CLEARLY *STATE TER-
run by crooks.

He believes the only solution for Canadians is to SUPPORT 
the Égalité Party
of Canada whenever wherever they can.



Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A. (Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader 
of the Égalité Party of Canada


Let's DEcriminalize Government: 
DÉcriminalisons le Gouvernement : 
à TOUS ! les niveaux.

ABAJO los criminales en el Gobierno: 
a ¡TODOS! los niveles.

Para mi partido político
pido la protección de nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.