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Subject: HELP! Get some.

Dear Olaf Timandahaff <timandahaff@warpmail.net>,

Your're associated with "warp" mail?

Why am I NOT suprised? (Ha! Ha!)

Another UNDERCOVER COP (under-the-sheet SPOOK)? <GRIN>

I notice your frequent use the term "kook".

The Royal Ottawa Hospital, our local mental institution,
(the one with the UNNEEDED $600 million PPP expansion where
all the provincial bureaucrats involved in the deal were
richly rewarded or is the term "bribed" more accurate
- that's accoding to some) and whose sole reason for
existing is NOT to help patients, but to push pharmaceutical
products (so the psychiatrists that prescribe them can even
make MORE! money) (Don't they get a percentage kick-back?)
DO take WALK-IN patients.

You can help them fill all those EXTRA BEDS.

I bet you have a LOT OF ANGRY BUDDIES like
yourself that need ANGER MANAGEMENT HELP
as wll.

They can't handle THE WHOLE POLICE FORCE at
once, but am sure arrangemets can be made so
everyone gets treated. (Ha! Ha!)

I understand that Jean Cardinal, the Constable
who bounced a lady's head on the hood of his
cop car like a basketball five years ago, is
BEING REHIRED by the Ottawa Police.

Again, why am I NOT surpirsed? LOL

You need to TAKE HIM with you.

What's CLEAR from your comments is that you
have a lot of *UNCORKED* ANGER and at your
age that's is SO, SO SAD.

To have lived so long and BE SO, SO PISSED! OFF
is NOT the PROPER WAY to handle your REPRESSED ANGER.

Aiming your UNRESOLVED ANGER at me is NOT
the way to deal with this ANTI-SOCIAL problem.

You should know that ANGER is the basis of
mental illness.

You are FEEDING your anger instead of getting

DoN'T take you anger out on me, get HELP!

The newly expanded Royal Ottawa Hospital
is there to help you (while lining the
pockets of the pharmaceuticals - true).

But they NEED you.

They need to ply you with drugs and
you need them to treat yoiur anger

And from I can see from your UNWARRANTED
anger-based comments, you *REALLY* do need

I say ALL THIS, because I do care for you.

I'm sure BURIED under ALL that anger there
is a little boy that wants to come out and
play with his friends in the sunshine and

And if you think NOBODY loves you,
remember this: Jesus loves you.

And by ridding your anger others will be
able to love you too.

when were're HAPPY.


My friend, I wish you a fulfilling,
HAPPY! NEW YEAR in 2006.


Kenneth Selin (say'leen) 

President/Party Leader 
of the Égalité Party of Canada


Olaf Timandahaff wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:20:52 -0500, Kenneth Selin (say'leen) wrote:
> > Hi Mel Sharples" <greasyfood@gmail.comm>
> > or WHOever you are (You SCARE! me.),
> >
> No wonder, what with you finding cameras up your ass everyday.
> > Trying to bring a little life to the ott.politics debate?
> >
> Sorry Sellin' did he XP0Ast it to hell and back to0?
> > You NEED ME to do that. (Ha! Ha!)
> >
> Yes, there's never enough psychotic slack-jaws around.
> > People in Ottawa KNOW that the our Freemasonic-based
> > Government is NOT ONLY CROOKED, but a *BULLY*
> > that does NOT respect FREEDOM of SPEECH.
> >
> And here come kenny with 5 degrees and his own namby-pamby partay.
> > a Government that LIES.
> >
> So far they haven't admitted to halucinations, like you,,,,Sellin'
> > Take the Kyoto Agreement.
> >
> Take all these secret Max Smart Cameras:
> > Our Prime Minister says that Canada has every intention
> > to respect the Kyoto Agreement, but has NOT done so
> > to date.
> >
> Yes he's a fibber, we all know that, ko0k.
> > And then he has that gall on stage in front of the World
> > to tell the USA that it *SHOULD* respect the Kyoto Agreement.
> > This is POLITICAL COMEDY at its best.
> >
> You musta missed Crouton, Kenny.
> > SURPRISED that the Government of Canada says it will
> > respect the Kyoto Agreement, but doesN'T?
> >
> Paul Martin is fulla shit, & you?
> > And after the Quebec sponsorship scandal and the Option Canada
> > lavish payment of its "volunteers", our Prime Minister keeps
> > saying that the Liberal Party is NOT corrupt in spite of the
> > evidence.
> >
> I think this was established before you stuck your oar in, k0ok.
> > Incidentally, if you're GOOD at criticizing the Government
> > you're REWARDED by being put under surveillance with spy
> > cameras in your apartment.
> >
> I am good at it too, sellin', they use a fuckin' Hubble Space TeLeSc0pE on
> me.
> > And from what I can tell I AM GOOD. :o)
> >
> From what I can tell, you're a fucking L00natic.
> > I look forward to a DEcriminalized, TRANSPARENT, OPEN, C-L-E-A-N
> > Government owned by the People NOT the Freemasons in a Canada where the
> > People are NOT afraid to answer your question.
> >
> Did you take to0 much LSD in teh 60's?
> > That's NOT far off. :o)
> >
> You mean, FaaaAAR OUT!!!?
> > REMEMBER: DON'T VOTE if you can't vote Égalité otherwise you're just
> > legitimizing a Government that is NOT CREDIBLE and that DOES *NOT* SHARE
> >
> I'll vote Rhin0, before I sell out to you, Sellin'
> > It's solution to POVERTY is more DUMB COPS, more judges, more prisons,
> > and longer jail terms.
> >
> Speed Writing? Speed Idiocy, more like.
> > That's what the USA does already. <GRIN>
> >
> Stupid psych0 grin?
> >
> >
> > Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
> Kenny Selin [sell in]
> > President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of Canada ~~~
> > B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin., B.Comm.(Honours) "magna cum
> > laude"
> > ~~~
> Magna cum Lo0n, more likely.
> > Let's DEcriminalize Government: at ALL! levels.
> > DÉcriminalisons le Gouvernement : à TOUS ! les niveaux.
> > http://www.eh-ok.ca
> > ~~~
> > ABAJO los criminales en el Gobierno: a ¡TODOS! los niveles. ~~~ Para mi
> > partido político
> > pido la protección de nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.
> >
> What happened to your stupid dating/sex pErvErt-site
> >
> >
> >
> > Mel Sharples wrote:
> >>
> >> Trying to bring a little life to this froup...
> >>
> >> Any opinions? What about Martin's surprise "remove the notwithstanding
> >> clause" about face?