Funny guy or Government operative?

Government operative - almost 100% positive.

His response involves BLOOD and therefore,
can be "construed" to be threatening. It's certainly
dishonest and hostile.

His "supposed" e-mail: greasyfood@gmail.com


Date: ___December 27th 2005, 9:45 p.m.

Subject: (FUNNY, funny guy) Re: Students: $10 speed-writing course

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How's that

that you took the course?

NO ONE has taken it YET.

So Mel, WHAT'S your "REAL" story? (ha! ha!)

What's your "REAL" name? 

You make me think of the undercover RCMP

who told me to call him Dan.

Now, Dan wanted me to do undercover work

for him FOR FREE!

It now so happens that I do feel I have
REPUTATION with the international
community in Ottawa.

And do you know why, Mel?

I avoided Canadian and American operatives.

And do you know why, Mel?

They are NOT! smart, Mel, and caN'T! be
like you.

Does THE TRUTH hurt?

You see Mel, what make Canadian and American

operatives SO DUMB - in my opinion - is the fact 
that they are NOT interested in "the"

That is why POOR young Americans are getting

killed in Iraq: the U.S. Government LIED!

Look on the bright side, you may NOT be an
but that's O.K. (That just was
NOT! in the cards for you: 
doN'T be crestfallen
about that.)

You might even have "imaginary friends" (wink)

and that's FINE too, Mel.

What you do have going for yourself is your name,

"Sharples": Carol Lewis would have JUST LOVED 
IT - I'm almost sure of that. 

And it EVEN rhymes with "Bo Jangels". How about

that? <grin>

Mel, you're a GOTHIC-kind of CAD.

Some people may like that. 

I have to tell you though, Mel, NOT my cup of tea, 
but, HEY!, that's just

I think you have GREAT! POTENTIAL 
for being a 


Just DO it!

Let up a wee bit on the bottle
- though. :o)

Happy New Year 2 yah, BIG! GUY.

Best wishes,

P.S.: it's NEVER! TOO LATE to get your high school diploma.
DoN'T lay back and dream about it. Do IT! Make your mother
PROUD! :o)

Mel Sharples wrote:
> Kenneth Selin (say'leen) wrote:
> > Hi,
> I took this course once, I fell asleep and when I woke up my pants were
> unbuttoned and I was bleeding from my mouth.