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Subject: "Madame President!" (President/Party Leader 
               of the
Égalité Party of Canada)

I am sure the Democrats understand that the solution to ensuring that
America remains strong is to provide robust social programs that will
make all Americans proud to be American.

I am confident that in order to counter the tremendous costs to the U.S. 
taxpayer due to debilitating poverty that a U.S. Democrat Govenment

will go ahead with a guaranteed annual revenue plan for the poor in 
to keep them out of the jails and hospitals.

Clearly, giving a poor person $15,000 a year makes more sense to 
the U.S.
taxpayer especially when such a person can cost the system 
$60,000 sitting
in jail.

Benefitting from a guaranteed annual revenue plan, a poor person 
can begin
to plan for a better life for him/herself that would mean 
earning more than
a measly $15,000 a year.

S/he can start thinking in terms of prosperity and opportunity and 
start thinking in terms of pooling resources together with 
others in order
to create cooperatives that can generate greater 
wealth for the community
rather than being preoccupied with the 
burden of psyhological stress and
social degradation due to grind 
of subsistence living.

I believe a Democrat U.S. Government would want to work towards 
the economic prosperity of North Korea. (Was not U.S. 
foreign policy the
key factor that contributed to theeconomic pros-
perity of South Korea? Why
not do the same today for North Korea 
in return for a nuclear disarmament

I sincerely belive the 2008 candidate that can deliver on this New 
vision of a socially stronger, happier America is Senator 

Hopefully, Americans will begin to say in 2008 with a smile on their 
"Madame President!"

At the turn of the 20th century there was a universal belief that if the
world works together, we can create prosperity for all.

Democrats understand this.

President Bill Clinton demonstrated throughout the glorious years 
of his
presidency that he understands this.

And his wife, Senator Clinton, most certainly understands this.

It is only fitting that after electing a second member of the Bush 
to the White Hourse that America elects a second member 
of the Clinton
family as Commander and Chief of the most power-
ful country in the world.

In 2008 it's my hope that America will concur in a resounding voice 
"Madame President!"

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A. (Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader 
of the Égalité Party of Canada

Let's DEcriminalize Government: 
DÉcriminalisons le Gouvernement : 
à TOUS ! les niveaux.

ABAJO los criminales en el Gobierno: 
a ¡TODOS! los niveles


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pido la protección de nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.