The Letter

addressed to the Grand Chief of the Assembly 
of First Nations, Phil Fontaine, that was hand-
written by the President/Party Leader of the 
Égalité Party of Canda: it states unequivocally
that his Party's TOP two (2) PRIORITIES are 
the elimination of poverty and the prosperity
of First Nation communites.

Ottawa, July 17th 2006

Grand Chief Phil Fontaine
Assemble of 1st Nations
900 - 1 Nocolas


Dear Sir:

Congratulations on being reelected Chief of the Assembly 
of 1st Nations.

I am confident given the creation of Nunavut and Section 25 
of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ("The 
Constitution recognizes the rights of the Aboriginal peoples 
of Canada (which include Indian, Inuit, and Métis groups) in 
order to protect the culture, customs, traditions, and languages 
of Aboriginal peoples.") that progress will continue to be made 
towards self-government of 1st Nation peoples.

I can painfully remember Mr. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada,
telling 1st Nation Peoples in the 1st of 5 televized forums to not
expect much from them as the 1st Nation peoples had no power.

Little did I know that he was doing everything he could to make
self-government by 1st Nation peoples one day possible.

My political party, the Égalité Party of Canada, has as its 2 
TOP priorities the elimination of poverty and the ensurance 
of the financial, cultural, and linguistice prosperity of 1st 


Best wishes,

Kenneth Selin

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