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The Égalité Party of Canada hopes to expand in
to the U.S.A. 
and Mexico in order to be a *
truly* North-American party.

Philosophically,  the
because it believes
in the equality of the rights the  individual.

To ensure EQUALITY of the rights of the individual,
it's committed 

To do this it will REDESIGN! the Government so that Canadians
can monitor Government spending online.

Unnecessary Government spending will be treated as a criminal 


The É(eh)PC is the only political party in Canada that really cares
about First Peoples because it's the only one that has a
Peoples FIRST!"
policy which is elaborated in the the 9th article 
of its 
political platform deals "specifically" with First Peoples. 

The É(eh)PC intends through its "First Peoples FIRST!" policy 
that puts First Peoples history, culture+livelihood
(NOT! on the back-burner where the Government 
has kept them since the Crown in its treaty dealings with them 
has *falsely* promised to look after them and obviously didN'T.

The implementation of this policy will be done in the context of 
100% BILINGUAL Canada within a multicultural society.

It is the hope of the É(eh)PC that the First People communities 
will produce some of Canada's finest leaders that are TECHNO-
+fully capable of adroitly defending their interests and 
those of ALL! the First Peoples in the Americas so that everyone 
can enjoy fair and equal treatment by their respective governments.

Thanks to its "First Peoples FIRST!" policy, the  É(eh)PC believes
THE First Peoples YOUTH will be able to look forward with confi-
dence towards A BRIGHT FUTURE, one in which they will have
choices, $$$+MOBILITY.


PLUS! First Peoples' culture+history will be highlighted in the school
system at the primary+secondary levels.

PLUS! those wanting to become Canadian citizens will be TESTED 
First Peoples' culture+history in order to become a Canadian

Interestingly, French-Canadians ADOPTED! native culture and
made it their own without the POW-WOWS prizing 
hunting, fishing, 
communication BASED ON EQUALITY treating those
who come to the house as FAMILY. 

Learning the native ways allowed French Canadians to survive in
their new land of adoption. In fact, French-Canadian men involved 
in the fur trade took native wives thus creating a NEW! hybrid culture,
the M
étis culture which has ALWAYS! been an integral part of French-
Canadian culture whose emblem is the "ceinture flech
ée" (the Métis
scarf worn at the waist) by French-Canadians.

Consequently NEARLY ALL! French-Canadians have native blood 
even though they may not consider themselves

Being raised in a French-speaking lumber camp 35 miles to the
west of Heast at Nassau Lake I can remember living in the bush
like a First Peoples young person.

I can remember clearing several feet of snow with my buddies in order 
to play hockey, spearing fish with them, setting rabbit snares in the winter, 
building tee-pees with fur branches in the cold, windy winter, toboganning
down the hill behind my house with my friends with the lake shore close by,  
rafting on the lake, making our own bows+arrows, sling-shot guns, sling 
shots, digging snow caves out of the huge piles of snow, playing king of 
the hill in the winter on huge snow banks, making our own snow shoes
with fur branches+some rope, ski-doing, collecting worms, minnows,
frogs eggs+tad poles in pails, blueberry picking, playing cowboys+
indians, playing in the woods where real bears roamed, seeing a  lot
of wildlife including moose, etc. 

PLUS! I also enjoyed going fishing including ice fishing, duck+partridge
hunting with my Dad.

The men like my Day enjoyed moose hunting because it meant FREE! 
tasty meat.

I also have memories of my friends capturing chipmunks+squirrels and 
them in wooden frames with chicken wire and HOW VICIOUS
those little animals were in captivity.

More importantly, like a First Peoples young person I felt completely AT 
OFFER in terms of sights+sound.

In honour of THE TIES THAT BIND French-Canadians with First Peoples+
in honour of the
Métis who are a RICH BY-PRODUCT of French-Canadian+
First Peoples as EXEMPLIFIED! by Louis Riel who handed the North-West 
Territories over to Canada provided French Canada would be treated as
EQUAL! PARTNERS with English Canada as provided by the Constitution 
of Canada that guarantees with FULL PROTECTION of the French-Canadian 
language+culture as promised to French Canadians for their participation in
the War of 1812 that ENSURED! Canada remained a nation, the 
Égalité Party 
of Canada will make November 16th a national holiday known 
Louis Riel Day 
in memory of the Father of Confederation who TWICE overwhelmingly elected 
to the House of Commons was barred from entering the House of Commons.


As a Franco-Ontarian of both First Peoples+Métis ancestry I want to ensure
a national policy of
"First Peoples FIRST!".

Please help me make this a reality
by joining 

Lifetime membership is only $2.

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Merry Xmas 2ALL!

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A. (Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader 
of the Égalité Party of Canada 

Let's DEcriminalize Government: