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Subject: "Metro Toronto newspaper correspondent was
              perhaps *FOOLED* by UNDERCOVER COP posing
              as bronze busker statue in front of the Toronto's
              Eaton Centre
", says the President/Party Leader
              of the É(eh)PC (Égalité Party of Canada)

Heather Buchan wrote for Metro Toronto a front page
July 6th 2009 article with LARGE COVER PICTURE

"Bronzed busking: Copper Cowboy gets even the
toughest hombres smiling".

David, WHO?
The article is about David who does NOT give his last
name (Why?).

Heather describes this 250 lb. athletic build man as a
31 year old Torontonian she nicknamed "the Copper
Cowboy" who has been busking at the corner of Yonge+
Dundas in front of the Eaton Shopping Centre starting
in May for the last four (4) years.  (He also wears a
batman disguise as well as other disguises.)

David told her that he's a tower rigger by trade who
to Northern Ontario to install and maintain com-
munications and hydro towers during the harsh winter


Did she verify this?

David credits fellow busker, Dave Johnson (aka Chalk-
master Dave), for getting him started in 2006: "I got
started with Chalkmaster Dave. Dave saved my life.
He was footing the bill so I could get going at this."

When asked by Heather why he does it, he said: "It's
the look on people's faces. It sounds corny, but it's a
totally different experience to have a lot of strangers
look at you and smile. I doN'T know if I'm making their
day or anything, but you get a nice smile for a couple
of minutes."

É(eh)PC Incident with Dave
I was chalking on the sidewalk promoting my political
party, the ÉPC, one summer evening last year around
8 p.m. when Dave comes barrelling over and throws my
pen pail of chalk way over to the other side of the high
way and then, begins to BERATE ME OUT LOUD like

an undercover cop saying all sorts of demeaning, nasty
things: by what he said, it seemed that he knew me.

Regarding incident, see

FELLOW Undercover Cops?

As far as I can tell, Chalkmaster Dave and a Jamaican-
Canadian who sell flags at THE SAME CORNER are
ALL undercover cops.

WHY SO MANY undercover cops in that one place?

BILLION $$$ Waste of Tax $$$
NIX undercover cops in Canada and thereby, save
taxpayers a lot of $$$

See http://eh-ok.ca/egalite.htm#criminal

To be fair, I've NEVER SEEN a **so-well-fed busker**
with SUCH AN EXCEPTIONAL BUILD as David's, but
then again, he could be THE EXCEPTION.

For *CLEAN* inexpensive Government that redistributes
the wealth and makes small business creation the priority,

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude
President/Party Leader
of the É(eh)PC (Égalité Party of Canada)
the ÉPC: for a bet-ter life
le PÉC : pour une vie meil-leure
"talking about a revolution" (Tracy Chapman)