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Subject: the É(eh)PC, Canada's - ONLY! -
            **anti-fascist** political party

the É(eh)PC
is Canada's only
anti-fascist political
party in the history of Canada
because it's the only political party opposed to "behind
closed doors" Government whose bureaucracy and
judiciary are run (like in all the other Commonwealth
countries) by Freemasons, a secret men's organization
whose top leaders claim to be direct descendants of the
children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Christian heretics).

These heretics (who have the full backing of the reli-
gious authorities of Canada and the Canadian media)
have designed the Government in such a way that it
is 100% crooked by design.

Because the Freemasons control both the bureau-
cracy of the Government and the judicial system,
Canada is NOT a democracy because in a democracry
the judiciary has to be independent from the rest of the
Government: that is NOT the case in Canada and there-
fore, Canada is NOT a democracy.

Because the Freemasons have designed Canada to
be a "law and order" state that does NOT redistribute
the wealth of the country, Canada is consequently a
fascist Police state: a nation run by crooked bureau-
crats and poorly educated, highly overpaid cops that
are incapable of acting in the public interest.

In regards to Government spending, because Cana-
dians doN'T know how their money is being spent
nor by whom in the Government due to Government
secrecy, this makes Canada a fascist state because
it acts as if it NOT accountable to Canadians which
makes it completely absurd.

That makes Canadians victims of "blind taxation"
and hostages of a self-serving Government that is
notoriously incompetent by nature and criminally
negligent with regard to the public interest.

Who owns the colleges, universities, and hospitals
that get billions of dollars from the Government?

Canadians doN'T know.

What percentage of the City of Toronto contracts
go to American businesses or Canadians busi-
nesses owned by Americans?

Canadians doN'T know.

Canadians doN'T know because Canada is a fas-
cist Police state with a Government that operates
in secret "behind closed doors".

But Canadians should know.

With the É(eh)PC in power
Canadians will know because it's their right to know
because it's their tax dollars that are at stake.

With the É(eh)PC in power
Canada will be the world's greatest democracy
with the most prosperous society.


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Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader
of the É(eh)PC (Égalité Party of Canada)
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