Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002.


Subject: "Leasing Gate", another case of systemic
_______"bureaucratic fraud"


Hi Martin (Mr. Slofstra),

About the November "Edge" article "Did someone say Leasing Gate?", let
say this is just an "other" blatant example of "bureaucratic fraud", NOT
"bureaucratic bungling". Oh, no. The people who foisted this on the taxpayer
were TOO SMART! They were partied and dine and "bribed" I suspect. They
got wanted they wanted and more I'm sure: feted again at the tax payers'

When will Canadians realize that their public and parapublic sectors are
by "mercenaries" at all levels of Government? And what do they want?
MONEY! MORE MONEY! Is it a surprise that the Romano Report on
Health should
recommend that taxpayers PAY MORE? (This scenario could
NOT be more hilarious
and then, there's the Senate recommendation to add
billions more dollars to the
health care system and the Senate wants to add
billions more to our defense
system hardware when the next war will be all

Seriously, the problem is we don't have "third party auditing" like the bank
branches have and until we do, "the books remain cooked" whether they
colleges, hospitals, universities, Government departments/agencies/
no different than the Enrons of the U.S.A.

How come? Like in all Commonwealth countries we have a Freemasonic-
bureaucracy since the British took over New France.

And because of this, the people running the Canadian bureaucracy are to
mind "gangsters" accepting "bribes and kickbacks" and getting things
"behind closed doors" (The French term for this is "à huis clos".) while
"using the back door" with their cronies to get things done.
Like the Italian mafia, there is imposed the law of "silence" where no one
knows anything nor admits to anything and everyone is "protected" by
No finger pointing allowed. No body is expected to "squeal"
to the Police as
everyone has been taken care of.

Well my political party, the Égalité Party of Canada, wants to point fingers
and DEcriminalize the Government at all levels.

I singlehandedly got the Union of Parliament Hill in 1984 after working
years at the Senate of Canada and I can get the job done.

And seven months after what I consider to be my "unlawful dismissal"
I refused to get on the "gravey train"), I completed my Public
Alliance of Canada Union steward course in March 1985 over
in Hull (now
Gatineau) for which I have a nice certificate to show for it.

Let me add as a Franco-Ontarian I'm incensed that my own Province
will not
respect the Canadian Constitution regarding bilingualism, a
promise made to
French Canada for its participation in the War of 1812.
But when you have
"crooks" in my opinion running Government, what
can you expect? Answer: just
greater tax burden on the Canadian taxpayer who
HOSTAGE BY A CROOKED SYSTEM. Is it a surprise that turnout at

the polls are going down, down, down when so many Canadians
feel they've been
disenfranchised by the Canadian Government --
at all levels!

Looking forward to being Prime Minister, :-D

B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm. (Honours), B.A.(Italian) magna cum laude
President/Party Leader of the Égalié Party of Canada
My nickname: "Robin Hood". (Ha! Ha!)
Lets DEcriminalize Government: at ALL levels! :-D
P.S.: And who is going to jail over this? No one -- like usual. No surprise here
as all our Crown Attorneys and Judges were historically ALL FREEMASONS.

I even insisted that the New Crown Attorney here in Ottawa be a woman so I'd
have the assurance at least that she was NOT a Freemason and Glory be! we
now have a female crown attorney. :-) Let's all mop up this mess. I know a nice
prototype U.S. magaprision jail build by Mike Harris north of Toronto
where we
can put our "bureaucatic cooks" and maybe, like in the case of the
Quints (Franco-Ontarians that the Province took hostage.) we can have
Public drop by and pay to look at these cronies do time. We can even have

a permanent circus nearby -- to add to the hilarity of it all. (Ha! Ha!)