Date: Sat, 24 May 2003.



Subject: "CIO in Flux": SHAME!

Hi Martin (Mr. Slofstra),

(First, CONGRATS on your NEW FORMAT offered by "EDGE": I like it a lot!
It "grabs"
my attention. <GRIN>)

Re: "CIO in Flux", May 2003 EDGE article

When citizens will have "direct access" to Government decision makers,
know who are they, and what their
affiliations are to "outside organizations"
like the
Freemasons who "unilaterally benefit" from Government decisions,
in other words when
citizens can use the Net to "check on" the Government
ONLY THEN will we
be able to have trust in the legitimacy of the Government
and the assurance
that it is NOT run by a bunch of crooks.

As is, the Ontario Public Service Web initiative seems to be a continual
exercise in OBFUSCATION of a Government in which NO ONE can have
any faith whatsoever
in my opinion -- least of all a Franco-Ontarian such

Accessing online information regarding the Government's 400+ programs
should NOT be an exercise in frustration and should NOT take more than
3 clicks.

When a small-business owner in the electrical sector canNOT obtain all
the regulatory information he needs in one place, this strongly suggests
to me that
the Government of Ontario presence online is no more than A
SHAM and NOT SERVING THE PEOPLE, but designed to serve
the interests
of the bureaucratic madarins
that run it and who more than likely look after
and foremost their friends (those that give them something for getting
something from the
Government of Ontario <GRIN>).

My response is ONE exclamatory WORD: SHAME!

Best wishes,

K+ President
Net-POWer! :-D
Égalité Party President/Leader
Let's DEcriminalize Government. :-D