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Subject: "Was TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) boss,
             Adam Giambrone, groomed by the CIA to be
             mayor?" asks the É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

Draft Dodger Dad
Apparently, Adam Giambrone's dad was a Vietnam draft dodger,
but was he really a CIA agent?

Mayor Miller's Protégé
David Miller appointed Adam Giambrone, Ward 18 Davenport,
Toronto City Councillor, as TTC Commissioner and blindly
supports his protégé 100%.

David Miller claims the City of Toronto needs Giambrone's voice
and vision as he the person that can "transform" Toronto transit.

Miller's Team
Interestingly, had Adam Giambrone have been able to win the
mayoral election this coming November the only change in
leadership would have been the mayor figurehead because
the team behind Giambrone would have been the guys
behind Miller today.

NOTHING! really would be different.

It would be - pretty much - business as usual, would it NOT?

So ... WHO! are these guys anyway?

American public relation guys?

CIA guys?

Giambrone, a Figurehead?
Does Miller's team tell him what to do and say
at every twist and turn via his Black Berry?

Sarah McQuarrie
Sarah McQuarrie is Adam Giambrone's live-in
love interest.

Is she CIA?

Where is she from?

What does she do for a job?

Is she Canadian or an American with dual citizenship?

What elementary school and high school did she go to?

So ... is she THE BRAINS behind Giambrone telling him
what to do between sexcapades?

The Question
In other words, is Giambrone just a PRETTY BOY
FIGUREHEAD for the Miller team and
Sarah Macquarrie?

KEY Question
What percentage of City of Toronto contracts go to American
companies or Canadian companies owned by Americans?

The Americans appear to be draining the Great Lakes and
NOT telling us.

Are they draining the City of Toronto financially?

The USA Taking Over
MacMillan Bloedel, BCs largest privately owned lumber
business bought and closed down by the Americans.

Corel bought by the Americans.

Nortel dismantled thanks to the Americans.

The Bay, Zellers, Tim Hortons, ... now American.

Bell Canada almost bought and dismantled by the Americans.

Recently, the Americans (Quad Graphics) have bought Quebecor,
a Quebec economic icon, that recently changed its name to World
Color Press.

The É(eh)PC Vision
With the É(eh)PC Canadians will have FREE public transportation
paid by the federal Government.

The É(eh)PC will NATIONALIZE to the extent necessary to keep
Canada economically STRONG and FREE.

Using the Internet Canadians will be able to find out where their tax dollars
are going, who is making the financial decisions, who is benefiting from
Government spending, and who they are ALL! associated with.

UNnecessary Government spending will be a crime with a 2-year prison term.

The É(eh)PC is Canada's ONLY SOLUTION to 100% CROOKED
secretive "behind closed doors" fascist Police State Government.

Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader
of the É(eh)PC (Égalité Party of Canada)
Canada's ONLY! anti-fascist political party
4a bet-ter life
the EH!-revolution
"talking about a revolution" (Tracy Chapman)
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