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Subject: "REPORTERS! First, find out about the $$$",
            says É(eh)PC President/Party Leader

hi Mindy (Ms. Jacobs),

Regarding your Toronto Sun article, "Iggy's icky intentions", dated
Tuesday, September 8th 2009, you use quotes from Duff Conacher,
founder of Democracy Watch. http://www.dwatch.ca

I have met him and have had a chance to talk with him, a handsome
intelligent guy and *seemingly* WELL! PAID.

The problem is this: where does his financing come from?

We have the same problem with the Canadian Taxpayers' Association
which is a HUGH! organization. http://www.taxpayer.com

If the Government pays them,
then, they are NOT! independent.

And from my perspective,

Having worked EXTENSIVELY! in the Gov't MORE! than a decade
in 22+ Gov't departments, agencies, and organization having
completed 75+ temp assignments with 15+ temp agencies
including the Public Service Commission, I came across people
who are VERY! WELL PAID in Crown corporations for NO! OTHER
REASON than THEIR! CONNECTIONS in the Canadian bureaucracy.

but what do they do - really?

NOTHING! in my opinion.

I've even come to understand that A MINIMUM of 1/3 of the jobs
in the Gov't are PLACEHOLDER JOBS meaning that it does NOT!
matter who occupies the position, a horse, a donkey or a manager's
mistress who writes for him - an example I came across.

Another example, I understand, is a guy well up in the Gov't
bureaucracy who reassures his wife during their divorce that
he can get her a GREAT! good job at CSIS and even have her
in charge of an intelligence operation so she can get LOTS!
of $$$. So she comes to Ottawa from London, ON and moves
diagonally across from CSIS Headquarters until she relocates
by the Governor General's House in Edinburough: I got to
work with her in a call centre in Ottawa. :o)

I could go on and on, Nuff! said.

Personally, I think, it would have been SMART! of you before
asking him your questions, if you could have found out about
his budget, his salary, things of a financial nature re: him+his
organization, BECAUSE IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$.

If he's NOT! that legitimate, he'd probably SQUIRM! LIKE A

That said, I enjoyed your article: thanks.


Kenneth Selin (say'leen)
B.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Admin.,
B.Comm.(Honours), B.A.(Italian) "magna cum laude"
President/Party Leader
of the ÉPC (Égalité Party of Canada)
the ÉPC: 4a bet-ter life
le PÉC : pour une vie meil-leure
"talking about a revolution" (Tracy Chapman)
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