Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002.


Subject: Pharmaceuticals are BAD, BAD...



Congrats on your online article,  "Drug firms are faulted for hormone
therapy mess."

Did you know in Ontario, a person on welfare canNOT survive on monthly
allotment of $500, but if s/he declares himself mentally ill can get $900, but
has to take $700 of drugs paid for by the Province which goes
into the
pockets of the pharmaceuticals.

Incidentally, the $500 "measly" amount contravenes Article 228 of the
Canadian Criminal Code and Articles 7 and 12 of the Charter of Rights.

Let's also raise the issue of old folks homes actively encouraged by
pharmaceuticals to drug everyone up with the Province paying for
as well. What do the owners get from the pharmaceuticals?
A bribe?

We have to fess up to the fact that we've always had criminalized
Government in Canada at all levels as government bureaucracy
was always
run by the Freemasons: this was NOT only true for
Canada, but for all
Commonwealth countries.

In fact, it's quite evident that our Health Care System is run by Freemasons
who want more and more money creating an artificial crisis
in our Health
Care System by limiting the number of beds and doctors.
The financial
statements of our health institutions are as bogus as
Enron is in my view.
The kind of Health Care System where we pour more
and more money is
indicative of an UNETHICAL system where doctors don't
care about patients,
but about money. This perverse system encourages
doctors to become
mercenaries. When I worked in the Senate of Canada
and the Senate was
dealing with the "extra-billing" issue: the doctors
paid on salary in clinics were
against it and the doctors making HUNDREDS
were pushing for it.

Let's not mention the whole business of systemic SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF
WOMEN working in our hospitals: that is SO TABOO, no one wants to touch
it. Majority of doctors are "drug addicts" involved in drug trafficking? Is that
possible? Our judiciary was constituted of FREEMASONS even the
Attorneys were FREEMASONS. Who didn't go to jail? Freemasons and
representing the System like doctors and lawyers, yet I'm told the
majority of
these are involved in criminal activity knowing that they do
NOT have to fear

Let's take the example of the the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group wants a
NEEDLESS $90,0000,000 extension that will be a public-private initiative
which means that the taxpayer will pay through the nose for it. The Ottawa
Psychiatric Association does NOT want it and the Ontario Commission on
Mental Health does NOT want it, but it appears the media like CJOH TV and
the Ottawa Business Journal have been "BRIBED" to present this to the
public as a DONE DEAL. Did I say anything about psychiatrists getting
bribed to label as many people as possible as mental so they are obliged
to take "their medication"?

The Royal Ottawa Hospital extension WILL EXIST TO PUSH PHARMACEUTICAL
PRODUCT on an unsuspecting public getting fleeced while the pockets of
sleazy psychiatrists get lined with gold.

If we have CRIMINALIZED GOVERNMENT, in my opinion it's the MEDIA'S FAULT.

Pharmaceuticals are BAD, BAD, but Canadian media is DIRTY, DIRTY.

However, thanks to YOUR BRAVE ARTICLE there is reason for hope and I will
have nothing BUT GOOD to say about you guys, but I will most
definitely go

Ciao amigos,

Ken Selin (say'leen)
Ottawa, Ontario
President/Party Leader of the Égalité Party of Canada