Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003.



Subject: NO FRAUD at Ottawa City Hall?
_______We do NOT know that -- for sure.

Attention: Ottawa City Council Members


Mr. Legendre went on CHOH news last night to make the point out that
dispite the corporate credit card mess at Ottawa City Hall that there was
NO INSTANCE OF FRAUD. We do NOT know that -- for sure. Do we?

However, we have to ask ourselves: what is the LIKELIHOOD OF FRAUD?

Given in Canada that we have Freemasonic-based government bureaucracies
(be it municipal, provincial, or federal) like the rest of the Commonwealth 
countries, given that Canada does NOT respect pan-bilingualism in which the 
spirit of the Canadian Constitution was authored, given that financial aid
to people in need is a crime according to Article 228 of the Canadian
Code and contravenes Articles 7 and 12 of the Canadian Charter of
Rights and 
Liberties, given the active genocide policies of the Goverment
with regard to our 
native/Inuit population whereby any native/Inuit woman
who went to a hospital 
for whatever reason had her tubes tied because it was
the Law, then in my view 
the likelihood of FRAUD is nearly 100%. <GRIN>

As a Franco-Ontarian, like Mr. Legendre, I'm particularly "shocked" as we
"intrinsically" know the Government that held the Dionne Quints hostage
(the PROVINCIAL ARM of the Government) is NOT LEGITIMATE. This is
bilingual and it is suppose to be. May be he forgots about the French-
Canadians be told to their face to SPEAK WHITE when French-Canadians

were promised that they could live in Canada in French and NOT JUST in
Quebec for their participation in the War of 1812 against the Americans
and the natives were promised self-government at that time for their

And Mr. Legendre will go on CJOH and say that there was NO FRAUD. 
Who is going to believe that, ONE. TWO, we do NOT know that 
for sure, do we?

But what are the chances? That's the crux of the matter. And you now know
my view on that. (Ha! Ha!)
Come on!

Do you realize that Government BUREAUCRATS be they municipal, provincial,
or provincial NEVER GO TO JAIL. What does that say about our judicial
Does the term "bogus" come to mind? How many Government bureaucrats
do we 
have in our jail/penitentiary system? How about none? The judges and
attorneys were at one time ALL FREEMASONS and I suspect MOST are to

this very day. And I insisted that the NEW Crown Attorney be a WOMAN so 
least I'd have the assurance that she was NOT a FREEMASON!

It's is my "considered opinion" that to the extent that government + paragovernment
has a fraud problem, you will see that their is the SEXUAL
WOMEN a "most taboo of topics" and yet this is rampant in
my view in OUR
HOSPITALS which are the MOST CORRUPT of any of our parapublic
as far as I'm concerned.And GROSSLY MISMANAGED. By
accident or by design?
I remember when our University B.Comm. business
class evaluated Ottawa Hospital 
management practices we could NOT believe
the mess. Back then, I did NOT associate
it with the sexual exploitation of
women which makes it all the more serious: using sex 
to gag people is an
old tactic.

In any case, I'm forwarding my response to an article about a similar mess in Toronto
and the Police found nothing because I suspect their eyes were
closed. (Ha! Ha!) In
the case of Toronto, I think we're talking about FRAUD,
things -- in my view -- that make the Government go
round. <GRIN>


Ken Selin
Multilingual, 5-time university grad, magna cum laude
P.S.: I said that Chief Ford and Crown Attorney, Berzerin, had to go and
they went. In 1984
I was able singlehandedly to get the PSAC on Parliament 
Hill. Later, I was
asked by PSAC to do my union steward course though I 
was unemployed in 1985 for
which I pocketed $50.
the Canadian
Government that we have had "traditionally" is THE GREATEST
NATIONAL SECURITY, greater than the U.S. threat since the
war of 1812
and we know how the Americans would love to tear us apart.
(Ha! Ha!)
After the War of 1812 they went South and "provoked" the
Mexican wars
in 1840 which allowed them to take a good chunk of Mexico. 
I have to
ask myself why THE ALLIANCE PARTY of Canadaarrow is SO PRO 
US: it really confounds me. (Ha! Ha!)