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Date : le mardi 18 novembre 2003

Objet : FW: Sounds GOOD 2 me, a French version of
Ottawa Minor Hockey League website


Je compte sur vous de faire un suivi "dans un esprit de grande 

Vous pouvez lui dire quelque chose comme:

Ken Selin forwarded us your e-mail in which you indicated 
that you'd be willing to have someone translate your website
into French and you asked him if he had someone in mind.

We, here at ACFO (Association canadienne française de 
l'Ontario), are delighted to offer a list of people who speak 
both English and French and who would be happy to work 
with you so that you website can be
by being offered in both official languages, English and French.

Please find attached a list of names that you may call.

We hope this helps.

If we can be of any more assistance, please call us at 744-8982.

Thanks for offering to have your website translated in French.

We - in the French-speaking community - like to be served
in French
as much as possible so that we can feel at home 
outside of Quebec

Best wishes,

David ABCD
ACFO Ottawa

Mes amis, c'est ainsi que l'on peut oser croire que la province
de l'Ontario
est sur le point de devenir bilingue.


P.-S. : J'aimerais tout particulièrement saluer Mme Poirier
du Bureau ACFO de Kingston.

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To: Webmaster at Ottawaminor
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2003

Subject: Sounds GOOOD 2 me, 
              a FRENCH version
_______of Ottawa Minor Hockey
              League website

Hi Rob,

Lucky you, you come from Montreal.

I always felt as a Franco-Ontario the words of the song,
"Montréal m'attend." (Montreal is waiting for me.) I have 
been there a few times.

Speaking as a webmaster myself, translating your website
into French is very easy.

By the way, you have a FANTASTIC website that 
it's REALLY one of the best websites I have ever 

Having a French equivalent means keeping all the 
same templates, visuals (graphics), etc.

It's just a SIMPLE MATTER of adding French 
words where English words are now.

I don't know of anyone I could refer you to.

However, you could call the Translation Department 
at the University of Ottawa and ask if there would be 
any professor who would invite a student (or students) 
to take on the assignment. I'm sure they'd be delighted 
to help.

By the way, my maternal grandmother, Delores Piché, 
came originally from Hawkesbury. and my maternal 
grandfather, Émile Desjardins, came from Cornwall: 
a lot of good hockey players there.

Thanks for your QUICK response.

website: it was a treat for me to visit.

Best wishes and continued success,


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From: Webmaster at Ottawaminor
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2003

Subject: RE: NO French @ website
                     HOW COME?

We have on many occasions been asked about French as there 
are association in Hawkesbury, St Isidore etc.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to translate our site, 
but if you have someone who is willing to help with the matter, 
we will be more than happy to put a French site online. My best 
friends is French, and his wife, and they always ask the same 
question, so in short we would be willing if you were willing to

As for me, I do not speak French sorry. The most embarrassing 
part of that is that I was born in Montreal.

Thank you for your interest in Ottawaminorhockey.com


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Sent: November 14, 2003

Subject: NO French @ website
              HOW COME?


Hockey is the sport at which French Canadians love + excel at 
and with Ottawa being Canada's Capital, I see NO FRENCH 
on your website.

It really is a NO-NO.

It says we speak ENGLISH ONLY and if you don't like it,
then you can leave: that just
reinforces the need for a separate 
all-French Quebec State.

This unilingual approach is NOT necessary as there are many 
French-speaking people, I'm sure, involved in the Ottawa 
Minor Hockey League.

It is only common courtesy and common decency to ensure
that your website can be read BOTH in French + English.

I should point out to you that there is officially 2 Canadas 
according to our Constitution: one French, one English.

constitutional duality is reflected on the Canadian 
Coat of Arms.

We have only one province that respects the Canadian 
Constitution: New Brunswick.

The Canadian Government does NOT respect its own 
and this almost resulted in Quebec becoming 
an independent country recognized by the U.S.A. Incidentally, 
the U.S. ambassador was on his way to Quebec the night 
of the referendum.

If you guys believe in a STRONG Canada, if you believe 
Canadian UNITY, and a STRONG Canadian dollar

Best wishes,

Ken Selin
P.S.: it would be great if you guys joined up with those
on the other side of the river, Gatineau, for some
friendly competition. Let's help to UNITE CANADA
        NOT fracture it.

of the Égalité Party of Canada

Let's DEcriminalize Government: at ALL levels!
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