Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002.


Subject: Letter to the Editor



I'd like to comment on the "excellent" article by Mr. J. Joyner entitled
"Communication Skills..." in the February 15th issue of "Computing

I agree "totally" with Mr. Joyner that good communication is "key to personal
success" in an organization. But, I suspect, it does depend
on the kind of
organization one is dealing with.

For me, I believe there are today "basically" two types of organizations:
New World and Old World.

Old World organizations for me are those where the POWER is CENTRALIZED
in the "proverbial Godfather", the law of "ermuta" reigns, and the "top
have their way creating invariably "a group think"
"yes-to-the-boss" culture
where their is NO ROOM for disagreement or
second opinions.

In contrast, in the New World organizations where POWER tends to be much
more DISPERSED/SHARED, those with the best communication skills do tend,

I suspect, to "percolate to the top" to become effective leaders with a
base of support due in large measure to their communication skills.

It is my personal contention that the Old World economies, the Dow Jones
"blue chip" ones as represented by Enron and Nortel, combine both

cultures/environments to varying degrees at various levels of their

respective organization whereas the New World Nasdaq ones have
any major GODFATHER DYNAMICS and "prizes" new ideas,
innovation, and
communication skills from "anyone" within the
organization which are
"manifestly" AMPLY REWARDED.
I sense that New Word economies have a "better sense of self" and "where
they are going" and are "in a hurry to get there" then those
of the Old World
economies due to a more "open, collaborative, collegial"
work environment
that is BETTER ATUNED to what is going on "ON THE OUTSIDE"
and thereby
more sure of itself than the Old World businesses where
politics and power
dynamics still count for determining what gets done
and, more importantly,
for deciding "who gets heard".

In conclusion, I agree "wholeheartedly" with the article: however, I do think to
what extent "individual communication skills" have a "material
effect" on an
organization depends if it residing in the Old World modern
era or in the New
World post-modern (i.e. post November 11th 1989 fall of
the Berlin Wall) era.

Undoubtedly, why communication is SOOO IMPORTANT TODAY is the
that is earned from being an "effective" communicator.

Good communicators CAN create bridges: I believe the ones who are the
bridge builders will find that there is a pot of gold waiting for them at the
end of the rainbow.

In my opinion, the bottom line today is this: "the degree of success" that an
organization will enjoy may well be attributed to a very large measure
to "the
quality" of its "ITS TALK" and how effectively its members are
encouraged to
communicate their views to management.

Finally, I'd like to congradulate Mr. John Joyner on his "excellent" article:
I hope these comments may have "added" to it.

Best wishes,

Ken Selin

K+ President
Delivering U the POWER of the Net.

President/Leader of the Égalité Party
Let's "decriminalize" Government.