Monday, June 16 2003.



Subject: New Security Department?

Hi Kathleen (Ms. Harris),

I read your June 6th article on page 24 of the Ottawa Sun, "Liberals mull new
security department".

Rather than have a "new" security department, I think we need a "new security
force of forensic auditors" to go after Government fraud, kick-backs, bribes,
and dirty press/media.

When government departmental/agency fraud gets out of hand you have
"automatically" -- in my view -- the "sexual exploitation of women". I
feel we
just have to look to see this going on right in the hospitals in our

The sexual exploitation in the public sector is a most taboo subject. Yet, when
working with temp agencies (15) on 70+ temp assignments in 20 Government

ministries, when a woman's contract came up for renewal, more often than not,
there was a man there saying that he could look after that. <WINK>

The national women's associations that I contacted three years ago told me
they don't have the resources to talk about "sexual exploitation of women" in
the parapublic (like your hospitals) and public sector. Remember we are
talking Government here, not private sector.

The Enron debacle reminds us that "foul play" could also "hypothetically" be
going on in the parapublic/public sector as well. <SIGH>

I strongly feel that to put an end to this, we need to put an end to "rampant
fraud" in the Government and to do this, we need a "NEW security force"
are "FORENSIC AUDITORS": that's what we need.

The various Government Auditor reports come out and who gets demoted,
go to jail? Instead they all get raises. Really, that's too much.

I remember working 9 nine years at the Senate of Canada (By the way, I got
the Union in on Parliament Hill all by myself with the help of Yolande Viau of
the Public Service Alliance of Canada.) where those at the bottom like
got a measely 3% annual wage increase and those above us got NOT only

MORE PERKS, but also a 6% wage increase. Is that fair play?

How many Government employees are in our jail system?

Agents of the Crown do NOT seem to go to jail.

It seems they can rip off the Candian Public with impunity as we see again
Quebec where the Caisse de dépot was out $30M, but that, the provincial
Auditor said, was attributable to "mismanagement", NOT fraud. (Ha! Ha!)
Right! Is this a farce or what?

Did you know that all our judges and Crown attorneys were more than likely
all Freemasons and to this very day most still probably are? Freemasons in
Canada like in other Commonwealth countries still largely run the Government
bureaucary municipally, provincially, and federally in my opinion. What does
that say about our Government? It's run by a butch of self-serving mafiosi?
(Ha! Ha!)

Do you know that that financial assistance given to those in financial need
who are single contraves articles 7 and 12 of our Canadian Bill of Rights
Freedoms and article 228 of the Criminal Code, Criminal Negligence,
of the Mind? $500 given by the province to an individual in financial
does NOT even cover my $600+ rent!

All the provinces are "suppose" to be bilingual as we have a "dual constitional
reality" and yet the Government does NOT even respect its own
how many provinces are bilingual? One. New Brunswick.

The Canadian Government will NOT respect the Rule of Law and the People
should? (Ha! Ha!)

Best wishes,

President/Party Leader 
of the Égalité Party of Canada

Let's DEcriminalize Government! :-D