Date: August 21st 2003.

Ottawa Business Journal Discussion Forum

  Corel: with Microsofts help becomes American?

For those who haven't visited the
website, Corel's takeover sounds like how the Americans' plan
to take over Canada.

Here, we have a world-class Linux flagship gutted by Microsoft.
In fact, back in May 1998 Corel gave an official kickoff to its Linux
operation featuring software and hardware, the Sidewinder Linux-
server, and it seemed the World followed suit by getting
onto the Linux

We have a world-class info-tech captain, Dr. Cowpland, facing
charges of
"insider trading". (Right?)

It seems Microsoft was out to get both Corel and Mike Cowpland.
were the inside-Corel Microsoft co-conspirators?

How was all this "hatched"?

To what extent was the U.S. Government involved in orchestrating
this scenario?

In my view, this is "just another" UNDERHANDED U.S. attack on
sovereignty NOT any different than the Beaufort Sea
business. The Americans
like to pat us on the back. Who sees
the dagger and the blood on our Canadian backs?

Then, to add to the comedy, we have the President's brother,
Jethro Clampet,
come and reassure us that the U.S. prizes its
relationship with Canada.

Didn't the U.S. tell Vincent Fox, the President of Mexico, the same
thing after or before
he canceled his last trip to the White House?

If the Corel takeover plays out "as planned", Canadian-U.S. relations
will be AGAIN
tarnished. But it doesn't matter, because the U.S.
Administration has its "long-term
objectives" to meet.

I guess the Americans think we like getting hit in the face with a 2x4
time and again.

in future
U.S.-Canada relations when the Americans are asking Canada
why it's so hostile when
Canada has THE UPPER HAND.

The "smart thing" would be to let Corel follow the Linux course it chartered.
Right now,
it looks more and more like U.S. interference in Canadian high-
tech affairs.

How do the Germans, French, and Russians perceive it?

I know for a fact the French are still to this day "rattled" by having a U.S.
Disney fair
in the own backyard. Do the Americans care?

Are we, as Canadians, "rattled" about the Corel affair?

I know, I am, because it will surely negatively haunt U.S.-Canada relations
down the road.

We're in Afghanistan -- because the U.S. wants us there.

We're in Iraq -- because the U.S. wants us there.

And we are going to let Uncle Sam "dismantle" our high-tech -- to boot?!

What's wrong with this picture?

Are we a U.S. patsy for the World to ridicule? It seems that way.

When are we going to have to start distancing ourselves from the U.S.
and start
saying to the World at large that the U.S. is an embarrassing
liability internationally
for Canada?

And when should we start doing this?

How about now?

What does the average Canadian Joe or Jane think?

Best wishes,

Kenneth Selin
of the Égalité Party of Canada