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August 3rd, 2001
Time: 11:05

News Communiqué.

Social assistance programmes in Canada:
commission of criminal negligence

The insufficient amount of financial assistance given to people in need
constitues a *criminal* act according to Article 228, "Killing by influence
on the mind", of the Criminel Code and is tantamount to "homicide".

The Gov't has a fiduciary responsibility to exercise "care" with those
"in need". Failure to do so constitutes criminal negligence.

In accordance with Article 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and 
the Gov't must ensure the "security" of its citizens and 
in accordance
with Article 12 the Gov't must see to it that its citizens 
protected from "cruel and unusual punishment".

I, therefore, call on the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice to
respect The Rule of Law and remedy the situation right away by 
providing individuals in need with enough money to pay their rent
and to buy food so they don't find themselves on the street home-
and then a more serious burden to society and an eye sore
for tourists.

For rent in Ontario I'm allowed only $325 when my rent is $590.
Am I to break my lease? Get rid of all my belongings? And where 
I to find a place for 
$325? It is completely aburd. Plus, I 
have only been
given only
$195 to live on for a whole month. 
This is nothing short of
cruel and unusual punishment contrary 
to Article 12
of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Because provincial authority is derived from the federal Gov't for
such things as transfer payments and shared responsibility in

things such as health and education, the Prime Minister cannot 
claim the inadequate
funding of those in financial need is *solely*
a "provincial matter".

In summary, inadequate social assistance constitutes an infraction 
*BOTH* the Criminal Code, 
Article 228, and The Canadian Char-
ter of Rights and Freedoms, Articles 7 and 12.

The Government is clearly acting in a criminal capacity by giving

It's criminal negligence of the highest order given
the Gov't's ability to pay: Canada is such a rich
nation that it can adequately look after its poor.

This inhumane treatment of the poor is contrary to Canada's
Rule of Law.

Kenneth Selin
B.A. (Psychology), B.A.(Spanish), B.Adm.,
B.Comm. B.A.(Italian)
magna cum laude

P.S.: I was told into my 8th year working at the Senate of Canada 
         that if I did NOT get on the
gravy train that I would lose my 
         job. Six months later at Christmas Time I was given a 6-month
         notice of termination of employment. The reason given was 
         that I was a "contractual" employee.
This was NOT true as 
         I was "permanent". I went to see the Clerk of the Senate, 
         Mr. Lussier, to
for a grand-father clause. He ignored me. So 
         I went to the Public Service Alliance of Canada.
Ms. Yolande 
         Viau was in charged with helping me to organize the Hill. I 
         still lost my job and she
went on to teach labor law at the 
         University of Ottawa. However, six months later after leaving 
Senate the Public Service Alliance of Canada invited me
         to do my Union Steward course though
I was unemployed
         for which they paid me $50. I have a certificate to prove it 
         signed by Daryl Bean,
dated 9th and 10th of March 1985.